Ideas For Fall

Greetings! And welcome to our It’s Fall Y’all link party!

We’re kickin’ the series off with our mantel party- and Rhoda, Kate and Sarah are all hosting Fall-themed parties over the next 9 days too- so make sure you stop by their blogs to see more/share your Autumn inspiration on the dates listed above!

And a quick note before we get this party started- if you don’t have to have a fireplace mantel to link up here today that’s a-okay! We’d love to see your Fall-themed shelves and ledges too- so link ‘em up, Buttercup!


Our friends at Southern Accents in Cullman, Alabama are sponsoring our party today.

We’ve worked with them on a few other fun projects, and we always love what they put together, so we commissioned them to create a reclaimed wood art piece for our Fall mantel this time around…

The patina on the old boards they used is absolutely awesome…

(HUGE thanks to Southern Accents for creating it for us!)

We kept the rest of our display pretty simple. We left our Pottery Barn wall sconces up, and used a couple of bundles of wheat (from TJ Maxx) to bridge the gap between them and the wood art. After that, we used a wooden ball (from a flea market) and some candles and candle holders that we had around the house…

…and instead of running out to the store to buy new, taller candles to fill our tall glass cylinders- we just filled them with acorns we got (40% off) a few weeks ago Hobby Lobby, and then placed a couple of our short candles on top of them. (Note: We don’t plan on burning any of these candles!)

The big, twig acorn sitting on the right side of the mantel came from Queen of Hearts Antiques in Buford, Georgia.

We got two of them while we were there shopping for stuff for the Morrison’s living room

We originally thought we’d hang them from the ceiling over the mantel, but we decided to just use one of them on the mantel instead.

Now it’s your turn to share what you’ve had fun creating this year! You probably already know the link party drill, but just in case you’re not sure how it works, this is how it works:

1. Scroll down this page ’til you see the little blue “ADD YOUR LINK” button. Click that, and create a descriptive name for your link like, “Spook-tacular Shelves” or “My Monochromatic Fall Mantel”. This will make it easier for folks to browse through all the links.

2. Choose a thumbnail image to go along with your link, and make sure to link to your Fall-themed mantel/shelf/ledge post, not the main page of your blog.

We also created a fun little badge to help promote the party- so if you link up, we’d sure appreciate it if you’d post the code in the box below at the bottom of your mantel/shelf/ledge post on your blog!

The Lettered Cottage

<div align="center"><a href="" title="The Lettered Cottage"><img src="" alt="The Lettered Cottage" style="border:none;" /></a></div>


Thanks in advance for partyin’ with us- and we look forward to seeing you at Rhoda’s Fall Door Decor link party this Thursday; Kate’s Fall Craft link party next Tuesday, October 4th; and Sarah’s Outdoor Ideas link party Thursday, October 6th!

PS- The burlap pillow on today’s Featured Post slide came from Samantha who has an Etsy shop called The Nest.

(She also writes a blog called The Nest too!)

We thought we’d try barn swallows instead of crows or bats this year- LOL!

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    • says

      Hi Emily! You HAVE to visit Southern Accents next time your in Alabama, there is soooo much cool stuff there! Thanks dropping by! :)

  1. says

    Your mantel is simple and stunning! I just adore the wonderful patina on the wood art piece. It’s exactly the color I want to paint a piece of furniture in my home. Thanks for hosting this fun linky party!

  2. april says

    I love the rug in your livingroom! Would you mind letting me know where it is from?
    Thank you so much!

  3. says

    Hey Kevin and Layla! Your mantel looks lovely. Your home has such a cozy, homey vibe. Just the way I like it.

    I can’t wait to see your show. I’m soo excited for you guys and Shaunna and Matt. What an amazing adventure you’re all on!! I know the show will be a great success. Best wishes to all of you! = )

    ~ Catie

    Oh and thanks for hosting this awesome party! Can’t wait to check out all the different mantels linked up.

    • Layla says

      Thanks Catie! Glad you liked the mantel! We had fun putting it together! :-D
      We’re excited to see what happens with the show too! Hopefully we’ll know something by Christmas.
      And if it all works out, we’re really hoping to have Shaunna as a part of our production crew too. She’s such a talented gal and we’d love to have her around for all the room redo action! :-D

  4. says

    Okay well, yours is pretty much perfect. Love the giant acorns.
    I’m pretty excited to check out some of these links.
    And off I go…….

  5. says

    The wood piece is GORGEOUS! I love that blue. Southern Accents is amazing! I also love the acorns. I think its perfect. I love when y’all host these link parties! It really brings out the very best in us all! Thanks so much for hosting, Layla and Kevin!!

  6. says

    That Linky party looks so great all by itself. Love all the Fall colors in the little thumbnails together.
    Love your mantel too! Definitely worthy of the host of this link-up.

    • Layla says

      Well thank you Marianne! Your mantel is BEAUTIFUL…LOVE IT…thanks for sharing it with us!!! So inspiring!!! :-D

  7. says

    Wow there are so many great ideas to see!! Very inspirational designs for Autumn! Layla your mantle if beautiful with the wheat bundles!


    Art by Karena

  8. says

    Thank you for hosting one of these fun fall party’s! I am looking forward to checking out as many as I can! I really like how light your mantle looks even though you have quite a bit of wonderful texture and decor on it. I am really into simplicity this year. Great job!

  9. says


    Your mantel is a true reflection of TLC style and just as beautiful. One question: Can you show or describe the picture inside the lovely frame? I can’t see it on my end.

    You look mah vah lus dah ling, just mah vah lus. :)

    Your Friend,

    • says

      Thank you Deborah!

      It’s actually just a little old wooden rosette in the center of the art piece. We love the chippy old finish on it! :-D

  10. elizabeth says

    Do you use your fireplace or is it more for looks? The reason I’m asking is our fireplace has glass doors with shiny brass, yuck. I’d like to either mimic yours or fill it with wood. Do you have a draft? Or is there something blocking it

  11. Beverly Palmer says

    Okay, enough already! I live in central Florida and it’s a whoopin 92 degrees today. So needless to say, I still have shells and starfish out right now. But after seeing all of your mantels, I’m ready to bring out the pumpkins!

  12. Kim in Iowa says

    Love it! Love the simplicity and the blue board, too – favorite color!! I can’t link mine because I don’t have a blog, but I may have to do some rearranging after getting some inspiration from all the pictures! I love how you use wooden pieces/accents/reclaimed wood in your decor – really warms everything up!

  13. says

    Thanks for hosting the amazing party. I love taking creative inspiration from all of the other links. I also appreciate being able to link up even though I don’t have a mantel per se! – Thanks Again!!

  14. says

    how is it that when you put a bunch of stuff up there, it looks so purposeful and cohesive. how come when i do something, it just looks like a threw a bunch of stuff up. that’s envy talk for “that looks great, you guys.” and thanks for hosting.

  15. says

    I really like the simplicity of the mantel, with the blue art piece and the sparkle of the faux mercury glass candle holder. Thanks for hosting the party- it lets us see all the fun things that everyone else is up to!
    :-) Sue

  16. Wanda@Wandaful wonders says

    Love the look of your mantel!! Thank you to all for hosting all the wonderful parties! Looking forward to participating more in the future at the parties.
    You have a lovely and I mean LOVELY Site! Sending Wandaful Wishes your way!

  17. says

    Hi! I just learned about your site through the fall link party, I’m so excited to link our fall project! Thank you so much for the opportunity, and I will definately follow you! You’re are amazing!

  18. says

    Layla, your mantles are always breathtaking! I wouldn’t have thought to use that color of blue for fall, but it is just gorgeous!! And I love the bundles of wheat. Beautifully done, as always! :)

  19. Lori says

    Do you have some sort of awesome storage room for all your “extra” decorating items – you know, a holding place for the lovelies until it’s time to bring them into the rotation? I love the idea of arranging for seasons, etc., but I just don’t have the space to store the excess. Well, for anything other than Christmas decor. Any hints for the storage-space-challenged?

    I love, love, love your blog!

    Gotta get back to my kitchen cabinet facelift~

  20. says

    The fall mantle at The Lettered Cottage captures the welcome to fall beautifully. I especially like the the clear cylinders with nuts & a candle. I did a similar take on that at our antique open house with gold, silver, and red Mardi Gras beads and battery operated candles. Believe me, a real candle, a flame, and one hundred year old furniture are not a good match-no pun intended!

    Thank you for hosting the kick-off to the “It’s Fall Y’all” party. The partiers brought their “A” game & did not disappoint. Good job, Y’all!

  21. says

    I will enjoy goin through all the blogs seeing everyone’s beautiful mantels and living through you. The house we bought 8 months ago only has a wood burning stove so no mantel for me. Infact, it is decor challenged can use a lot of ideas.

  22. says

    I woke up super early this morning and got to work , special, just for your link party. I hope you love my outdoor faux mantel!!

  23. Melissa says

    Love your mantel! Will have to check out the antique store in Buford! I am in Norcross so it is pretty close to me! BTW…..the acorns are from Pottery Barn. I bought 5 of them on-line at the beginning of the year when they were on clearance ($5 -7/small and large). I give them as gifts. They recommended using them for birdhouses (apparently finches like them? ).

  24. says

    Hi Kevin and Layla…

    My friends, your autumn mantel is just gorgeous! Ohhh my…what a GRAND idea to refurbish the old wood into a piece of art for your mantel. I love that idea! It turned out beautifully! I also like the bundles of wheat that you used. Can you believe it…I live practically in the middle of a wheat field and have yet to gather any wheat…sheeesh!

    I also like how you decorated the inside of the hearth…sooo pretty! Your home looks gorgeous all dressed up for fall! Thank you so much for sharing it with us…as well as hosting this fun party for us!

    Warmest autumn wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  25. Cindy says

    I’ve never done a fall themed mantel. It has never crossed my mind to do it. Now I want to go home from work and do a totally new mantel!!!

  26. says

    Hey Lay & Kevin! Well, better late than never! I made it to the party at last and am excited to peruse all this awesome fall loveliness. Thanks for hosting!

  27. says

    So, so lovely! Your Fall Mantel is absolutely beautiful and I’m so excited to be joining your fabulous party. Thanks so much for hosting! :-)

  28. says

    LOVE your beautiful Fall mantel … the reclaimed wood art piece is FABulous and such a beautiful “centerpiece”! Thanks so much for hosting such a great gathering and allowing me to share my mantel. And, BTW … saw your feature in BHG’s Christmas ideas magazine … congrats … as always, your home looked ah-mazing! *Becca*

  29. says

    Holy gravy! I love how simple and elegant your fall mantle is!
    Thank you so much for hosting – I’m feeling more inspired to decorate for autumn!
    Happy Fall, Y’All!
    Kerry at

  30. says

    Wow, what a part-tee! I just found your blog. Am I slow or what? Looks like such a fun place to visit and share ideas. Thanks so much. I love decorating for Fall! Heck, don’t kid myself, I just love decorating. lol!

  31. says

    I can’t wait to check out these links! I’m so in need of fall ideas.

    Already just breezing through the photos, I’m loving the pumpkins sat on top of candlesticks. Silly me, I was going to actually buy candles for them. I’ll just make pumpkins instead.

    Thank you for hosting!

  32. says

    Love your idea of using the smaller candles and just filling in the tall cylinder with goodies!! Great looking fall at your house!! Thank you for the fun party and your great blog!

    bee blessed

  33. says

    I’m so thrilled to be a joining y’all! This is my first link party. I followed the steps you gave (thanks for including that) but I need help, please. I have linked and re-linked about 20 times, and I cannot figure out why my link won’t turn blue. You can get to my post by clicking on the image, but I want the words to work too. What could I be doing wrong?

  34. Terry Pitzer says

    How does someone without a blog link up to your party. Don’t think I can link right from my IPhoto on my Mac. Thanks so much for your help, Layla!

    • Layla says

      Hmmm…I’m not sure, Terry! I guess if you’re photos are stored on a webpage somewhere, you could link to that site instead? Sorry…I’m not that technically saavy…I still can’t believe I got the link party thing to work- LOL! :-D

  35. Jami says

    It’s beautiful – REALLY beautiful! – but won’t it be hard not to light those candles on dark chilly fall evenings? I can’t bear to have a candle on display strictly for “decoration” without ever being able to light it! To me, part of the beauty of the mantel is imagining all those lit candles on it after the sun goes down.

  36. says

    What a great turn-out you had for the Fall Mantle party. I’m looking forward to seeing some the various ways people decorated.

    Your mantle looks so pretty, too. I would never have thought of doing a frame of reclaimed wood like you have but it looks lovely. The wicker acorn is adorable is too cute. Nice job.

    Thanks for hosting,

  37. Kelli says

    Fall is the best time of year. I can’t wait to check out all of the links. Thanks for sharing. :) Happy Fall!!

  38. says

    Thank you Layla and Kevin for this Fall Linky Party! It’s so fun! Your mantle looks beautiful and so Fall-y! You two are such an inspiration (and cute to boot!) I so appreciate all of the creative ideas you share to help us create a “home sweet home”!
    God bless your darlin’ hearts!
    Aunt Ruthie
    Sugar Pie Farmhouse
    Branson, Missouri

  39. Michelle Wright says

    That piece would go so good in my living room ~it’s the red in that piece. LOVE it. Great give~away.

    P.s. When I try to comment from my inbox e-mail it does not go through.
    Any suggestions? What am I doing wrong?

  40. Christine says

    I just love everything you guys do, design, and create! Love it all!! These fall mantle ideas are just so special :) I’ve been following you guys for months now and can’t get enough! Keep ‘em coming <3


  41. Denise Carter says

    Love the fall mantel. I am so ready to decorate with fall items. We moved into my all time favorite parsonage. It was built in 1934 so it has lots of character, wood floors and big windows, everything painted white. I put white curtains and loved it all summer but now have put up light brown sheers and slowly adding fall color only the weather keeps being 99. Thanks for your sweet spirit in your blog and all the wonderful ideas. denise

  42. Laura Carroll says

    I’ve been staring at a mantel that is indeed in need of some awesome autumn! Thanks for all the fabulous suggestions. I’m grateful!!

  43. says

    Love this fall link-up! Such fabulous ideas out there! Linked mine today…a little late, but glad to be a part of this linky:)

  44. says

    Thanks for putting the mantel linky party together!! I love all the beautiful ideas!!! Yours looks so pretty!! Enjoy your week!

  45. says

    I finally got my playroom mantle done, just linked up:) My son enjoyed making a pumpkin snowman so it was fun! One of these days I’ll figure out how to use my new camera….pics could be better :( Your pictures always look so bright & clear! Got any tips? I know my camera can do it ….but the person using it (me) needs help :) Thanks for hosting!

    • Layla says

      Hey Jessica!
      Kev’s actually in the process of building a site chock full of photography tips and tutorials…we’ll let you know when it’s up and runnin’! :-D

  46. says

    I love your mantel! It is perfect for your home! I went to Hobby Lobby to get the acorns after I read your post; I love them! Thank you for hosting this link party! It is always fun to see such awesome ideas!

  47. says

    WOW…now that’s a-lot-a fall mantles!!! ;) Thought I’d join in on the fun…better late than never, right? Thanks for hosting, Laurel@chippingwithcharm

  48. Mandy says

    Looks great! Wow, I can tell Im gonna be busy looking at All the blog’s who linked up for this great little fall mantle party. Especially excited to see you went to Queen of Hearts in Buford. Because that’s where I live!! Thats a hoot!

  49. says

    This is pretty cool. It’s like a theme/project party to get everyone oout of a rut and get them in the mood for decorating. i wish I could link up but I think ettiqute (sp?) says that I can’t since I am part of a different link party. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t dropin and visit. I really liked the bundled wheat on the mantel by the way.

  50. Helen says

    I love this fireplace- could you tell me what kind of material the hearth is? We’re trying to recreate it and can’t for the life of us figure out whether it’s marbe, slate, granite or something we’re not even thinking of!


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