I love the part where…

I love the part where he says, “I thought Eric gave you the creeps?“…


I love the part where she “likes her Allison’s”


I love the part where he says, “You know what he did?


I love the part where he goes from ballistic to bawling because of a Wii…


I love the part where she walks up with a yellow umbrella and HUNDREDS of curious people cheer…

(I love it when they sing together, too!)


I love the part where they get to go back, and when he sees them, he RUNS to them…



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  1. says

    Since I first saw Jessica’s video last year, I have busted out in the “I like my…” chant many times. Usually only in front of my husband of course. I do the whole knee lunge / arm swing thing too.

    It’s pretty dang fun so, I suggest everyone take the time to do an “I like…” declaration.

  2. says

    I love this post! Thank you for sharing! And for making me cry. I just cannot watch adoption videos without tears!

  3. says

    LOVE the one from “kids say the darndest things!” That little boy CRACKS me up! He has a couple of other videos on youtube as well! Thanks for sharing…made me smile!

  4. says

    Wonderful post! I experienced a whole flood of emotions with this one. The second one has been my favorite for a LONG LONG time. I still laugh every time I watch it. The Wii gift one almost did me in! I laugh so hard I’m still wiping my face and the mascara that ran from the tears!! And the adoption video was emotional. When he ran to them on the trip back it would melt the hardest of hearts. :)

  5. Allison A. says

    So dang sweet. I love the little boy that says “He kicked him in the penis. He was hurt. He was hurt real bad.” Yeah, adoption is a special thing and the stories always make me cry. Happy tears of course. Wonderful endings to some bleak beginnings!

  6. kelly says

    The beckoning of lovely is WONDERFUL! It always amazes me when a group of random people can cooperate and make something beautiful…a lesson for the world. Love this post!

  7. says

    Nice videos! I especially like the adoption one. I think the tears started at the 2-minute mark. :) The first video had me cringing though … tell me I’m not the only one who gets nervous when kids stand on countertops and their parents tape it??!?

  8. says

    YES! Definitely a few of my most faves!
    Nice post, girly!
    How are those doors comin’? Good I hope :)
    Here’s to another productive day!
    ~Shelley Smith

  9. says

    That adoption video makes me sob every time I see it! Oh my heart just feels like it’s going to burst when one of those lovely, amazing children find a forever home! sigh.
    Thanks for the post and the cry!
    Love ya
    Missy :)

  10. Vonda L says

    Okay, the adoption video just made me cry. Oh, the things we take for granted. The music made the video even more beautiful – “In as much as you do for the least of these, you do for Me.”

  11. says

    OMGosh I loved the Beckoning of Lovely. Thank you for sharing. I live in Central Illinois and have never heard of this in Chicago. Thinking of making plans on attending in November. How fun. My teen age daughter will be a senior in high school by then. I think she and I will have to take a trip to join in. Thanks Layla. Have a lovely day.

  12. says

    The beckoning of lovely.

    Oh Christmas eve I went out to walk my dog accompanied by my 9 year old son and sweet daughter who was home from college. As we headed to the park that is around the corner from our home we saw a man grabbing tons of lunch bags and start placing them on the ground. I nicely inquired “What are you doing?” He replied, “A heard about a woman who has a dream to see 7,500 lumninaries lit on this street. Can you help?”

    So for the next hour my children and I lit over 500 lights. We then got in our car to view all the beauty.

    We have been happy and giddy for days. My boy repeating daily, “Remember when we lit those lights for the lady?”

    I made a short video of the event that night and it appeared on my blog on New Years Eve.

    I made no resolutions this year. Only a wish that I always say yes when asked, “Can you help?”

  13. says

    ok… I love these videos!! Does ANYONE know the name of the second song that is played on the last video about the adoption?? I cannot figure it out!!! I cried the whole video!!! Thanks for sharing with us!! Please someone know the name of that song!!!!

  14. says

    I was laughing so hard at the first ones and now I’m crying! It went from “He was injured…injured BAD” to a precious little boy running to his forever family! ACK!

    Thanks for posting these!

  15. Ann says

    One of your best posts evvaahh! And that’s a difficult thing to achieve given how they’re all wonderful.

  16. says

    Oh Layla, I loved the adoption video! My makeup is now running down my face. Thank you!
    Sweetness is that little ones smile, and prayers and blessings over the two of you on your adoption adventure.

  17. says

    Jeez, Layla – some warning next time. The video of Yohannes made me CRY! a lot. What a sweet, sweet boy. That family looks wonderful and complete!

    The rest of the videos were cute!! Great post!

  18. Lynn says

    Jeezy Pete Layla! Some of us have to go back to work,ya know. With racoon eyes from bawling over that sweet, sweet last one!

  19. says

    You officially made me laugh and cry today, and all in about mins. LOL. The last video was so touching and Jessica’s video made me laugh out loud. Now that is how every child should learn to speak to themselves, speaking good things to themselves, motivating themselves and feeling positive and empowered.


    • Jolynn says

      I loved the videos…laughed, cried and cheered! Thanks for posting them and thanks for sharing your incredible talent with us. You inspire me continually. I absolutely love your website!


  20. Cass says

    I smiled, I laughed histerically and bawled like a baby. That last video was so emotional and wonderful at the same time. Thanks for sharing! I’m looking forward to seeing your adoption journey play out. All the blessings and love life has to offer you, Palmers!

  21. Melinda says

    Loved each video but the adoption story touches a place deep in my heart…the least of these. I continue to pray for you all as you are walking this road of adoption, a road I expect one close to me to be walking sometime soon. Thanks for sharing : )

  22. Doreen says

    So who else is ready to hop on the next plane to Ethiopia?!?! That is after we all dry our eyes of course. ; )

  23. says

    Way super cool post.
    I’m in the middle of doing a post right now that is kind of cool.
    It’s about adoption too :)

  24. says

    I am just speechless after that amazing video of the Ethiopian adoption. What a precious little boy, and what a loving family. I loved seeing that and the other videos, too. Thank you SO much for sharing these. I really needed to see this tonight and to marvel at what a mighty God we serve. God bless both of you in 2011 and always…


    Sheila :-)

  25. says

    TEARS!!! I must go hug my son now. Thank you for sharing.

    Note to self: Buy yellow umbrella to be reminded of the things in the video. Will do that this weekend. Thanks!

  26. says

    What a touching video, and resulted in a ten minute boo-hoo fest! As a family that has been blessed with adoption, I want to wish you all the love, luck and joy in your journey to your new family.

  27. Terry says

    Thank you for taking time to post these awesome videos! What a great and inspiring way to start the day!!!

    May Jesus bless your own journey toward adoption. Caring for orphans = true religion.

  28. Shar Yates says

    Adoption Video: Your time is coming!
    Do you know name and artist of song? Love it.

    Yellow Umbrella: would love to be part of that.

  29. Lindsea says

    I am so glad I took the time to watch this! At the end I felt like the boy with the wii, smiling…chuckling…laughing out loud…crying….bawling….minus the gagging part, I didn’t do that haha. Thanks Layla, can’t wait to hear about your unfolding adoption story. We are so happy for you! Wishing you hope, health, and happiness in the new year!

  30. Heather Lameda says

    I cried like a baby when I watched the adoption video. I look forward to the day when a little guy or girl in need of a home changes my husband and I’s lives :) You and Kevin are amazing. The best thing that happened for me in 2010 was stumbling upon your blog, as well as Aura Joon’s. It compelled me to take a leap into the unknown: leave a job that I knew well, a town that I knew well, and a money situation that I was comfortable with, but I wouldn’t change the decision for the world.

  31. says

    Oh wow, I totally just cried like an infant when I saw the adoption video. I’ve always felt like adoption might be something I need to do in my lifetime, and I feel it more than ever now. Thanks!

  32. says

    Thanks so much for sharing! My husband has a baseball student who refuses to wear a “cup”. We are sending him the video of the little boy so he want be injured!

  33. says

    Oh it is all so delightful. That “Best Gift Reaction Ever” was so great. I kept thinking when I was watching it that is how you will react when you get that adoption phone call. Maybe without the gagging. LOL! Lisa~

  34. Dayna says

    The Pioneer Woman introduced me to your blog this morning. I am so very happy that she did. The Beckoning of Lovely video was absolutely beautiful. I shared it with a friend. It gave me the urge to create something beautiful to contribute to the world as well. Now to figure out what that should be……

    Thank you again, it really made my day!

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