• How To Use Photoshop CS5 and CS6

    The Shoot Fly guys have launched another e-training class, so I wanted to share a bit about it here today!


    Photoshop CS5 is a training class designed for beginners, and is updated to include changes made in CS6. It’s for people who are interested in learning how to use the basics of Photoshop. It’s taught by Nick Drollette and my hubby, Kevin Palmer:


    They teach the class through a series of videos, specifically shot to help make it easier for you to really see how to use each of the tools in the tool bar so that you can improve, and edit your photos.

    Like me, Nick and Kevin are also visual learners, so they made it their mission to create a training class that was very easy to understand. All of their videos are shot in high definition, and the overall goal is to help viewers understand how Photoshop works so that you can pick up where your camera left off.


    Here are the training videos included in the Photoshop CS5/6 training class:

    – Launching Photoshop

    – Getting around in Photoshop

    – The Tool Bar

    – Understanding Image Size and Resolution

    – Layers

    – Adjusting Color

    – Actions Part 1

    – Actions Part 2

    – Saving files

    – Updates for Photoshop CS6

    *Plus – You get their Photoshop Touch-Up class for free! (Their Photoshop Touch-up class is 1 hour and 40 minutes in length and teaches retouching and body shaping using Photoshop CS5.)

    The price of Photoshop CS5/6 is $49 on sale for $34.30 through June 21, and along with the free Touch-Up class is over 4-1/2 hours in length.

    Photoshop CS5/6 is made up of 12 separate videos, all recorded by Kevin and Nick, but don’t feel like you have to watch the classes all at once. Take your time, and enjoy the process because once you purchase Photoshop CS5/6 (or any of the ShootFlyShoot training classes), you’ll have access to the videos and any Photoshop-related updates they add to their site, forever!

    To make sure that you can view the videos before you purchase, you can check out the Photography 101 Welcome video by clicking HERE. And to click right through to the Photoshop CS5/6 info page, click HERE.

    Happy editing!

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