How To’s Day

Howdy friend! We’re excited to announce a fun little project that we’ll be making a regular feature here on our blog. We’re calling it “How To’s Day” and it’ll be a linky party where we can all share our most recent how-to oriented blog posts. It’ll happen the last To’sDay (get it? (How) Tuesday?) of every month. Any type of how-to is welcome, and if you have any questions, please feel free to leave us one in the comments section of this post and we’ll get back to ya lickety-split!

I had fun making a button for the party today, so if you do decide to join in on the fun, you can use it at the end of your blog post if you’d like. We’ll make it available the day we kick off the first party. Here’s a larger version of what it will look like…

According to the ol’ calendar, our first “How To’s Day” linky party will be on Tuesday, February 22nd. So if you’ve blogged about a how-to this month (or plan to blog about one before the 22nd), we’d love to see you at the party!

And speaking of how-to oriented blog posts, this was one of our very first…

We still get a lot questions about it, so we thought we’d include another link to it here today.

Hmmm…that reminds me. It’s just about time for another Spring mantel, isn’t it?


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  1. says

    oh i live for “how to’s”!!! love this feature. unfortunately i am the worst at documenting “how to’s” on my blog. but i do love learning from others! xoxo

  2. says

    Such a cute name for a linky party…your brain goes in all the right places. 😉 I have plenty of how to’s to link up…can’t wait! Yay!
    Love ya!

  3. says

    I Can’t WAIT to do this with you!

    YES…it’s time for another spring mantel mix…..hummmm. I don’t have a mantel, so I’ll have to do some spring vingettes around my house.

  4. Heather says

    Thanks for re-sharing the fireplace post! My husband and I are planning to build our own mantel – very similar to the one you built. Our firebox is metal and sits flush on the wall. The fireplace wall juts out about 3 feet on each side, with a nook that will be perfect for built in bookcases someday and small windows on either side. We’re can’t figure out how to finish the outside edges. Did you miter the corners lengthwise where the mantel wraps around the brick to get a smooth edge? I’d love any advice you can give me.

  5. Brooke says

    Yeah! I started reading your blog because of your cute how to videos and photos.

    Please do a tutorial on how to add inexpensive moldings and wall panels!!

    Thank you!

  6. says

    Awesome! I did a how-to (kind of) this week. I posted instructions but didn’t post progress photos. Hopefully since it’s a small easy project it’s not that big of a deal. Can wait to link up!

  7. says

    Ewwww doggie….I’m excited about this!!! Can’t wait for the launch! I just finished my FIRST EVER “how-to” project. Looking forward to reading about all sorts of other fun ‘to-dos’.

  8. says

    THANK YOU for reposting the fireplace link. I am new to reading your blog and had never seen that before. It has given me tons of inspiration for a fireplace re-do of my own. I will keep you posted!

  9. says

    There’s nothing I like better than how to and before and afters, I’ll be reading and hopefully linking up!

  10. Sarah says

    Hi Layla! Did you ever do a post about how to distress wood? I have trouble with it, it always turns out looking fake. I’d love to tackle a project like the fireplace but am…distressed about distressing! Any advice is greatly appreciated!

  11. says

    Yeah, baby, this is gonna be fun!!!

    We already implemented some of your presto chango ideas in our living room and we are lovin’ it! We hung a giant mirror we had in another room and it added tons of light.

    You have given us such a great place to start when we had Thanks and {HUGS} to you.

  12. Alima says

    Oh yay! I adored your spring mantel from last year! Can’t wait to see what you will do this time!

    Of course, it doesn’t feel like spring will ever get here with all this snow we have on the ground today! Did you guys get any that far south? We got a lot in Birmingham!

    • says

      No snow here… :(

      We were kind of hoping to wake up to some snow, but it didn’t happen. Oh well bring on spring!


  13. Maureen says

    Can’t wait for for How To’s Day! I get tons of inspiration from your site. Sarah – a good way to simulate worm holes in wood is with a square head screw driver hammered in squiggley lines.

  14. says

    Going to have to remember this fireplace!! We are looking at houses and all of them look like your before!! Thanks!!

  15. says

    Can’t wait! I didn’t realize the fireplace project was your first “how-to”! I remember when you posted that!!! I remember being in awe of that project, but then again, I’m in awe of all you and Kev do! :)

  16. says

    Fantabulous! Such a great idea! Can’t wait to link up the mantel the hubs and I did! This is the one you guys inspired….I emailed you the link a while back :) Thanks again!