• How To Faux Paint A Faux Stone Planter

    I’m in a plant-y mood lately, are you? I picked up this faux stone planter at Jo-Ann’s Fabrics & Crafts last week when I saw that it was 70% off…

    Rock Planter from JoAnns Fabrics

    (Snapped that pic before the kitchen faucet went back on- ha!)

    It wasn’t quite the color I was looking for, but I really liked the shape & size (and price!) of it, so I thought it was worth experimenting with.

    This is the first time I’ve ever attempted to faux paint something like this, but I think it turned out pretty cool, so I thought I’d share my steps here in case anyone else is interested in trying it too. :-)

    First, I dry-brushed on some off-white paint with a sponge brush. Second, I used my fan brush to slop on some very watered-down gray paint. Third, I dabbed some of the gray paint into the deeper crevices on the planter, and then before it was completely dry (4), I covered everything with more watered-down gray paint.

    Faux Rock Painting Planter

    Fifth, I used my fan brush to apply some even darker gray paint into the crevices and anywhere I could still see the original (peach) color. Sixth, I used a dry paper towel to dab off the bulk of the dark gray paint before it dried.

    Faux Rock Planter Painting

    Last but not least (and this is really what makes it looks the most realistic), I used my fan brush to dry-brush on a very thin layer of off-white paint over the entire surface. Here’s a photo of my “stone” after it had fully dried:

    Faux Painting Rock Planter

    Next, I sealed it with (matte) Mod Podge…

    Rock Planter Painting | Faux | DIY

    …and voila!

    Faux Painted | Faux Stone | Planter | Tutorial

    It has a hole in the bottom of it for drainage, so I filled it with potting soil and a Baby Tears plant, and it’s now living happily every after on our front porch. :-)

    PS- In honor of Kevin’s 40th birthday this Saturday, ShootFlyShoot.com is having a 40% off sale this weekend! It’ll start at 9am (CST) this Friday morning and run through 10pm (CST) Sunday night! :-D

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