I Love Lucy

I’ve got a new e-friend named Lucy that I’d like to introduce you to today.

She’s one of the most entertaining little gals I’ve ever e-met and I think her YouTube videos are more fun to watch then most shows on TV. I came across this one she did about “jazzing” up her outfits with scarves last year…

Some of my favorite parts are:

(:31) “This is like, um, the one I like because it’s kind of funky, you know?”
(1:31) “How cute is this sweater?!
(2:22) “It’s like, jazzy, you know?”
(2:48) “There’s a style. You know it?”
(3:03) “It can be anything that you can do, but it has to be jazzy up, you know?”
(4:07) “Because, you know me, I like it to jazz up, you know?”
(4:37) “Even you can even put a hat on, just go to the gym with a scarf on- HOW CUTE, IT ‘LL BE!”
(5:04) “Okay, you are never, ever, screamlook at this scarf right now. You know, I love Hannah Montana, that’s right!”
(7:19) “It’s jazzed up. I loved it jazzed.”

I also love this one she did about setting a kids table…

A girl after my own photo stylin’ heart!

After seeing that one, I emailed Dawn (Lucy’s mom) and asked her if I could share it (and the scarf one) here on my blog. I was pumped she said yes, and told her if Lucy ever felt inspired to do one about kids room decorating ideas, me and TLC would love to hear her ideas about that too! A couple of weeks later, a brand spankin’ new video, made especially for all of us, landed in my inbox. Click the play button below to watch…

Note to Lucy: Thank you so much for recording this video for us!! The storage baskets, closet curtains and book cradle are all awesome ideas and I know a lot of people will be inspired by them when they see your video!

Note to Dawn: Thank you for letting Lucy “come over”! She is just so much sunshine to the square inch and I wish y’all lived closer so I could bear hug ya both today!

Note to Lucy fans: If you have a moment to leave Lucy a comment today, I know she would be so happy to hear from you. (XO) Also, Lucy will be back here soon with another fun (giveaway) video, so stay tuned for that sometime in May!

PS- If you’d like to visit Dawn’s blog, you can find it here: OurLittleChinaGirl.blogspot.com.


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  1. says

    Lucy is the bomb… what an adorable young lady.

    Lucy you did an amazing job on these videos… I could watch you all day. Thanks for bringing some sunshine to my day.

    Love your jazzing style.

    Hope to see more of you soon.


  2. Sally Fitzgibbons says

    Okay I make lots of videos and yet I could watch Lucy’s videos over and over again. Keep em’ com in’ Love your style and setting the table is such a joy when you are doing it. you bring everyone such Joy !!!

  3. says

    my little girl, Lydia, who is also from China, watched this with me, and she wants Lucy to know that she loves her. She absolutely fell in LOVE with her while watching the videos..in fact, Lydia wants Lucy to know that she is gonna ask her mommy, ME, to video her doing all these fun things!

    You are adorable, Lucy, and you are an excellent video girl!

  4. says

    Lydia wants Lucy to know that she is wearing a very pink crown with a bright pink boa. She says she loves your favorite word…JAZZY! She plans to use it just like you. :)

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