• How To Install Cabinet Molding

    Happy How To’s Day!

    We’re spending some time celebrating our 7 year anniversary and a birthday this week, so we thought we’d pull up a popular post from the past for today’s how-to party. It’s the one about making your builder-grade kitchen cabinets look a little more custom by adding MDF boards and molding. Here’s what our upper cabinets looked like the day we moved in…

    And here are a couple shots of the molding I used to make them taller…

    It’s just 1″x6″ pre-primed MDF, some 3″ crown molding, and some small, wood decorative trim moulding.

    I used our Ryobi compound miter saw to make all the cuts. It was the cheapest one in the store, but it always seems to get the job done!

    All of the cuts had to be made holding the molding at an angle. It took me a minute (and a few pieces of molding!) to figure that out!

    I didn’t have a nail gun when I did this project back in 2007, so I just used wood glue to hold everything together. It’s actually extremely strong and since we didn’t plan on hanging from the tops of our cabinets, it ended up working just fine…

    This is a shot of the cabinets above the stove, after we painted them black, and before I started adding molding to them…

    And here’s what the cabinet on the left looked like after I attached the first 1″x6″s, and the first piece of crown molding…

    And here it is, with everything all taped in place…

    After all the glue had dried, I caulked everything with a type of caulk that starts out pink and dries white…

    Here’s a photo that shows all the MDF pieces in place…

    After that, I used some small, decorative wood trim to hide the seam between the cabinet and the 1″x6″. The miters are a lot easier to cut on these little guys, because the trim sits flush to the cabinet. It doesn’t stick out at a 45 degree angle like the crown does.

    Here is it all painted out…

    And here it is all RE-painted out today…

    For more info on the kitchen- check out theOur Housetab at the top of our blog!


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