I love the part where…

I love the part where he says, “I thought Eric gave you the creeps?“…


I love the part where she “likes her Allison’s”


I love the part where he says, “You know what he did?


I love the part where he goes from ballistic to bawling because of a Wii…


I love the part where she walks up with a yellow umbrella and HUNDREDS of curious people cheer…

(I love it when they sing together, too!)


I love the part where they get to go back, and when he sees them, he RUNS to them…



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  1. says

    Thanks so much for sharing! My husband has a baseball student who refuses to wear a “cup”. We are sending him the video of the little boy so he want be injured!

  2. says

    Oh it is all so delightful. That “Best Gift Reaction Ever” was so great. I kept thinking when I was watching it that is how you will react when you get that adoption phone call. Maybe without the gagging. LOL! Lisa~

  3. Dayna says

    The Pioneer Woman introduced me to your blog this morning. I am so very happy that she did. The Beckoning of Lovely video was absolutely beautiful. I shared it with a friend. It gave me the urge to create something beautiful to contribute to the world as well. Now to figure out what that should be……

    Thank you again, it really made my day!

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