How to use a Nail Gun- A Video Tutorial (sort of)

First off, I wanna thank you from the bottom of my heart for leaving me such sweet messages about my Grandpa. Just having you to “talk to”/”listen to” has definitely made the whole process easier to deal with, and I appreciate your kindness during this super tough time.

Kevin’s been amazing too. I feel very blessed to have him in my life.

He (and I!) appreciated the comments you left on the post he wrote so much. Thank you for making him feel so welcome!

In honor of my Grandpa, the builder, Kev and I worked together on one of the walls in our bedroom this week. It felt good to get my hands dirty again, and I enjoyed telling Kevin about some of the times my Grandpa worked on stuff around our farm. (Whether my parents wanted him to or not!)

First up on our agenda was to learn how to use our fancy-schmancy new nail gun. The directions read sorta like hieroglyphics, but we eventually managed to figure it out. I think.

Well, I’ll let Kevin explain…

(Here’s a link to the YouTube version.)

Since we shot that video, (On our old video camera, by the way. Sorry for the crappy quality!) we’ve successfully clad one entire wall with 1×6 MDF boards. It was really dark and rainy out today though, so I didn’t snap any photos. Hopefully it’ll be a little brighter tomorrow, so I can get in there and capture some shots of our progress. It looks sort of like this…

Minus the wood beamed ceiling. However….I have been wanting to do something extra special up there….hmmmm…..

MDF from True Value in the house!
Remembering Richard & Re-Trimming Windows

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  1. says

    First off, I am so sorry for you loss Layla. What a wonderful relationship you had with your grandfather and what special memories you will forever hold.

    Second, I love nail guns! They are the best! :) I hung 4″ wide x 4′ long MDF strips on one wall of our kitchen and THANK goodness for that nail gun!! I can’t wait to see what your room looks like!

  2. kelly says

    VERY good tutorial! Way to go Kevin! Got a question for you…why do you have to release the air out of the tank afterwards? Why couldn’t you just leave it in there? curious minds want to know…..

    • says

      Hey Kelly!

      From what I understand, if you leave air in the tank, condensation will build up- and over time, will create rust on the inside of it.
      Also, after seeing what can happen if you were to accidentally bump the release valve, I wouldn’t want to leave it in there. That stuff is powerful! :-O


  3. says

    So sorry about your loss!

    I haven’t made the leap to a nail gun yet but I’m considering it. I look @ them every time I go to Home Depot or Lowe’s. One of these days…

    Can’t wait to see how your wall turns out. I am considering something similar in my breakfast nook so I’m glad to see you tackle it first!! :)

  4. Amanda says

    Sorry for your loss Layla, my thoughts & prayers are with you both and your family at this very sad time.

    I have only just got my computer back on line after 2 months…damn hard drive!! I think I was having withdrawl pains missing out on stalking, erm, visiting your blog every day! I can’t wait to see your completed bedroom, you are both such an inspiration I seem to be reusing, recycling and repurposing more these days.
    Cheers to you both

  5. says

    You and Kevin are such doll~babies!
    What a sweet~sweet man you have there Layla!
    Your grand~pa looks like such a special man.
    I KNOW he must LOVE and adore you both!
    My sister was just here in Seattle from Montgomery!
    I told her she just had to pop onto your blog and take a peek!
    The two of YOU together would be amazing at decorating!
    We grew up in Prattville! ;o)
    Hugs to you!
    Bainbridge Island WA

  6. Jocelyn says

    i love all of your projects! you have a great writing style…

    …wish i could incorporate some of your awesome ideas into my home, but its the wrong sort of house. dang!

  7. says

    Hi Layla!

    Glad to see you here and know that you are ok. Kevin….he’s a keeper but I’m sure you already know that 😉

    Love ya girl, Susie

  8. says

    Layla, I am extremely sorry for your loss. I have been there and know the pain of losing a loved one. Hold dear to the memories you made, they last a lifetime.

    About the nail gun… Layla, no need to fear!! We have one and I use it all the time!! That is major power in your hands! Glad you guys got one. Now there is no limit to the projects you can tackle!! Good luck, I am sure your bedroom looks amazing! :)

  9. Sandra says

    Layla, Sorry to hear about your Grandfather.

    I was thinking of doing a similar treatment on my walls. How do you decide though what would look better, vertical or horizontal? I am very anxcious to see how your room turns out. :)


    • says

      Hey Sandra!

      Before we started attaching them, we laid about four boards up against the wall in each direction, just to see what each way would look like. Also, I looked at a lot of inspiration photos online and in magazines- and that was super helpful too!


      • Sandra says

        Thanks Layla. I am just unsure of my design capabilities. I like to look through magazines and on the web to get ideas. It is nice to go to your website and actually see how the design is done. I appreciate all you and Kevin put on your website.

        P.S. Do you happen to do any consulting? I love all that you have done in your home and other rooms on your website.

  10. Sarah Teske says

    Great tutorial! How did you go about deciding what kind to get?

    Our only experience with a nail gun was borrowing my dad’s for a former project. We left the large compressor outside and ran the cord thru a window. My dad was anxious to start, so at 8 a.m. on a Saturday morning, Dad turned it on and let all our neighbors know we were beginning our day. Ha! I shot out of the house waving my arms hoping he’d shut it off, but he just stood there and laughed at me. Sorry neighbors. Hope you wanted to get up early too…

    • says

      Hey Sarah!

      We had always heard DeWalt was a good brand, and when we found out this one was on clearance, we had to get it! :-)


  11. says

    Oh Layla – I popped on thinking I was catching up on old posts after RElevant and then saw your news. I know how difficult this week is…I am so sorry. What a heritage you experienced that is so rare these days. I know you will pass on your story to so many. We take grandparents for granted and they are such gifts. Glad you experienced yours to the fullest. (hugs)

  12. says

    Great tutorial! Thank you for sharing your experience with the nail gun. I could see some of the wall behind Kevin and it looks fantastic. You two should have your own show on prime time.

    Your Friend,

  13. Dori says

    Quick question about how you are installing the 1×4. What do you do to the corners to make them join? Do you cut at a 45 angle?
    Love following you guys. What a beautiful like you have!

    • says

      Hey Dori!

      We’re actually just going to cut them straight off. They’ll lay on top of each other in the corner, and we’ll cover the seam up with trim. Sorta hard to explain, so I’ll make sure to show you what I mean in an upcoming post!


  14. geri says

    Kevin you are awesome at explaining how to do things.
    Where were you when I was in school? hehe
    I think you have great patience and would make a great teacher if the spirit
    ever moves you in that direction.
    Love, Love, Love the wall idea. I can’t wait to ask hubby to give it a
    try. ( he just loves all the ideas you have given me…NOT!)
    I am with you about getting back to what you love to help you
    through difficult times or difficult days.
    I have always said for me cleaning the house is my therepy.
    Way cheaper too. hehe
    You both have amazing souls.
    Have a wonderful day.

  15. Sallie Baker says

    Great tutorial. been wanting someone to teach me how to use a nail gun….in plain English!

  16. Holly says

    To both of you,
    So sorry for your loss. Love your site and all your great ideas.
    Thanks for sharing.

  17. Glenda B says

    You guys are hilarious. I love your video. It was fun to watch, even though I have no intention of ever trying it for myself.Chicken, I know!! 😉 I love the YouTube versions. I was never able to get the others. Can’t wait to see your finished room.

  18. says

    Kevin, you have done EXACTLY what I needed someone to do for me…I had been experiencing serious and debilitating yearnings for a nail gun, but after trying to read all the warnings and the muddled instructions, I was backing away for fear I would destroy something or myself. NOT NOW! I’m getting one! And I’m nailing something soon! Thanks for your calm, reasonable and perfectly understandable instructions and explanations. The folks at DeWalt should love you! You know, sorta like we all do.

  19. Martha says

    So sorry for your loss, Layla.

    My husband gave me a nail gun for Christmas 2 years ago and I love it!! We already had an air compressor but I had no experience with it. So I am “self-taught” too and have not had any problems using it. Don’t be afraid!!

    Quick question for you. My nailer handles 18 guage brads only. Did your set come with 2 guns so you can use different size nails?

  20. Kelly says

    Hey Kevin and Layla….first off, I’m very sorry for the loss of your grandpa. Keep him alive in your memories and he’ll always be near your heart.

    Also, just wanted to say I love that you guys are so new to all this renovation stuff and not afraid to just jump in to get things started. Great job on everything we’ve seen so far…I stop in dailly just to see what new project you guys are going to start because I just never know when something I see is going to inspire me to do something like it in my own home, or at least for my husband to do it. Ha Ha!

    And, I have to say I LOVE your new fall mantel….it screams out to me to do something like it myself. I’m thinking though, How warm and cozy would it be to use those flameless candles up there and not have to worry about the jute catching on fire! I think I’m going to get started this weekend gathering as much stuff I can to copy your mantel…..I may just even email you a picture to see how close I was able to get! Thanks so much for the inspiration, not just the mantel but everything you guys set out to do!

  21. Patti says

    I’m so sorry to hear about your Grandpa, Layla. It’s so sad to lose a family member, they’re so precious! My heart goes out to you today.

    Kevin, I love the tutorial, even though hubs is my Mr. Fix-it, I appreciate knowing for myself how these things work. And your accent is truly adorable! (I’m in NYC, so I don’t hear much of the southern style ’round here). Love you two and keep up the good work guys!

    P.S.: I purchased your e-book Layla and I have to tell you I love it! The part about how to layout a room was especially useful for me (among many other things in there) … I had never considered that before, so thank you!

  22. Linda says

    Lyla, Im sending you my deepest regrets of the loss of your Gramps. They are such an important part of our lives are Grandfathers. I have been with out mine for sometime now and there is not a day that goes by that hes not there inside of me.
    Take care,

  23. karen says

    I remember when I first got my compressor — it was pretty darn nervewracking until I got used to the sound of it. Especially when you’re busy working, mind focused on your project and then BAM, it kicks back on. Hoe-ley Cow!!

    I leave the release valve open after emptying it so I don’t accidentally trap any air or moisture inside. A rusty compressor is not a good thing!!!

  24. says

    I can see why the nail gun scared you. My dog goes into apoplectic fits when power tools are turned on. I think I will show her your video and maybe after she understands it all she’ll calm down.

  25. says

    Layla..So sorry to hear about your Grandpa…I pray the Lord comforts you and your family.

    Thank you Kevin for the great explanation about the nail gun…I’m no longer confused about getting one.