• How To Seal White Paint

    “A children’s story that can only be
    enjoyed by children is not a good
    children’s story in the slightest.”
    - C.S Lewis

    Kevin’s a big book reader. He’s got heaps of them around the house, and he carries his trusty Nook with him wherever he goes. I find it propped against my pillow every morning because he goes to bed reading something or another on it every night. (How he falls asleep while staring (so closely) at a lit-up screen I will never know- ha!) He’s a non-fiction guy (with the exception of Andy Andrews)…

    Good Books
    (Outliers, Beautiful Outlaw, Tunesmith, Mastering the Seven Decisions, Linchpin, Mere Christianity)

    …and I’m a storybook/gift book kinda gal:

    Favorite books for kids and adults

    (Someday, The GardenerThe Giving Tree, How To Live On An Island, Cloudette, The Dot)

    Most of his books feel a little bit like homework to me (ha!), but I am super inspired by his passion for personal growth and I love it when he shares the highlights of what he  reads with me. It’s a fun ride-to-town ritual we have…talking about our books, I mean. They may be sold in different sections, but the heart of the matter is always very much the same. :-)

    And speaking of books…

    The built-in bookcase/storage unit is coming together beautifully. Remember the room before?

    Kids Room | Before | The Lettered Cottage

    And remember the (rough) drawing I put together for Brian the Carpenter to use as a guide?

    Built In Idea

    Well, here’s what he whipped up while I was under the weather last week:

    Custom Built In Storage and Bookcase | Kids Room | Home Office

    Isn’t that great? He’s such a talented guy! (That reminds me: Brian took a leap of faith and started his own carpentry business this year! If you’re looking to hire an exceptional guy in the Montgomery, Prattville, Wetumpka areas of Alabama, you can reach him at [email protected].)

    Like I mentioned in a previous post, I would’ve used a dresser next to the bedroom door anyway, and that would’ve created some wasted space in front of the “bump out” wall, so taking the storage from floor to ceiling, and building a 20″ deep storage unit, and a 9.25″ deep bookcase seemed to be the way to go.

    Today, he’s putting up a couple of walls full of planks…

    Wood Plank Wall | Home Office | Kids Room

    …and I’m sealing the old shutters Lucy found for us to use on the storage unit to the left of the bookcase.

    Layla and Lucy

    Turns out we were actually looking at the back side of the shutters in that photo above. Here’s what the front side looks like:

    Old shutters | Built In Storage and Bookcase

    We realized that if they were hanging on the front of a house, they would’ve been open all the time. Since we’re using them in a way that will leave them closed most of the time, we’ll see the gray/wheat-colored side of them…which I’m pretty excited about because I love the way they pop against all the white-painted wood around them.

    Old Shutters

    The entire front back side of both of the shutters is crackled just beautifully, and I was determined to find a sealer that would A) prevent the beautifully crackled paint from chipping off, and B) never turn yellow. Thankfully, I’ve got a friend named Jennifer who has lots of experience with old stuff covered in crackled paint. She texted me with the solution I was searching for, and assured me that whatever I slather it onto won’t ever chip, and will always stay white. Her secret: Peel Stop.

    Non-yellowing sealer made to use on top of white or chipping paint

    I had never heard of it, but I found it right away on Amazon. Jennifer said a little bit goes a long way, so I just ordered a quart. It was really easy to work with. I just applied it with a regular 2.5″ paint brush. The can says to use two coats, but I wanted to make sure the shutters were really good and sealed, so I applied three. I gave the shutters a nice sheen, and the paint seems to be permanently sealed into place. Thanks again, Jennifer!

    Anywho- back to the built-in bookcase. Now that our kiddo’s room/future home office has almost 36 square feet of shelves in front of the bump out wall, I’m getting excited about the idea of filling them with some great books. Do you have any other good recommendations that can be enjoyed by kids of all ages? After all, a children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children…well, you know.  ;-)

    *Amazon links are affiliate links.

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