Homie Improvement

I did something outside my comfort zone today. I spent the afternoon at a hair salon.


We’re here in Atlanta to makeover a living room, but since it may end up on TV one day, I thought I’d better do a little “homie improvement” before we get to the home improvement stuff.

I’ve been wanting to warm up my hair for a while now, and I thought this would be a good time to go for it and have fun with it! My friend, Meghan, whose shop “The Parlor” is located near the Perimeter Mall, specializes in color.

She doesn’t cut hair…she only colors it. Amy (pictured below) came in and cut my hair after Meghan was done coloring it. Check out my new (warmer-so-I-don’t-blend-into-light-walls-or-my-skin-so-much) hair color…

Amy was showing me how much more volume I could get with my new cut. I was really excited about that. (I have no idea if I’ll ever actually be able to create it without her help, but a girl can dream, right?)

Amy also introduced me to something called a “curling stick”…

Me, Meghan (back), Amy (right), and our executive producer Patrick (far right)

It’s a little different than a curling iron, and man I’ve gotta get one of those suckers! Totally natural-looking curls! (But holy scary-because-it-seems-like-you-could-get-burned-really-easily Batman!)

And even though I’ll probably always spend more time thinking about home improvement than I do homie improvement, I gotta admit, it was fun hanging out with the gang and their curling sticks today.

The best part, however, was splitting a 1/4 roasted chicken plate with this guy in the food court at the mall across the street when I was done…

Now if I could just have Amy teach him how to use that curling stick.


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  1. kathy h says

    YOU CRACK ME UP!! I love your term “Homie Improvement”. May I steal it?

    Your hair looks great. Good luck this week!!! Sending some positive vibes your way!!

  2. Tina K says

    As a fellow pale person, I think the warmer hues really work with your skin tone. I’m loving it! You’ll look fab on the old tube.

  3. Deb Guillette says

    I love it! I don’t know you except for this blog but somehow I think you are just as sweet as you are pretty. You guys are the cutest couple ever and you affection for one another is sooo obvious. So nice to see in this hostile world. I love your sense of taste and you motivate me to want to organize and make things pretty around here.
    Thanks for the inspiration .
    Deb G. from Holden, Massachusetts

  4. says

    Hey there! I JUST discovered your blog and WOW! My sister’s name is Layla so I thought, “it has to be a cool blog”. :)
    Also, I have that pillow from IKEA too :) Looking forward to reading through all the fun stuff!

  5. Kristin says

    Wow! Your new look is amazing. Love it. Your face is much brighter with the darker hint in your hair.

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