How To Make Pillows

The last time I went over to my friend Ashley’s house, I broke one of her bar stools…

(Like a bull in a china shop, I tell ya.)

…so imagine my surprise when she agreed to let me back in her house so that we could make pillows together this week!

We dubbed our day ‘Pillopalooza’, and we had an absolute ball playing with all of our pretty fabrics…

And I’m especially happy to report that no bar stools were harmed in the process this time. (Whew!)

Mine was made from a couple of fabrics from, and one from Hobby Lobby…

(Floral (left), Blue Zig Zag (right), and the natural fabric in the middle (and on the back) is from Hobby Lobby.)

I stuffed a pillow I already had inside of it, and Ashley helped me sew on some little ties out of a couple of pieces of leftover fabric…

(You can also see the back of Ashley’s pillow in this shot.)

Ashley’s pillow was a little more elaborate, and was also mainly made out of fabrics from…

(Turquoise/Green/White Rose (top left), Yellow & White Polka Dot (bottom left), natural fabric band from Hobby Lobby, Modern Floral (middle), Yellow & White Stripe (right), Yellow & White on back.)

If you’d like to read all about how to make pillows like these- head on over to Ashley’s place. She’s gonna handle the step-by-step instructions this time around. Ooh! And she’s giving away the pretty pillow she made sometime later this week!


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Happy To’sday!

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  1. says

    Thanks so much for hosting….love the pillows and your picture with the bar stool is classic! The “bull in the china cabinet” image made me giggle!!!! Have a great day!

  2. says

    I don’t have anything to link up, but had to thank you {while my husband curses you} for putting Hobby Lobby on my to-do list today. How did I not know they have so much great fabric?!

  3. says

    Awesome! I LOVE bright pillows on my white sofas. I actually made a skirt out of one of those big florals in your pillow, too. :-)

  4. says

    hey layla! i love the fabric on both pillows – such a fun, eclectic and clean look! :) and of course it looks like pillopalooza 2011 was a blast – will there be a pillopalooza 2012? lol!!

  5. says

    Super cute! I’ve had my eye on that blue chevron fabric on for a while now. I need to order some! I would have never thought to do a pillow with 3 different fabrics, but I think it looks so cute! They really turned out great – especially for your first ever pillows Layla!

  6. says

    Your pillows are so pretty! Of course, that’s what you’d expect from you and Ashley working together–how could the two of y’all NOT come up with pretty things?

    I’m linking up a how-to for a self-care item, not a home decor item. Now, I should have gone back and checked your original post to see if that’s okay. I didn’t do that, and I’ve already linked up. Well, if my link is not appropriate, please just delete it and accept my apologies! I want so much to participate in your party, I might have gotten ahead of myself here!

  7. says

    The pillows are so pretty!! I love the strip of natural fabric between the two bright fabrics! I never would have thought of doing that and it looks great!! I will head over and check out the tutorial. :)

  8. says

    WOW!! So happy I saw your tweet last night! This is one talented crew at your party!! Happy Spring and thanks for hosting!

    :D Lynda

  9. says

    Thanks for the pillow tutorial and the linky party! I think your blog is amazing and you are a superb decorator :) I watched Nate today and saw when they mentioned the shutter console table. No names were mentioned, but I said to the TV that is Layla’s!! The TV didn’t say anything back, but it knows :)

    Keep up all the fantastic creative ideas! I love them!

  10. says

    I just love those adorable pillows. How fun that you got to make pillows while having girlfriend time. Love those kind of projects. I am the world’s biggest klutz and never fail to break something or fall and make a fool of myself! True friends love you anyway.

  11. says

    HOLY COW! I can’t believe I’m just now finding your site! I have alot of catching up to do:-)

    I linked up a couple of my favorite projects. Tree Bookshelf and Shutter Headboard…Thanks so much for hosting…I have added you to my linky list!

  12. Clydia says

    Hey Layla! Oh.My.Gosh! I love those pillows, sew cute! Thanks so much for hosting this little paartay!

  13. says

    Hey lovely lady, another great party, you sure are a fabulous hostess!!! Love your pillapalooza pillows and I so wish I could have been there with y’all at the pillow partay! Linking up my latest, thanks so much friend!

  14. says

    Those pillows are fabulous! Love the fun spring fabric. Thank you for hosting the party, always such great inspiration!

    Have a blessed week!

    Heather@At The Picket Fence

  15. says

    What great pillows! So fresh, bright and spring-y! I’m currently a bit obsessed with throw pillows since I just ordered a new sofa. The throw pillows will dictate the direction of the entire room!! Thanks for hosting the great linky party. Better late than never, right? :-)

  16. Melissa B says

    I about died when I saw your pillows! I just picked out the same blue zig-zag and yellow chip fabric for my living room, but was having a hard time visualizing how to tie them together. These are so cute and would completely solve my dilema! I will be swinging by Hobby Lobby ASAP!

  17. says

    I CANNOT wait to get to Hobby Lobby and get some of that fabric!! I love the blue chevron fabric and see some cute pillows of my own in the near future. And all the How-to links are so great! Your blog is the best! I look forward to each post. It’s like a little gift each time I get that email! :)

  18. says

    Hi Layla, this is my first time to link up. I’m a newbie and I’m just beginning to join linky parties. I absolutely love your blog. I noticed there is a red x by my link. Does that mean anything? Thanks for hosting the party. I can’t wait to visit some of the people at the party!

  19. says

    I can only imagine what fun you two had! I’m betting there were some punchy moments while you put those pillows together. They are lovely by the way!!

    Thanks for hosting, Layla! :)

    P.S. I broke one of our barstools in the same spot – hubby still thinks it is hysterical that I sat down and the thing just broke.

  20. Melinda says

    The craftiness of these people blows me away! Can’t wait to try a few of these projects for myself. Thanks for allowing them to share Layla and good job on the pillow : )

  21. says

    So pretty! Thanks for hosting-although I have nothing to add to the wonderful list of cool how-to’s….although soon I might have a “how to sell your house” post haha! Crazy things are happenin in my world!! I would totally DIE to have your help staging my house to get the most money for it! (Want to come to Maine in a month?) hehe
    Thanks for your comment on my blog xoxo talk to you soon friend!

  22. Camile says


    I have so enjoyed looking through your site. We just put an offer in on a 50’s home that is in need of major TLC. You have given me wonderful ideas and inspiration, it makes me giddy just thinking of the fun I’ll have transforming our new/old home.


  23. says

    I love the combination of fabrics and colors! You have definitely inspired me to get back to the sewing machine!

  24. says

    Thanks for hosting! I finished my dining room dresser redo and linked it up #320~ wow! There are a lot of links and they all look so wonderful! I will be here a long time checking them all out!

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