How To Shoot Photography

I had an insanely fun weekend shooting all kinds of Valentines Day craft and decor ideas with a super-talented stylist friend of mine (posts full’a pics coming soon!) and Kev, and his friend, Josh, spent most of the weekend working away on their soon-to-be-launched photography/Photoshop video training class website. (‘video’, meaning: they’ll be teaching through online videos, so they can actually show folks how to use their cameras and software!)

(Kev & Josh)

Here’s a sneak peek video they put together last week that tells a little bit about what they’ve been up to…

Those outtakes crack me up every time. (Fun fact: that’s Kev and Josh singing/playing the music in the background of the video!)

I’m especially excited about their video classes because 1) I really want to learn how to use our DSLR camera, like, for real, so I that don’t always have to ask Kev to shoot things for me when I’m in a tricky-to-shoot-for-whatever-reason type situation. 2) I have absolutely no patience with instruction manuals, and am a strictly visual learner, so their videos are exactly what this “you-HAVE-to-show-me-or-I-will-not-get-it” gal needs, 3) They prove you don’t have to buy the biggest, fanciest, most expensive camera, lens, or tripod to take amazing pictures. They demonstrate all their photography techniques with basic DSLR’s, lenses and tripods- and plan to teach an online course in Photoshop Elements (which is around $100), too!, and 3) They’re going to let me teach a Photoshop course about how I do my presto change-o’s. Yesssss!

In addition to helping folks learn how to use their DSLR’s and Photoshop, they’ll also be sharing all their special tricks and techniques when it comes to shooting weddings, portraits, interiors, and products…

And what I love most about those video classes is that Josh & Kev actually take you right out there in the field, or into an interior, and physically show you how they shoot it. They walk you through their thought process, and show you what knobs they’re turning, what buttons they’re pressing, and what settings they’re using on their cameras. That’s what I’m talkin ’bout, Willis!!!

They’re going to kick things off with classes specifically created for beginners, and they’re mission is to take the guesswork out of photography and Photoshop, and help folks understand their DSLR cameras and Photoshop programs in a very affordable, casual, easy-to-understand way. Like Josh said to me the other day, “you don’t have to worry about every little thing on your camera, or in Photoshop, to get great-looking pics“. Eventually, the guys would like to offer intermediate and advanced classes as well, but for now, they’re strictly concentrating on helping out beginners.

Anywho, since they’re getting so close to launching, I’ve been racking my brain trying to come up with a list of last-minute photography/Photoshop-related questions they may have forgotten to include information about, and I’m hoping you might be able to help me with my list! Is there anything in particular you think would be important for them to teach when it comes to DSLR’s, shooting photography, or using Photoshop? I’d love to pass the info on to them so they can make sure to include it. (Thanks in advance for your input!)

Those two have been working on their site every second they can manage to get together, and until very late in the evening on most nights, for a very long time now, and I’m so proud of them for stickin’ with it. Photography is definitely a passion for both of them, and I couldn’t think of two more talented/laid-back dudes I’d want to learn how to shoot and edit photography from! (Okay, fine. I am married to one of them, but those are two of the reasons I said yes!)

PS- Of course, I’ll blog about the launch of their site here on TLC, but for more information and special announcements about their site, follow the guys on Twitter!

And the winner of the Simple Starfish necklace is…

Congrats Tara! I’ll be in touch with you soon!

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  1. says

    Ohhhh, white balance! I’ve been struggling and practicing with that on my new DSLR. Auto white balance or one of the in camera settings? Or preset white balance and how to do it…and can you keep changing the preset? I hate that I can’t find anything in the manual or online about how to do it with my camera. It’s just a bunch of trial and error for me. Looking forward to all the new photography stuff!

  2. Carolyn says

    It might be nice if they had a post or a pre-video prior to their class that talks a little bit about DSLR cameras and what features you need/don’t need depending on what you are trying to do for those of us who don’t have a DSLR yet. I have a cheap point and shoot camera so I’m not sure whether I should invest in a DSLR for what I want to do. I’ only take photos of my family so I don’t need a lot of special features but two of my kids play sports so it would be nice to get a camera that does a good job of capturing them in motion.

    • says

      I can’t tell you how excited I am!! I am more of a “watch video” to learn stuff instead of a book. I like visual! I would love to learn how to get the Bokeh effect. As many times as I try, it doesn’t come out right.

  3. says

    I was all set to comment “What about Photoshop Elements?” and I kept reading and there it was: a PSE class! I’ve recently had a great epiphany: layers! There are layers! But the rest of it is a hot mess in my head! So a class, from A to Z, is what I think I need, rather than random freebie tutorials, although they’ve helped me to at least be familiar with the PSE workspace… Can’t wait to hear more about Kevin’s classes!

  4. says

    Couple things Layla, I dont have a Twitter acct so it would be great to be able to be on board with their launch in another way.

    Items of interest for classes for a total beginner who JUST got a Nikon 3100!! Yea!

    1. It came with a kit lens 18-55mm and wanted to know what the best other lens I need for taking pics of kids running around at home and sports. It would be great if there was one lens that did it all including portraits. RIGHT!
    2. Other than lenses a list of camera equipment in order of priority that will be needed to advance one step at a time, including off camera flashes.
    3. How to come up with poses for portraits for families and singles
    4. In PS to be able to make those beautiful shiny, watery looking eyes in portraits.
    and last but maybe most important to many…. classes priced that will be doable for those of us hit hard in this economy.

    Thank you for this launch, I am so excited for you and ME :o)

  5. Kim S says

    Looks like learning from Kevin & Josh will be fun! I just got a dslr for Christmas and so far I’ve taken maybe 20 photos. I’m intimated to say the least. I don’t even know which lens to use for which photos. I have two that came with the camera, so I have to my a choice before I can even use auto!

    I would really like to know how to shoot sports (my kids) and night photos.

  6. says

    Seriously, your post couldn’t be any more timely. I just purchased Photoshop over the weekend – yahoo…I’m so excited to use it, but already overwhelmed with the manual etc.. Currently, Nicole,co-founder of our blog does all the photo’s, but it’s time for me to jump in and shoot my own. I’m so excited that they’re offering this visual appraoch to learning. I look forward to learning how to better utilize my camera and from what I hear the best editing software program.
    Thanks for sharing…can’t wait!

  7. says

    I’m so excited for this! I actually just started taking a fundamentals course through our community college because I need so much help!

  8. Britni R says

    JUST what I need! I have the money sitting in my account just waiting to be spent on a DSLR, but I have NO idea which one to buy. Just when I think I have it figured out, another piece of information (that really makes no sense to me in the first place) comes along. I don’t want to buy TOO MUCH camera for myself but I know I want some good lenses. So maybe I will hold out and see if these guys can help me decide what to do!

  9. says

    I love the fact that they are filming it and walking you through it. I have taken several online classes and it is all reading, then I go do it. It is fine and I have learned a lot, but I think it is so beneficial for visual learners like myself to see it in action! Yeah!

    For me, I want tack sharp focus. Can recompose and get it or do I need to manually move my focus point What is going to be the best to get that sharp image?


  10. says

    Oh wow! This is great! I can’t wait.

    I’d love to know more about shooting RAW vs. regular.
    And more information on shooting action shots….my daughter is on a swim team and I’d love to be able to take better shots when seconds count.

  11. Linda says

    Don’t have a Twitter account and do not want one, so can you keep us posted on when the launch will be of their new site? Thank you. Looks very exciting and something I have been wanting.

  12. Lisa says

    For those of us with “point & shoot” cameras, some tips & techniques on settings would be very helpful.


  13. says

    Well…I guess my question isn’t about photography so much as photoshop or whatnot…I’m a brand new blogger and would love to know how to make buttons for my blog. Maybe that’s more of an idea for a post. Or maybe you’ve already done one and I’m spazzing out. Heh. Could be.

    VERY excited about these classes. Yes yes yes!!!

  14. Lisa Mc says

    Just what I need to get of the auto mode! Have been on it for four years and haven’t had enough nerve to do photo shop. Just download pictures and sent to printer..

    Would love to learn how to take action shots of kids at baseball games, soccer and swim team events. In all kinds of lighting.

    I don’t have a twitter account either… hope you will continue to let us know when its ready on our blog.

    Looking forward to it. Lisa

  15. connie G says

    I’ve had my Rebel for 2 years and I can’t do a think out of the automatic settings….looking forward to seeing what they can teach me!

  16. says

    This will be fun! There are some outdoor techniques I would love to learn! Morning sun-burst with model in crispy clear focus. {Best lens for this, 70-200? Filters? Best portable light (most affordable portable battery), And the editing technique to pull your model forward when they are back-lit with the setting sun. I’ve seen some Photoshop layering techniques, but would love to learn “how.”

    My question is – are they doing this by “Creative Common’s” to begin, then later a fee for advanced?

    Will watch Twitter, but also hope they have a FB Fan page… :) I have Twitter, but am not a Twitter fan.

  17. says

    This is exactly what I have been looking for. Bought a Canon T2i last summer. Been playing around with M/TV buttons, but nothing spectacular is happening. Have 3 boys who play hockey and thought if I bought the good camera, I would get the good shots and it is just not happening. Look forward to some tips and tricks. Thanks!

  18. JoLynn says

    Ooh…so exciting!! My PSE completely overwhelms me…it does not seem very user-friendly and I do NOT like reading manuals either. :) I usually end up using Picnik, but that will be closing too. :( I also just have the basic lense my DSLR came with, and would like to know more about what other lens would be worth the investment for a beginner. Thanks!! Looking forward to more details. :)

  19. says

    Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, I am SO excited about this concept!! I was just shopping for a photo editing software and camera. The photos on my blog stink. Do you think they’ll teach some graphic design type stuff? Just a smidge?

  20. says

    yip heee…so happy you will be educating us!! I really want to learn more and improve the quality of my photography. I have a canon rebel and need to update. I have loved this camera and it has served me well…but it is time for a new one plus a new macro lens would love your thoughts on camera purchases as well….thanks!!

  21. Annie says

    Super Fab!!! (yeah- we watch Sid the Science Kid in our home) :) Can’t wait!! :)

    Are they doing strictly Photoshop or including Elements in there somewhere?

  22. says

    Just what the doctor order as I have finally decided to up my photography game a little bit. And I am totally a visual, hands-on type of learner.


  23. Lisa Cole says

    GAH! I’m so remedial I had to look up what DSLR means! (Digital single-lens reflex cameras are digital cameras that use a mechanical mirror system and pentaprism to direct light from the lens to an optical viewfinder on the back of the camera.)
    1) My first question is probably very common: everyone says DON’T USE A FLASH! But how do you get adequate lighting in low light rooms or rooms with only one light source on one end of the room? Do you have to purchase additional lights and stands?
    2) On Photoshop – like most newbies, I need help with layers and I can’t wait to learn how you do your Presto-Change-os, especially to create perspective.
    Oh, and like several others, I don’t Twitter. Hope you’ll announce the launch on your blog. -THANKS! : )

  24. Martha says

    Awesome!!! I am finally going to stop borrowing my mom’s “big girl camera” and buy my own in about two weeks. I have been shooting some good photos but what are all the buttons about????? I think something that I struggle with and would love to learn how to improve is how to make my sky blue and rainbows looks so boring in my photos. Help!!!

    I can’t wait!!!

  25. MayBelle Johnston says

    Will this be something we will be able to watch more than once? I know there will be a lot of info and I just want to make sure I can take it all in. This sounds great, I have considered taking a class at the Junior College. This would be much more convenient.

  26. says

    That video is so prefect!!! I love it. I shoot in manual but I have lost my photo mojo so I can always use some more tips. Cannot wait for their site. They will be FAB!

    You can see these guys have more than just talent…they are funny too.

  27. Shellaine says

    I am SO excited about these courses! I’ve been trying to find digital photograpy/Photoshop classes to take, but I work a lot during the week and many weekends. That meant most in-person classes I could take, but miss half of it. I hope they start soon!!!

  28. says

    I was so sad when I heard Picnik was closing and have been on the search for something new. I’m asking for photoshop for my upcoming birthday, which I hear is overwhelming so this course will definitely help me out.
    (BTW do I want photoshop or photoshop elements?)
    Plus what great teachers. Those guys are fun to watch.
    But, unfortunately I will not be getting a new DSR Camera, Will I still benefit from this class?
    Thanks, This is so exciting!

  29. says

    Okay so I watched the video on silent and still laughed and also was TOTALLY inspired!! :) This is so very exciting for people like me (who happen to be people like you too) who need visual help and someone to SHOW me what to do. I’m just so excited I could squeal!!

  30. Pam says

    I am getting ready to retire and I really, really, want to purchase a DSLR Camera and learn to use it. What do you recommend? Can’t wait to take some of these classes!

    • says

      Hi Pam!
      Josh and I shoot with Canon 7D’s and 5D’s, but my first DSLR was a Canon 30D, which you can find for great prices on eBay. The Canon Rebel is also a good/affordable DSLR, and we use it to do most of our demonstrations because so many folks have them. :-)

  31. Michelle Hayward says

    Potential Topic….
    The dreaded lag time between hitting the shutter button and when the camera actually does it…not good for taking pics of kids….I’ve heard stuff about improving that with certain batteries or that all SD cards are not created equal? Some SD cards can process faster than others? Huh…best of luck!

  32. colleen says

    when i got my nikon d5000 for my 60th bday i thought by the time i mastered this i would be able to fly a jet;). i only shoot in m mode and my pics of objects is not bad but i have issues with landscapes and esp people and furfolks.[my furbaby is camera shy] action shots are dang hard there has got to be a better way. i refuse to go to auto mode i need to learn to do this the right way. one thing i really like about the digital cameras today is you can shoot 100 shots with instant proof of what you are doing right or wrong.

  33. Nancy T. says

    hi, do you think the boys could teach a class or two on how to get the BEST shoots & pics available with a point&shoot type of camera for those of us not even lucky enough for a plain DLSR? For example, I have a little Sony cybershot and what I really would like to know is the best tricks for getting close-up shots of plants etc. Yes, yes – I could drag out the manual (not even sure where it is) but I’m with you … I’m a visual learner.
    Just a thought & a wish

  34. says

    I am SO excited about this!!! I just bought my DSLR as a wedding present to myself in October and am still learning the ropes. I just learned quite a bit about layer masks, and they have started to play a HUGE role in my photoshop editing, so I think that would be something I would be interested in learning more about. I don’t know if that’s considered beginner, but I consider myself a beginner and it’s definitely important when I’m editing photo’s.

    Oh, and I second anyone that said white balance or equipment/tools. I have been looking for a 3rd lens (mine too came with the 18-55 kit lens and I never use it) and I’d like to know what photographers REALLY use and what is best recommended for what types of shots. I am like you… I need to physically SEE how the SAME shot would look on different lenses so I can really grasp WHAT the lens is doing. I’m always lost when it comes to equipment… flash, lenses, etc.

    SO excited!

  35. says

    I know you cannot see me jumping up & clapping, but I am!!! I actually spent an hour on photoshop last night & my husband had to hold me back from throwing my computer out the window (normally I am not a crazy lunatic…I’m quite the opposite). Most people would describe me as laid back, easy going & quiet, but geez louise, why do they have to make photoshop so hard to learn!?! So I will be anxiously waiting their class, website & videos! Brilliant idea!!!!

  36. says

    Wow i would love to take their class! Sounds like it would really help me out. Something i have a hard time with is lighting. I know about iso and shutterspeed and aperture a bit, but I can’t take a crisp picture under lamp light no matter what. And outdoor pictures are hard for me because either the sun is making the subject squint or casting a dark shadow across their face. Those are things i would love to learn about.

  37. Lee says

    I’m so excited about Kev and Josh’s upcoming class! I’d love it if in the Photoshop portion they’d teach us how to cut an object away from its background, and place on a different background. Also, how to change the color of an object (like changing a shirt from red to green). Can’t wait!!

  38. Deb-IL says

    Visual learner? check
    Always use the manual setting? check
    Think Exposure, Aperture, Focal Length, ISO are math? DOUBLE CHECK!!
    Have math avoidance issues? You really have to ask?

    I have a hybrid camera, Canon G7. Thought it would less scary than a traditional SLR. Not even sorta. Sure hope your tutorials will cover that.

  39. Shannon says

    OMG I am SO excited for this!!! This is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for. I can read books and look at websites but the only way it is going to stick for me is to actually see it done. Going to photography workshops are great but CRAZY expensive. I am SO excited about this you have no idea!!! Oh geez I have so many questions where to start :) I guess just make sure you go slow and really just assume we know nothing… specifically about the photoshop b/c honestly I don’t. I’ve had photoshop elements for a couple years now and have opened it a few times but really just had no idea what to even do. Does it matter what version you have b/c mine from 2009 is probably extinct by now. Do they ever use lightroom? That is another one I’ve heard great things about but never used. OH I CAN’T WAIT for this to begin!!! Good luck with the rest of the class and I’m sure it will be amazing boys!!!

  40. says

    This couldn’t of come at a better time. I just purchased my new DSLR about 3 weeks ago. I know just enough to get everything all messed up in the setting. Filters if something I don’t understand. I did just purchase a digital Hoya filter for outside photos. What can I do or use for inside lowlight conditions. I look forward to your lineup but price will be a mitigation factor as to if I can participate.

  41. says

    I didn’t read through all the comments so this may have already been mentioned, but I would LOVE some great advice on how to make inside shots look light and bright without a whole bunch of artifical lighting. Is there an app for that? lol, just kidding!

  42. Teri says

    Alabama accents.
    The best.
    Cannot wait for the lessons.Ya’ll are SO great to create this for us.

  43. says

    I can’t wait. Even though I’ve had my D90 for a couple of years I still have issues. Especially with ISO and shutter speeds. I also just bought Photoshop Lightroom 3 a couple of months ago and I’m at a stand still with it right now. Don’t really know how to edit “faces” with it (smooth out lines, make eyes bright etc.). Would really love a tutorial on that.

  44. says

    I cannot figure out the sweet spot for the settings that draw in enough light but that can keep up with a wiggly subject. I’d love an answer from the experts!

  45. says

    White Balance!!! I guess I should say White Balance, please!!! I know I can change it to the Tungsten setting and all that, but how to do a custom white balance would be awesome. Do I need one of those foldable white screens? What the heck are the little black, white and gray cards for? Is it better to nail it while taking the photo or just alter the white balance in Photoshop? Also, maybe some tips on some great lenses. I bought two instead of getting the kit lens (Tamron 28-75 2.8 and Canon 50 1.4), but I was just sort of taking the camera shop guy’s opinion on it. And he wasn’t a blogger.

  46. Anita says

    Some questions/lessons for Kev and Josh’s website
    1. using the lens hood. What is it for? When does it help? Why did they send one with my camera?
    2. recommendations on where to have your photos printed
    3. how to deal with edited photos that look different when they have been loaded onto a flicker type web site
    4. saving and sharing edited photos (dealing with merging layers or saving as jpg/tif)
    5. tips on batch editing photos

  47. Tiff says

    Love that video :) Cracked me up. I’m sure their lessons will be awesome for those of us who do indeed, fear the “M”!

  48. says

    Layla, Can not WAIT for this class! I would like to know more about the advantages of shooting in RAW and what to do with it in photoshop afterward! :)

  49. LisaT says

    So, so excited to hear this!!!
    Just know, most of us WANT to take awesome pics, but MOST of us don’t know much about our cameras. Start very beginner-like pre-school!
    THanks so much for making this VISUAL for us visual learners!
    JUst Awesome!

  50. says

    This sounds like something I would be interested in. I have no idea how to tackle Photoshop and would love to learn. My husband bought me what I call a fancy camera and I am afraid to take the settings off of automatic, I don’t know how to properly use it. Looking forward to the launch!

  51. Jennifer K says

    Sounds like a fabulous class and one that I desperately need! I have PSE and fiddle around in there but I’m not sure really what I’m doing. I hope they touch on workflow, like all the steps from taking a picture to uploading to what’s the best thing to correct first in PSE and what’s the last thing to correct in PSE.

  52. says

    Hey L & K,

    I’m super excited to hear you’re offering photograph and elements courses soon. I would love it if Kevin and Josh could address lenses, particularly when shooting tiny spaces. My bathroom and office are sooper small and I’d have to knock down walls just to shoot ‘em!

    Hey, I finally signed up on Twitter, all your fault : ) so I can get updates your courses. I tried Tweeting you guys, but I’m such a nerd…I’m not sure I did it right. I may have Tweeted you multiple times or not at all!


    • says

      Hi Jennifer!
      Thank you for the comment…made us smile! :-)
      We definitely talk a lot about lenses, and which one(s) to use for different situations…like small bathrooms! :-D

      • says

        Yes!! I’m so excited to learn – I feel like a kiddo waiting for Christmas! Did I mention my tiny bathroom is the size of a british phone booth. Seriously. I think I need a coke-bottle lens.

  53. kelly in georgia says

    been anxiously awaiting this!! my question…how the heck do you take good shots of food at NIGHT?? i am not home to do my super wonderful cooking (ha ha) during the it has to be done at night…and yes, i know the best food shots should be done with the best lighting. so is it even possible at night?? Also, still haven’t purchased photoshop – get me the class and i will do so- BUT is there a big difference in elements and the BIG overwhelming version?
    can’t wait on the class! this should be fun AND educational!!

    • says

      Hey Kelly! There’s definitely a way to shoot food at night with lights on and Photoshop (to cool the warmth of the lights). We use Photoshop CS5 and love it. Definitely worth the investment if you plan on editing LOTS of photos and doing graphic design type things.

    • says

      Hi Lesley!
      Layla will announce the launch date here as soon as we have it, or you can follow us on twitter by clicking on the badges at the end of this post! Thank you! :-)

    • says

      Hi Kathleen! We use a Canon Rebel for most of our demonstrations, but our shooting methods will apply to ANY type of DSLR camera! :-)

  54. says

    That sounds awesome! I get super excited if I can get the foreground-in-focus-background-out-of-focus effect, which I’m sure is Focus 101. I’ve always loved TLC tutorials, and I’m sure the quality will be great! :)


  55. says

    Oh my….I am over the top excited about this! I’ve been hoping someone would do something like this!
    Poses are something I struggle with … I know what I like, but not always good about making it happen. Sounds like they are going to cover that anywho.


  56. Amanda says

    Yeah, baby! I have loved the photos on your blog since I first came across it a few years ago. I love how bright and “airy” they are, and I am so hoping that these guys will talk a little about how to get that effect. I have PSE and am eager to “get a clue” through these video workshops. Can’t wait!!

  57. Toni Combs says

    Yay!! I’ve been waiting every so patiently~ 1. I am an ELEMENTS user so I cannot wait for their tutorials!! 2. Please explain back button focusing in terms that I can understand– I’m still confused!! 3. Focus Points and how to use them!!

    Thanks fellas!!!

  58. says

    Oh My Gosh Layla!!!! I am so excited I won the Starfish necklace! I am beyond excited right now!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!

  59. Stephanie Cademartori says

    Cannot wait!! I’m such a visual person !! Sign me up for the first class!!!! I’m really glad they r gonna start off with the basics. I have a canon rebel T2i and I just purchased my fist cooooool lens!!! I’m gonna tell all of my friends about the site. We all want to learn and don’t know where to start :). The manual is crazy!! I just gave up on it!
    Thank you so much!!!!! Can’t wait!!

  60. Kathy says

    I have never been off “A” on my Nikon D40.
    Thank you, Josh and Kevin!!! I have photoshop but have never used it. Too much technology for me to grasp without pictures. Great idea!
    Can’t wait and thank you for all the late nights and time you put into this project. I hope you become gazillionaires. You should license your videos and sell them to DSLR camera companies.

  61. says

    Wonderful idea! I really would like to get a DSLR camera but haven’t because I wouldn’t know how to use it!

    (And P.S. Big fan of Kevin’s sweatshirt up there. Love Hello Somebody!)

  62. says

    That was the cutest video ever! I love what they’re getting ready to launch too. Awesome!
    Is Josh single?? He seems like my kinda guy! For real!

  63. LaurieY says

    I purchased a Nikon D90 SLR one year ago and I’m SO ready to learn how to use it. P-Dubs tutorials have been great . . . but I’m one of those “you-HAVE-to-show-me-or-I-will-not-get-it”kinda gal, too. HELP, I’m stuck in auto. Can’t wait for the tutorials. (perhaps there will be a lesson about making the background is a little blurry, but focuses clearly on the subject. I may need a special lens for that . . . like a 50 mm, not sure.) I have bought a few How-To Nikon books, but I find it difficult to execute the process.

    I’ll pass the word about the training videos to my pals. The classes sound great. (I only have Adobe’s Photoshop Elements – love it.) Can’t wait to sign up for the Photography sessions. You had me at the word . . show.

  64. Gerry says

    Just bought a Canon eos 60D. I am scared enough to take it out of the box. Just tired of having my son march in band and having these blurry blips while everyone else has these wonderful shots of their kid. Will it matter which manufacturer camera one has, Canon vs Nikon to understand these directions?

    • says

      Hey Gerry!

      We use a Canon Rebel for most of our demonstrations, but our shooting methods will work for any DSLR camera. Josh and I shoot with Canon 30D’s, 5D’s and 7D’s, but the same principles apply to all types of cameras! :-)

  65. Erika Tracy says

    CRAZY AWESOME!! The outtakes make me miss all you fools. Such good people. :) Proud of you!!!!

  66. Frances says

    I’m sure that this is a frequently asked questions but, I would love to know how to take pictures in dark situations when you want to see the background along with yourself in the picture as well . I’m thinking Christmastime, when you go somewhere, lets say the Zoo, and they have all those pretty lights up. Or like, the Eiffel Tower at night. Just using the flash gets you nowhere.

  67. says

    i’m super excited about this! i watched the preview and i love their energy! i have my own small photography business. i edit in lightroom and photoshop, but i love to keep learning about it. photoshop= massively overwhelming. i’d love to feel even more comfortable with it. i can’t wait!

  68. says

    I’m so excited for the website! I got a DSLR for Christmas and want desperately to take awesome photos and learn photoshop! I can’t wait!

  69. says

    This course & your post are so timely for me! I have a 6 month old highly-photogenic baby boy, but I have a nice DSLR and NO photography knowledge! I’ve been searching for a course that takes the mystery out of the manual!!! I can’t wait to learn from your favorite dudes. ;-)

  70. says

    I am afraid of the “M” and I cannot find my manual so I need help! So looking forward to your tutorials on this site (sorry I don’t follow Twitter, it’s too much noise). Thank you Thank you Thank you!

  71. says

    I am very much looking forward to Kevin & Josh’s photo lessons. I am about to order photoshop but have a quick question. How do I know what version I should purchase? I’m a beginner, so is Elements all I need?

    Love you blog.

  72. Dawn says

    Can’t wait! So many people, like myself, have a hands-on learning style and this will definitely be attractive to those folks. Thanks for accepting this challenge!

  73. Jennifer says

    Can’t wait for this! So exciting. I have a Canon Rebel that I really want to get off auto :0) Could you maybe mention them including info about resolution? My big problem, even with auto, is my pics look half decent on my screen, then when I download them to be printed, the resolution is horrible :0( I’d LOVE to know more about that in the course, as well :0)

  74. says

    This is cool. My husband has a Canon DSLR that I am very intimidated by…maybe we can become friends. Will be on the lookout for the course!

  75. says

    Layla! i am sooooo excited about this! I need so much help with my dslr!
    Thank you Kevin and Josh, for all the long hard hours you are putting into this!

    My photo question: When I am taking a picture of a window, (like when I am trying to show curtains I made), how do I get it to show the curtains, and not a big white blob (ie: the window) in the middle of my picture?


  76. says

    White Balance and ISO!!!!! Those are two things I just can’t quite seem to master! I’m really excited about this site. I think it will make a world of difference in my photography.

  77. Sindy says

    Layla, this is a dream come true! I have always been in awe of your photoshop transformations and always wanted to try and do a presto-change-o of my own rooms. Being able to see it before I do it would be sooooo cool!
    Have you considered doing an e-book with all the transformations you’ve done over the years? I would love to buy a copy if you ever do it! Annnnnnnnd, will you ever be taking on-line design projects again? Sigh. =) Anyway, I am looking forward for Kevin & Josh to do their thing, too!

  78. Laurel says

    Thank you thank you thank you! I feel like this is what I’ve been looking for my whole life ;). I love you guys. Have been a fan for years and have loved watching you grow (but not up!). Can’t wait for the launch.
    How about how to chase a 19 month-old and not have every third shot be blurry or dim or unfocused or……beginner you said right? Plus, indoor lighting (which I’m sure they are covering). Can’t wait…..

  79. Laura says

    Can you tell us what to look for in a DSLR before the classes start?? I’d love to invest in one, but don’t know what it important and what is too much fluff for a beginner. My point and shoot just got broken and so I need to buy a new camera anyway. I’ve been wanting a DSLR so maybe this is my chance. :)

  80. Lorinda says

    I create custom window treatments and like to take photos after they are hung and installed. Since I am facing the window, inside looking out, the lighting is always off – terrible glare from any amount of sunlight outside. Short of going to a client’s home at early dawn or dusk, how can I take good photos (and/or edit appropriately) with them all having such strong backlight? Thanks!

  81. Alma says

    I bought a Nikon D3100 thinking I could teach myself…HA!! I can turn it on, but that’s about it. So looking forward to this class!! You guys ROCK

  82. says

    So, I’ve been hoarding my VERY- precious- to- me Lettered Cottage emails the past couple weeks, because I’ve been too busy to sit down and enjoy them until this afternoon. I love them all, but am beyond excited about this one in particular. I definitely want to sign up for the class! I started a blog this past year, wanting to share my great vintage treasures that I use in decorating, but find I don’t post often, because my photos just plain stink! I also have an etsy shop, so of course those photos are super important when the people can’t actually hold the merchandise in their hands before purchasing. I can’t wait to take it all in! :)

  83. Carolyn says

    Glad I looked back to recent posts – this sounds like a great way to learn with such fun guys. I don’t have a DSLR, but I have a Canon G12, which is an advanced point and shoot, with manual settings, but not different lenses. I’m hoping some of the same stuff will apply??? I also have Photoshop Elements 10 and hope most of your beginning instructions will work in PSE, too. I’ve taken 3 classes in PSE and still find it overwhelming, and hard to remember everything. I’m wondering particularly about shooting indoors without a flash in less than ideal light without setting up tripods and lights, etc., just capturing my grandson in everyday fun moments and not having my shots too noisy and blurry. I do OK outdoors, but inside I’m so often disappointed.

  84. says

    Layla, just thought of a question I’d love to ask. Someone may have already mentioned this but I’d love for Kevin and Josh to talk about how they get the gorgeous bright lighting like you see in the craft posts you posted. Love that look!

    • Layla says

      Hi Susan! That’s one of Kev’s specialties, and I think he’s going to do a great job of teaching folks how to capture that kind of brightness too! ;-)

  85. julie niblett says

    I AM SO EXCITED TO LEARN anything you can share with us/me!! I just took a class to learn how to use my new DSLR (Nikon d3100) and let me just say in a class with a hundred or so people it’s still very confusing! I want to take great pics of my own kids/ friends kids/and MOST ESPECIALLY NEWBORNS!! I am so fascinated with NEWBORN Photography!!!

    Just wanted to say Thanks for your work and wanted to know how much the videos will cost!!! SO EXCITED IN Nashville TN!!

  86. Krista says

    Wow! I am excited for this. I probably have a ton of questions, but the ones that quickly jump to mind are:
    1. how to fix blemishes on skin (Photoshop)
    2. how to set up a photoshoot with a black backdrop and not get any of the lint or wrinkles/waves showing but still have the subject well lit.
    3. how to how to set up a photoshoot with a white backdrop and not get any of the lint or wrinkles/waves and shadows showing while the subject is well lit.
    4. If you have a cheap kit lens and want to shoot in Manual but don’t want to use your flash, how best to get a well lit photo.
    5. Anything on shooting indoors — very tough for me!

    I am sure most people have mentioned these, but if not, I hope that provides a few more options for the guys.

  87. says

    THANNNNK you! I am all.over.this. I just got my first DSLR, Canon T2i and am in LOVE. But it is so overwhelming and I although I have read the manual and bought a book I, too, am a visual, hands on type learner and know I won’t truly get it until I am shown. Can’t wait!

  88. says

    First of all,–I am BEYOND excited about this! This not only looks like it will be extremely informative, but I like that the video style is very professional and clean-looking. I just got a Canon Rebel for Christmas and can’t wait to learn new tips and tricks!

    As for what in particular I’d like to learn, I am very interested in portraits and engagement photos so I’d love to learn more about that!

  89. Sandy says

    Very Excited to learn this!! I love looking at other peoples photography and taking some pictures. But I am sure I will love it more once I know more!!

  90. says

    I just got my first DSLR. It just showed up on my doorstep last Friday, and I have a ton of questions that would probably be answered if I read the manual, but I don’t have the patience.

    My camera came with an 18-55mm lens and a 75-300mm lens. What’s the difference between these (and all) lenses? Pros? Cons?

    I also ordered some filters because I was excited, and Amazon told me I should. I’m getting a UV Protective, a CPL Circular Polarizer, and an FDL Flourescent Filter. What are the differences and uses for different filters?

    That “M” terrifies me, so I can’t wait to learn how to make it my friend!

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