I Love Lucy

I’ve got a new e-friend named Lucy that I’d like to introduce you to today.

She’s one of the most entertaining little gals I’ve ever e-met and I think her YouTube videos are more fun to watch then most shows on TV. I came across this one she did about “jazzing” up her outfits with scarves last year…

Some of my favorite parts are:

(:31) “This is like, um, the one I like because it’s kind of funky, you know?”
(1:31) “How cute is this sweater?!
(2:22) “It’s like, jazzy, you know?”
(2:48) “There’s a style. You know it?”
(3:03) “It can be anything that you can do, but it has to be jazzy up, you know?”
(4:07) “Because, you know me, I like it to jazz up, you know?”
(4:37) “Even you can even put a hat on, just go to the gym with a scarf on- HOW CUTE, IT ‘LL BE!”
(5:04) “Okay, you are never, ever, screamlook at this scarf right now. You know, I love Hannah Montana, that’s right!”
(7:19) “It’s jazzed up. I loved it jazzed.”

I also love this one she did about setting a kids table…

A girl after my own photo stylin’ heart!

After seeing that one, I emailed Dawn (Lucy’s mom) and asked her if I could share it (and the scarf one) here on my blog. I was pumped she said yes, and told her if Lucy ever felt inspired to do one about kids room decorating ideas, me and TLC would love to hear her ideas about that too! A couple of weeks later, a brand spankin’ new video, made especially for all of us, landed in my inbox. Click the play button below to watch…

Note to Lucy: Thank you so much for recording this video for us!! The storage baskets, closet curtains and book cradle are all awesome ideas and I know a lot of people will be inspired by them when they see your video!

Note to Dawn: Thank you for letting Lucy “come over”! She is just so much sunshine to the square inch and I wish y’all lived closer so I could bear hug ya both today!

Note to Lucy fans: If you have a moment to leave Lucy a comment today, I know she would be so happy to hear from you. (XO) Also, Lucy will be back here soon with another fun (giveaway) video, so stay tuned for that sometime in May!

PS- If you’d like to visit Dawn’s blog, you can find it here: OurLittleChinaGirl.blogspot.com.


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  1. says

    We LOVE Lucy too…she is so cute and has such a cute style. It is so fun that you have shared Lucy on your blog today. I bet she has the biggest smile ever. We look forward to more Lucy video’s:)

  2. says

    Wow, she is super cute…love her sweet, little voice and all her hand gestures during the video, totally precious! Thanks for sharing this little bit of sunshine with us!

    Blessings, Grace

  3. says

    Lucy, I love your idea for the cradle of books! We have a cradle in my daughter’s room that is not used for dolls anymore. We are definitely going to do this.
    (mom to Maggie Mao from Anhui)

  4. Dianne says

    I have loved Lucy for a long time. I am so happy that others will get the chance to know this adorable child and her sweet mom,Dawn.

  5. says

    Well Layla Darlin :)…YOU have made two very happy Girls here today! Thank you so much for sharing Lucy, she is going to be so excited to see this today! We are so excited to work with you again :) …mmwwaahh!

  6. Karen D. says

    Way to go Lucy! I watched all three of your videos this morning, and I loved them all. They put a smile on my face – thank you for sharing them!

  7. says

    As a magazine writer I’ve had the chance to work with wonderful stylists over the years, and I have to say that Lucy is a born stylist! I think the stylists I know better watch out…Lucy is coming to take your jobs! :)

    Great job Lucy, keep doing what you love and do so well!


  8. Kate says

    I am rushing right upstairs to add a scarf to my outfit. I knew there was something missing — it needs jazzing up! Thank you for sharing those three fabulous videos and introducing me to the adorable, talented, beautiful Lucy! :-)

  9. Sue says

    Lucy, you are an inspiration! Such great ideas for scarves, kids rooms and setting the perfect table. Keep up the Jazzy work!!

  10. Tracy says

    Awesome job Lucy! And you are so right…if you are not totally happy with something you must do it over! Love it!

  11. says

    Oh goodness she is adorable. I am pretty sure she has more fashion sense than I do.

  12. says

    Thanks so much Layla! I loved Lucy…and these “Jazzy” videos!

    *Note to Lucy…
    Dear Lucy…you have such a sparkle about you, and a special gift from God…you make people smile!

    I loved your videos…especially the one with the scarves…where you looked all “jazzy” and “funky” and cute!

    And wow…you sure know how to set a lovely table! I liked that one too. And my goodness, you could be on HGTV and tell us all how to make our homes more decorative and cozy, and useful…like your pretty closet.

    I hope we see more videos from you in the future!

    Grandma Linda…a blogger friend (:>)

  13. Emily Kephart says

    Layla, thank you for featuring my beautiful granddaughter Lucy. I am Emily Dawn’s mom and so happy to see our beautiful girl doing videos for you. She is a very special little girl and has filled our lives with so much love and joy. Thank you again and…….Lucy we are very proud of you and so happy for you and mom that you are on Layla’s blog.
    We love you
    Papa and Grammy

    • Ann W says

      This child could not have become the special light that she is without a remarkable family. Words fail to express my feelings about the people that created the environment for this little girl to blossom. What a delight to fill your life. I am envious. Ann Wilson

  14. Michelle @ A Pinch of Prim says

    Oh. My. Gosh. Lucy, you are so CUTE and so very talented! I love all your ideas and I think you have a great future in fashion and design ahead of you!! Thank you for sharing:)

  15. Gloria says

    Ah! So providential you posted this. Two weeks ago I spent 30 minutes going back through all your posts looking for the link to Lucy’s scarf video to show my mom. She is a doll! As a mama of two boys she makes me want a sweet girl SO badly!

  16. says

    lucy is the BEST!!!
    i’ve been taking style advice from her for quite some time {i like to keep things jazzy & funky, ya know}.
    i am thrilled to see this latest installment.
    going now to find a cradle for my books & curtains for my closet.
    i LOVE lucy!

  17. Amber says

    My 3 yr old watched this with me, and she said “I like that video, Mommy. She’s a funny girl! *giggling*” And I love the cradle tip – we actually have one just like that, but never thought to use it for books – great idea, Lucy :)

  18. Lisa W. says

    OMG THANK you for just making my day!!! I love it…I cannot wait to show my daughter these video’s. She is the cutest little thing ever!!! AND she’s good REAL good! LOVE…thanks Layla:)

  19. Melinda says

    Thanks Layla for sharing Lucy. Lucy, I love your name by the way and you have great style ! Your sandals are to die for !!!

  20. Pamela says

    Oh, Lucy! You just make my heart sing! You are so fun and adorable!
    I loved your video on setting the kid’s table – especially the tiered plates “loaded up with goodies”. I am going to remember that.
    In the closet video, it was like you were having a little visit with us. I like the furry ottoman you were sitting on and the book cradle is so unique! The colors in your room are cheerful, too.
    Thank you for sharing with us! You are charming!

  21. Maureen says

    I was having such a bad day, and then I got your post and watched Lucy!! OMG, she is ADORABLE! (and JAZZY of course!). How could that not cheer me up? I am so glad you let me know about her, I will follow her regularly. Can’t wait until she returns to the Lettered Cottage!

    Thanks for making my day,

  22. says

    Bonjour, Lucy! I watched your videos all the way in Paris, France! You know, the French wear scarves with EVERYTHING and I so need some help learning how to do the jazzy scarf ties. If you are ever in Paris, please come over and give me a lesson in scarf tying. I really need your help.

  23. says

    I’m dying over here – Lucy is adorable! She’s like 6 going on 25! Not only does she have some amazing tips, but she’s an excellent “tv” personality. I am so impressed by her (and even more impressed that her mom manages not to chuckle at all while she’s taping!). Just love her – can’t wait to see more videos!

  24. says

    Dear Lucy,
    Thanks for your great videos. You know a lot about clothes, and decorating, and you have a great style that’s all your own. I know your mommy is very proud of you and Layla, “the blogger,” must be so thrilled you did a video especially for her! I’m going to go to your mom’s blog now and read all about you. Thanks for making these videos. You’re very smart AND very cute!

  25. Anne says

    You have a technique and a camera presence that will serve you well. Your mom must be proud.

  26. Ann W says

    Lucy! I Love your Videos! I think you have a future as a TV star. A mini-Martha! Do some videos about cooking. What I like about you is that you are fearless. You are not afraid of the camera, and you have a message for your viewers. How about some videos about outfits? You could tell kids what they need in their wardrobe. For instance, what to wear with jeans to be jazzy. What to wear to a party, or what to wear out to eat pizza. Your mom is the best camera person. Do you think you have enough clothes or do you need to shop a lot? You have made my day. Love, Ann from Connecticut.

    • Emily Kephart says

      Ann thank you for your kind words. I think we are a wonderful family and supply a good and healthy environment for Lucy.She has been a blessing to everyone since the first day she arrived. We are very lucky to have her. Thank you again for your lovely email

  27. says

    This has got to be my favorite blog post I have ever read. I have subscirbed to her Mom’s blog and will probably spend the next couple of hours watching her videos :) Thank you so much for sharing – I love Lucy too :)

  28. says

    Lucy is adorable and incredibly smart!!! As the mother of 3 “Little China Girls” I am definitely going to visit their blog! Way to go Lucy!

  29. Lin says

    Just darling! We will see her in the future I know with that personality! Thanks for sharing Lucy with us!

  30. Melinda says

    How fun is Miss Lucy! I love her tips on jazzing up a wardrobe – especially for the gym. I have a feeling we will be seeing more of this special little lady : )

  31. Diane says

    I love Lucy and her great videos! My granddaughters also love to watch them when they visit…they can’t get enough of them. She is our little star! Way to go Lucy and Dawn. xoxoxo Diane

  32. Maria says

    So So Sweet!

    OMG Lucy, you are so CUTE! I could not stop smiling through all the great videos. I love your jazzy style and your great decorating tips! You will definately grow up to be a very very talented girl.

    I dont have any kids but if I did I would want her to be just like you!!!

    Cant wait to see more of your ideas on fashion and decorating.

    Thanks Layla, Dawn and most of all, Thank you Lucy!! :)

  33. Rachel says

    Oh, my! This was JUST what I needed after a particularly challenging day. Lucy absolutely made my day! She is an adorable little sweetie and I cannot wait to see more from her. PS: Girlfriend can ROCK a scarf better than most everyone I know!

  34. Jenn A says

    Lucy, you have a great talent for talking to people! I love your room and your kids’ decorating ideas! Keep making videos!

  35. Sheila says

    You have to be one of the jazziest little girls that I’ve ever seen. You are so talented and smart and have a true sense of style… I enjoyed the video’s very much! Your Mommy is so lucky having you for a little girl.
    God bless you Sweetie!

  36. Laura says

    Thanks Lucy! I’m so glad you got to be on this blog because I never would have thought to put books in a cradle and line them up row by row! I think I’m going to try it in my daughter’s room! You rock.

  37. Francine Brooks says

    Oh my goodness! I am so glad to see Lucy again, what a doll she is! Her videos are so much fun to watch. I have been requesting another for a while and am so glad that you hosted her, Layla. Thank you. Another job well done to Lucy!! You still have the Tracy Porter “touch”!

  38. says

    Oh Lucy. Now EVERYBODY loves you! Having enjoyed your wonderful videos for some time now, I am THRILLED that lots and lots of others now get to enjoy them too. You are just so DARN cute sweet Lucy. (Hi Dawn… I am excited for BOTH of you!) xoxox ~with Love From Cape Cod ~ Sandi

  39. Sandra says

    Hi Lucy, I love your videos and all your decorating/style advice. I love the idea of the curtains for your closet (and the pink ruffles). You are such a sweet little girl. Thanks for allowing Layla and TLC to blog about you. Stay sweet :)

  40. Ms V says

    Dear sweet Lucy,
    Greetings from north Texas ! Thank you for sharing your personality and talents with all of us out here in blog land! I think you’re about the cutesy thing I’ve ever seen. Lots of luck and hugs, too! I just know we’ll see more of you in the future…you have that special something.

  41. says

    OH LUCY! darling girl how you can steal our hearts and make us all giggle…love you to pieces sweet child!! way to go!!! DAWN..you are one rack star mama….and Layla and KEV….too cute…so kind of you to give Lucy the grand stand she deserves! cheers and much to you all!!
    Bravo Lucy..i am so proud of you sweetness!
    love, love…tracy

  42. Amanda M says

    Oh my goodness , what an incredible kid Lucy is ! She is on her way to being a star. Thank you for sharing this adorable video. You made my day !

  43. says

    Love Lucy! She sounds like so much fun. If she ever wants to come to my house, she can organize all my closets and make them look pretty. :-) She’s definitely got a future on TV.

  44. Valery Hoops says


  45. Colleen says

    Hello! I just enjoyed watching Lucy’s videos so very much :) She is, indeed, a ray of sunshine. I like the be jazzy, too, Lucy! And I love the idea of using the cradle for a book rack in your room. I also noticed your bird-shaped curtain tie-backs on your closet–they seemed to add the perfect finishing touch. I hope you keep doing your videos!

  46. christy says

    Lucy you are just precious. I saw your first video over on Tracy Porter’s blog and I just adored it and you. I even showed my boys and they loved it. Way to go, sister!!

  47. says

    Thank you for sharing your great ideas with us Lucy. I really love your funky style and the Hanna Montana scarf is the BEST! Your decorating ideas are great too. I think it is so creative to use a cradle to hold your books! I can’t wait to see what you will share with us in your next video.

  48. Melanie says

    You have great styling tips Lucy… I really enjoyed your videos and your cheerful spirit! Thank you Layla, Lucy and Dawn! High-Five to you, Lucy!! I look forward to seeing more…

  49. trish says

    Love.Love.Love you Lucy!!! Your style/decorating tips are just awesome and I will certainly be using them to “jazz up” my life! You are adorable and you made my day!

  50. Kait H says

    Lucy, you did a GREAT job!!! My kiddo & I really liked ALL of your videos! :) Keep up the good work!

  51. Mary Ann says

    Darling Lucy!
    You are the light of your family’s life (especially all your aunties!!)and now you are spreading your sunshine even wider! How we love you. :) I didn’t think your mom could be more proud but I’m thinking she is today. :) I know you are making her smile brighter with all your charmingness here! Congrats!!! And yes, if life isn’t the way you want it then just FIX it up and make it better! Bravo!
    Love you Dolly,
    MA :)

  52. says

    Lucy is the bomb… what an adorable young lady.

    Lucy you did an amazing job on these videos… I could watch you all day. Thanks for bringing some sunshine to my day.

    Love your jazzing style.

    Hope to see more of you soon.


  53. Sally Fitzgibbons says

    Okay I make lots of videos and yet I could watch Lucy’s videos over and over again. Keep em’ com in’ Love your style and setting the table is such a joy when you are doing it. you bring everyone such Joy !!!

  54. says

    my little girl, Lydia, who is also from China, watched this with me, and she wants Lucy to know that she loves her. She absolutely fell in LOVE with her while watching the videos..in fact, Lydia wants Lucy to know that she is gonna ask her mommy, ME, to video her doing all these fun things!

    You are adorable, Lucy, and you are an excellent video girl!

  55. says

    Lydia wants Lucy to know that she is wearing a very pink crown with a bright pink boa. She says she loves your favorite word…JAZZY! She plans to use it just like you. :)

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