• How To Shoot Photography – 102

    It’s Photography 102 launch day over at ShootFlyShoot.com!

    Last March, the guys introduced Photography 101, and they’ve had such a blast connecting with folks through their site over the past year!


    While Photography 101 was primarily about learning to shoot in manual mode, Photography 102 is about the things that “changed the game” for Josh and Kevin, and took their photography to a whole new level. Here’s a short overview video that shows all the different topics they cover in Photography 102 (email subscribers will have to click over to TheLetteredCottage.net to watch):

    Some of my favorite “aha!” moments happen during the flash photography section:

    If you’ve always wondered how to handle pesky, blown-out windows, and how to use a flash to take naturally lit-looking photos of not-so-naturally-lit places and people, you will definitely┬ádig that section, too!

    I also loved going on-location with the guys during the portrait section.

    Josh walks the viewer through his entire thought-process when it comes to photographing folks in the field, and it’s awesome to have access to all of his expertise packaged up forever in that way!

    The post processing section was probably the biggest game changer for me. Shooting in Raw, and learning how to adjust my Raw files (even the ones I thought weren’t salvageable!) made all the difference in the world, and Josh and Kev break everything down in simple terms that are easy to understand and apply. This is the stuff that brings your images to life!

    The guys also created 40 different Adobe Camera Raw presets that are included with the class so that if you don’t feel like moving controls to enhance your photos, you can just click one button and the preset will do it for you! Here are a few of the presets that come with the class…

    So if you took Photography 101, and you’re ready to learn some more of Kevin and Josh’s photography tips and tricks, click on the banner below to hop on over to ShootFlyShoot.com! (And thanks in advance for hoppin’!)

    And speaking of photography, I’m off to shoot some pics of another update we made to the sunroom this past weekend. It was a bear to put up, but we’re thrilled with the final result! Be back soon with a post all about it!

    PS- I forgot to mention that you can get Photography 101 AND 102 for a discounted rate of $99. They’re regularly $69 each, but the $99 price will be permanent for those who are interested in buying them both. :-)

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