How to Paint Furniture E-book

I heart Shaunna West…

She’s one of my very best friends in the whole weird world, and in addition to writing a great blog, raising two cutie pie kiddos, and selling truckloads of pretty, previously-loved furniture- she also just released an amazing e-book called, ‘Creating Your Masterpiece‘.

It’s about working with furniture, and it’s jam-packed full of information about stripping, prepping, priming, painting, staining, spraying, antiquing, whitewashing, drybrushing, glazing, layering and sealing.

It’s totally interactive, and in it you’ll find 226 beautiful photos and 203 pages of super-detailed instructions about creating all kinds of fab furniture finishes. Shaunna even included video footage of herself in action throughout the book so that you can actually see how she works. Really, really cool stuff. (Her videos are some of my favorite parts of the book because a) I could listen to her Southern drawl all. day. (she seriously deserves some kind of an award for the way she pronounces the word, ‘white’.) and b) because I, personally, always love seeing how things are done, live-and-in-person style.)

Here are some of the types of finishes she teaches folks how to create…

Totally gorge, huh? I’m tellin’ ya, that gal really knows how to rock the re-dos!

I will definitely be referring to her e-book (and twisting her arm to come over) as we pull together pieces of furniture for the kids room.

If you’re interested in checking out Creating Your Masterpiece, just click on the badge below for all the download info…

…then fire up those brushes and have fun with ’em!

Disclosure: I am part of Sha-oona Bear’s affiliate program and receive a percentage of the sale of ‘Creating Your Masterpiece’ when it’s purchased through our blog. And, yes, that is her nickname. 😉


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  1. says

    I was so glad I purchased this ebook. I love redoing furniture and thought I couldn’t learn anything new, but thought I would buy it anyway. And I was thrilled to actually pick up a few new tips. I’ve been painting furniture for years and was excited to get a few more tips! I highly recommend this and you’re so right about her southern drawl. So charming!

  2. says

    This book was already on my wish list, but now I am getting more antsy seeing all these pics! She does AMAZING work!

    • Layla says

      You will not be disappointed….she did a GREAT job of explaining everything and there is an enormous amount of helpful information in it! :-)

  3. says

    This looks like a MUST HAVE! thanks!
    Now, can anyone tell me where I can find a companion ebook that details how on earth to find the time for doing all these cool projects???? HA! Just kidding! Thanks for the tip!

  4. says

    What beautiful furniture!! She is so talented. :) Looks like an awesome book!!
    Health and happiness,
    PS. What is Sha-oona Bear’s affiliate program??

  5. says

    I think you two are like a powerful home-redo force of nature! :) Two of my favs! I will be using your affiliate link to purchase her book so I can help both y’all out! :) I have an antique buffet/sideboard that I want to create a ‘look’ for with paint….I’m hopin I can learn a few new tricks! :)
    Love ya both,
    Kristi xoxo

  6. says

    I am glad to have this E book it is really amazing and I m so interested to redo and repurpose furniture. Fabulous Idea.