House Tour – Union Springs, AL

Earlier this month, we took a trip to Union Springs, Alabama.
It’s a small, laid-back town located about an hour and a half southeast of where we live. Century-old Victorian homes line many of the streets around town, and the ones that are for sale are priced incredibly low because of the towns proximity to the nearest large city (it’s a 30 minute drive) and because they are in need of lots and lots of love.

Fun Facts about Union Springs:

Population: 2,989
Elevation: 522 feet
Antique houses: Tons
Number of seconds it took for us to fall head over heels in love with the house in the video you’re about to see:

Isn’t she beautiful? I swear to you, I’ve had two dreams about her since our visit!

Here’s how the ad for the house reads:

Victorian House with lots of extras!
Columned porch with porch swing, columned entrance open to extra wide foyer, 5 mantles and hardwood floors throughout. Extra tall pocket doors and original wainscoting in the Dining Room. Large butlers pantry with built-in china cabinet, clawfoot tub in bathroom, irrigation system, magnolia and fruit trees.

Just needs a little TLC!
Sold “AS IS” but owner is willing to renovate more with price adjustment.
Fantastic Opportunity!”



Here are some photos we took while strolling around the house…

What do you think? “The Lettered Cottage B&B”?
After all, the ad does say it “just needs is a little
T(he) L(ettered) C(ottage)!”


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  1. says

    It’s a little hard for me to type with all this drool on my keyboard! Wow! That would be an awesome B&B, which btw, is one of my dreams!!!! My hubs and I would love to one day own and operate a B&B.

  2. says

    uh oh, gut punched – she’s absolutely – BEAAAAUUUUTIFULLLLL! ah, to give her a little TLC, would be such a pleasure!

    thanks for taking us on your journey!

  3. Patsy says

    Wow, How I would love to go down and choose a house and get going on it. Thanks for taking us there.
    I’m new to your site. (hopefullly i added myself correctly.

    I am working on a website maybe soon.

  4. Michelle says

    I’m glad I didn’t tour it in person because I would have been crying my eyes out as I left! I agree, complete diamond in the rough. Thanks so much for sharing. Minus the kitchen cabinets, lol, I loved everything about her!

  5. Coastal39564 says

    Goosebumps…I spent many days staying with my great-grandmother as a child and I was always intrigued with the older homes. The wallpaper, the many coats of varnish/stain and paint. Layers of “life” I wish I could unravel. The nostalgia is overwhelming me.

  6. Ella's Mum says

    It’s got TLC written all over it. :) I would love to stay here after it’s been Laylafied.

  7. says

    OMG Layla, You and Kevin must have been in heaven in this house!!!! I can totally picture the two of you sweeties working on that beauty!!! It would be gorgeous! $55,000 is unbelievable, where I live the average house is over $500,000.00!!!! (which is why we rent), please show us some more “old treasures” like that one.

  8. Rachel Carey says

    GREAT House….but I’m seeing about $50k off the bat. Still, I think I’ll fly down and snap it up, lol.

    I saw a family on tv fully renovate a large victorian properly….cost them $200k. Anyone have $150k to loan me?

  9. Sherri Langford-Farrell says

    The porch, the doors, the transoms, Oh, My!!!! The doubled columns inside were fantastic!!!! I could imagine playing between them as a child!!!! How beautiful it must have been in its time and how beautiful it could be again!!! Thanks for taking us along!

  10. Tenacwalker says

    We bought a house that was built in 1878 in rural Alabama and brought it back to life- one of the single most rewarding things I have ever done. We lived there for 9 glorious years, one of my children was even born there. Selling it and leaving it behind was heartbreaking- no matter where I live that house will always be “home”. The older homes really get to be a part of you- best of luck in your endeavor!!!

  11. says

    Hi Layla,
    That house certainly has ALL of the features that I know you both appreciate so much. A lovely old beauty! It would take A LOT of restraint not to let it get under your skin. I have been in this position myself. Submit all thinking with an open hand and pure hearts. Lifting you up for wisdom!
    My best,

  12. Laurie says

    I am surprised you were even able to fall asleep to dream! I would be awake all night trying to figure out a way to make that dream happen! The house is just amazing, so much potential. I love everything about it. Thanks for taking us along.

  13. Kristina says

    MASSIVE potential!! How beautiful it would be if your creative hands got a hold of this place!

  14. Monica Cook says

    She’s got soul! wow the doors, columns, floors, trim, porch and only $55,000 incredible! I was already furnishing it as you were doing the walk thru. Will definitely visit the B&B once itÒ€ℒs open for business!

  15. says

    Oh my gosh…that is so gorgeous and has so much potential. Love, love, love the dining room fireplace/mantle/mirror. Just gorgeous and all the transom windows and the doors, and the porch, and the…. I could go on forever! And just $55,000!

    And it just needs “a little TLC” – that’s you guys!!!

  16. Becky Steg says

    I am a stain glass artist and while watching your video and looking at your pictures I was seeing beautiful colors of glass in those transoms………….awww my heart was beating so fast from the excitment of thinking about the possiblities.
    I hope you bought the house and good luck to you both. My hubby and I love remolding old homes and right now we live in a house built in 1936. We have managed to remoldel every room except the bedrooms that will be coming soon…………

  17. says

    I agree she’s gorgeous! We got sucked into old houses and are moving into our 1904 Victorian this weekend. We ended up having to gut and start over, so beware old houses will suck you dry! But they are worth it in the end (we also paid a lot more than $55,000…so the price alone makes it worth it).

  18. teres says

    why or why aren’t there houses like that up here in winnipeg, manitoba canada?! :o( they are building brand new ones with all those old style features now but they just don’t have the same character and soul. beautiful!

  19. eileensideways says

    $55,000!! what a steal. in boston, that would cost $550,000 even with renovations to be done. quick, sign on the dotted line.

  20. Debbie from the Wichita Mtns. says

    Let us know when you are ready for guests but keep us posted on the remodel in the mean time. Great find.

    • Layla says

      LOL! It actually sold many months ago….I’d love to see what the new owners have done to the place. Maybe we’ll pay them a visit! πŸ˜€

  21. Melanie Messer says

    Wow. Those interior pillars are to die for. I can only imagine what you would do with it.

  22. Shari says

    I drive through Union Springs on the way to my dad’s. Such a pretty little town and beautiful houses. Would love to see you begin the revitalization it needs!

  23. Beth says

    Layla it’s got you written all over it! They want you in that house. They need you in that house. :)

  24. Carol says

    It is EXQUISITE! Everything I saw about it screams- “COME HOME TO MAMA”- and do it NOW!! What a steal- what a jewel- a diamond in the rough………..but the detail………..the columns- the tall windows and DOORS- the porch-the wainscotting- the clawfoot tub with the sunfilled window behind it- I would want to nest there and remodel till the cows come home- Good luck- have fun! Cant wait to see AFTER pics!

  25. Virginia says

    Layla: You missed a beauty! ALL of us would have devoured each and every step you took bringing that house back to life! I’m new to your website, did you end up buying another property instead? I would love to see the before & after.

  26. Zaria says

    The house is just beautiful…It was a steal at 55k! I know this is an old post, but what caught my eye was that you labeled it the MLK house. I immediately thought of Dr. Martin Luther King and wanted to see his former home, LOL. What does the MLK stand for? :)

  27. says

    I want to thank you for featuring Union Springs. I have been looking at RE in the South to relocate to and a couple of years ago, stumbled upon “USA”, as they call it. This house you featured was on my list!! I got goosebumps watching your video. On the market now is another fantastic Antebellum set on 3 acres with two add’l cottages for $110!! The home belonged to Miss. Bonnie of Bonnie Nursery. She started that business right there in that house on that land with seeds! LOVE the history. LOVE that every single thing tells a story of The U.S.A.

  28. Kim says

    Hi Layla, I first came to your website via The Pioneer Woman and I’m so glad I found you. Believe it or not my parents are from Union Springs, Alabama. I can’t believe you found it. My uncle still lives there. Can you tell me what street it’s on, if you remember? I can’t wait to show them your website. They moved away when they were first married over 40 years ago and have lived in New Orleans ever since. My grandmother lived in Union Springs until about 2000 and then she moved here. It’s such a beautiful little town and the houses are all so statuesque and grand. We would visit there twice a year when I was growing up and I have many fond memories of hanging out at Hardee’s with the other teenagers. Thanks so much for posting the pictures. If you get to see it again please post some pictures. I’d love to see it brought back to its original glory.

    • Layla says

      Hey Kim!
      That house is on Martin Luther King Drive (or Street?), and it was purchased a few years ago by someone who is currently working on it. We haven’t been back to see it, but we were glad to know someone snapped it up! :-)

  29. says

    Layla, rockin’ post, here! You guys make Alabama look inspired.

    Question: are you concerned with issues such as lead in paint, etc?

    Kindred spirits. I would love to buy up all of these houses. I just don’t want to go back to small-town Alabama. πŸ˜‰

    • Layla says

      Hi Stephanie!

      Thanks for the kind comment! :-) I published this post several years ago, and we moved into a new home last Fall, so I don’t have any experience with lead-based paint. (Yet!) πŸ˜‰

  30. Maria from Oz says

    You do know you made me cry, right? That home is pretty much my dream home! Plus that song by Cyndi is one of my most emotionally charged memory songs. I hope the new owners let you come back to have a look see. I’m hoping they did it up with the things I had in my imagination. If only I could find a house like those in Union Springs here in Australia!!!!