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We joined Instagram a few months back and we’ve really had fun using it. Neither of our Mom’s are on Twitter though, so I thought I’d blog about some of our favorite “an-stagrams” (animal Instagrams) for them here today. You know- so they could keep up with their grandpets.

(Hi, Moms! Instagram is a free photo-sharing program that allows us to take a square-shaped photo with our cell phones, apply a digital filter to it, give it a caption, and then share it on Twitter.)

One of Max’s favorite things to do is lounge. This is one of my favorite anstagrams of him lounging…

Here’s another one…

And then of course there’s this one…

And speaking of crazy weird positions…

I’ve heard of the “downward dog”, but I’m not familiar with that one.

My favorite is when I can grab my cell phone quick enough to capture memorable moments of our animals hanging out together…like this one of Kit-Cat playing with Max’s wagging tail…

And this one of them touching paws…

And this one…

Favorite. Anstagram. EVER!

PS- We’re LetteredCottage on Instagram if you’d like to follow along with the an-sanity, ha!

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  1. Ann W says

    Looks like your new guest room is everyone’s favorite room! A blogger in Australia used to have a post once a week – Animals on furniture. They were hilarious. You should start this in the states. Ann

  2. Kaye says

    Animal lover that I am, I truly enjoyed these photos! I can’t help thinking, how could anyone look at that last picture of Max and Kit-Cat and deny that animals have a heart and soul? Those two are real buddies, and it makes me smile!

  3. says

    AWWWWWWWW!! I am so smitten with your four legged babies, it’s not even funny! You are sooooo lucky, and they are so unbelievably cute I simply CAN NOT STAND IT! I so miss my granddog, who is all the way in Singapore, and I live in NY :(.

    And I must admit, I was (and still am) totally lost with that tech talk also…what WAS that??!! Glad to know one can still have a gorgeous blog like your’s and not be a techy. Unless, of course, Kevin does all the purdy stuff? Your pictures totally made my day. Thank you!

  4. Peggy Winter says

    Those pictures are so cute, but the photo quality is terrible. You take such great pictures and it just makes me want to see them in a better quality. I find that true of so many people that use their camera phones for pictures now.

    I think in years to come they will regret not having better quality photos to look at.

    • Layla says

      Sorry, Peggy! We actually do takes TONS of pictures of our pets with our “real” cameras. I just shot these with my iPhone because it was all I had near me at the time, and strangely enough, they look great on the screen on my phone. I noticed they didn’t look as clear when I skooched them over here, but I decided I wanted to share them anyway. Fuzzy pics of my fuzzy pets- ha! We’re hoping our Moms enjoyed seeing them regardless of the fuzz-factor. 😀

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