How To Decorate A Staircase Railing (If You’re Me)

“A bed without a quilt is like a sky without stars.”
-Author Unknown


I decided a staircase railing without a quilt is like a sky without stars last week, too. :-)

Vintage quilts on stair railing


Those babies are way too much fun to live in our closet anymore, and I like how they soften all the hard surfaces at the top of the steps.

Vintage Quilt Pattern

I want to see them…and use them…

Patchwork Quilt

…and pick out my favorite patches on my way up and down the stairs.

Vintage Quilts Patchwork

I think Sweet P will like this one…

Puppy Fabric | Vintage Quilt

I saw some photos of him meeting a dog named Riley at the orphanage recently and he seemed to really like being around him a lot! (A lot of the kiddos at Three Angels are matched with families who have dogs, so the staff thought it would be a good idea to start getting them used to pets. #ThreeAngelsYouRock) :-)

Vintage Quilts

And speaking of Three Angels- some of the other mamas (who have already been officially matched with their kiddos) are visiting their toddlers at the orphanage this weekend, and we’re sending one of those recordable storybooks with them for our little guy.

Recordable Storybook

It’ll be the first time he hears our voices- aaaahhhh! 😀


PS- There are still six “Here I Am, Send Me” t-shirts left in my Etsy shop if anyone out there is interested in scooping one up. Daydreamers who ordered a “Don’t Quit” shirt last week: I’m shipping them out tomorrow! XO

Etsy Banner

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  1. chrissi says

    tears of joy for you two! i know this is the first of many books that you three will read together.

  2. says

    Ah so gorgeous! Enjoy them now. In about a year, a small cute person will be yanking them down and leaving them where they lie.

    Love the pic with the dog.

  3. Gloria says

    Those recordable books are the BEST gifts. My boys have 3 recordable books from their grandparents and they listen to them frequently. Get your parents to record one and send them too when you can. Such a treasure.

  4. Bernie says

    As a quilter, I love quilts anywhere in the house!. I have a question…what kind of finish did you put on your stairs to keep them from being slippery? Ours are a little slippery (in socks) with a satin polyurethane…..we put a de-glosser on them (today) so I’m waiting on the “results”.

  5. says

    That book is SO sweet! He will get to hear your voices for the first time! So special. And… now I totally want a staircase railing so I can hang some quilts on it! I could just build a fake one in the middle of our one-story house somewhere… Hmm… maybe not. 😉

  6. Lisa Guinn says

    Looks great, I had never thought of using quilts that way! Would you mind sharing the color you used for your front door?
    Thank you!

  7. says

    Love this idea and the gorgeous colors of the quilts! Waaaaay too pretty to stay cooped up in a closet! And what a great idea with the recordable books – my kids love theirs from their Nana that lives out of state. So special!

  8. Mindy says

    I love the book idea!! It’s sooo touching to know he’ll hear your voices soon. I’m really hoping and praying all works out smoothly and soon!! International adoption is quite the ride…I admire your attitudes throughout this long journey.

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