Home Office/Guest Bedroom Update

Kev went out of town last week, so I decided to have a little “surprise by design” style home improvement fun in his future home office/studio space.

The day he left, I bought sample pots of paint…

…and stared at swatches on the wall…

I went with the second sample from the right- a Sherwin Williams color called Roycroft Mist Gray…

I painted it it high…

I painted it low…

I wore the same t-shirt for three days in a row.

I got lazy last year after applying only 2 coats of sealer to the floor in this room, so when I was done painting, I got busy sanding off some “Max stains”…

…and then sealed the floor two more times…

There are four coats of Varathane on it now…take that, Mr. Maximus Minimus!

Kev came home late last night and I showed him everything we still have left to do in the room┬áthe room this morning…

Thankfully, he was still smiling after I told him about what I have planned for the ceiling and for around the windows at the far end of the room. Here are a few inspiration pics I’m going to show a local carpenter to see if he can help us build/install it all…

(Sarah Richardson)


(House Beautiful)

A local carpenter that I may or may not have made an appointment with already. (hee hee)

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  1. Marianne in Mo. says

    That’s gonna look AWESOME! You sound like me, sneaking around with decorating. I’ve done that all my life, trying to get the men to MOVE IT! Nothing like jumping in and starting to get them on board! Sometimes it’s the only way to accomplish anything!!

  2. Anne says

    Love, love, just love everything about your plans, inspiration sources and your drive & ability to pull it off! Yet again.

  3. says

    Layla, I love the board walls, but my husband says they will not be insulated enough if they still show the spaces like these do….how did you deal with that? I really, REALLY want these walls in my new house that I want to look old…he’s having a little trouble with that concept, too, but he loves me still.

    • Layla says

      Hey Donna!
      Not to fret- just install your planks right over the top of dark gray-painted drywall and be sure to use nickels as spacers so you can see the gaps between the boards! :-D
      Happy decorating!

      (PS- One of our wood walls is an interior wall, and the exterior one has insulation and cinderblocks behind it so we haven’t seen a change in our electric bill.) ;-)

  4. says

    I love your inspiration pictures and think everything will look great in the room. My husband would be so happy to come home and find that much already done. And there’s no shame wearing the same shirt for painting three days in a row. You looked so cute. My painting clothes are a little more on the sloppy side.

  5. says

    Wishing I had your energy right now. I may have to paint my closet doors that clay red in the Sarah Richardson photo. Looking forward to seeing your office transformation!

  6. Liz VanKirk says

    I get so excited when I see that your working on a room that we haven’t seen in awhile. I remember when that room was a guest room with an old bedframe that you gave to Kevin’s parents. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

    Anything new yet with the guest bath “other-side”?


  7. says

    Looking good!! That color is so pretty. You’ve been one busy girl. I have always adored that entryway/mudroom Sarah did! Ohhh I can’t wait to see what you end up with!

  8. says

    L-O-V-E! Especially the cheery cherry color with the warmth of the earthy wood tones. And, love, love, love giving surprises to those we L-O-V-E! Overboard on the “loves”….

  9. Amanda S. says

    This is going to sound odd, but was Kevin hanging with 30 Seconds to Mars last week? There’s a guy in photos with Shannon and Jared that looks just like him.

  10. says

    I LOVED the mud room in Sarah Richardson’s farmhouse. I loved EVERYTHING in that farmhouse season….sigh….can not WAIT to see what you guys do with the office :)

  11. says

    It’s looking great. I love the color you chose and I admire your drive and focus, that is going to be a great room when you’re done. I tend to do little projects while the husband is away too, but you’re much more adorable than I…seriously, you’re so cute, even down to your cute shoes!

  12. Kristen says

    Oh, me likey.

    I wonder if I could get Geek-Man to create that kind of thing for me? I can dream…..;)

    Can’t wait to see the room evolve.

  13. Julie says

    Holy Cow I love those red doors in that hallway! And that ceiling light! Your wallcolor is terrific, by the way ;)

  14. Monica Atha says

    Hey I wondered the same thing as Grace, except the kitty part! I love those mini-double doors on the closets too. Can’t wait till I get a house to have some fun!

  15. Lauri mcIntosh says

    Love your inspiration pictures from Sarah’s farmhouse. Do you love that place as much as I do? You any Sarah are my favorite decorators. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  16. says

    Can’t wait to see your finished room! I love your inspiration pics. I wonder if Sarah is ever going to have a new show. I sure hope so. So glad to see that someone else paints in her jammies!

  17. Lisa says

    You are adorable! (and your house is adorable, and your husband, and your dog, and your cat…hahaha). Love your blog!

  18. says

    OMG!!! I love the red doors too. I’m redesigning my family room and I plan on painting my 3 interior doors that same red. With the same rich brown woods. I can’t wait to see your room when it’s finished…

  19. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says

    Here I was, perched on the edge of my seat, laughing at you and ogling the monitor. When you think, you have your hair pulled in a ponytail. When you paint, it is all hanging down looking gorgeous. Yeh, we all look gorgeous when we paint. I really need to send you a picture of me, when I paint, just so you and Kev can crack up and roll on the floor.
    I, too, wondered about those plank walls but hated to show my ignorance. (I have my limits)
    Once I saw those red doors – I knew Miss Sarah was falling into the scheme of things, somehow. I love that farmhouse! LOVE LOVE LOVE that ceiling light. OH LUST!
    Can’t wait to see what you come up with. We all know, that room will be stupendous!!!!
    What’s a house without red???? You kids know how to live!!!!
    I can’t wait to see. This is like Christmas and I am like a cheap date! :-)

  20. wendy thiessen says

    i am having the hardest time finding a true grey—did you find this looked somewhat blue once you were done? the photos look very grey and that’s what i want

  21. Debbie says

    What a wonderful way to end my work day (and then start the work night). Just what I needed was a splash of color to keep me going – you and Kevin are the bright spot I need some days and today was definitely one of them. After String Section, I will be back to check out the red doors and grey walls. I am so tired of mahogany paneling! Thanks for a burst of cheer!

  22. says

    Layla, I love the ideas you have for this room! Those double closets are awesome and have so much architectural interest and character. I love the wood planks and the gray paint you already have going on in the room. Can’t wait to see the rest! Thanks for sharing :)

  23. Terri says

    The color is just gorgeous…. and your future plans are “WOW”!!!! Can’t wait to see “Progress”!!! Welcome Home to KEV!!!!!! thanks Layla !!!! Terri

  24. Dawn says

    Awe-some! I love it! You have such great insight! Thanks for sharing your inspiration sources!

    • Layla says

      Thank you, Carol. :-) Fixing this old place up has actually become somewhat of a full-time job, but it was fun to do something for Kev while he was out of town. #IHeartSurprises :-D

  25. says

    It’s nice to know I’m not the only sneaky decorator/do-er! Love the gray, by the way! Painted our master a similar gray and I swear it’s brighter than white.

  26. Cheryl Campbell says

    Hi Layla,
    I’ve been enjoying your posts for a very long time now, thank you for all you do. I, too, have hardwood floors that have a few pet stains. Would you give me some advise about how you removed yours?

    • Layla says

      I just used paper towels and water to wipe them up, then used a sanding block (wrapped in fine grit sanding paper) to sand the rest of the stain away. There was only 2 coats of sealer on that floor before, but 4 coats of floor sealer seems to do the trick at keeping stains from soaking in.

  27. says

    I love it so far and I can’t wait to see the final room! Thank you so much for admitting that your paint shirt sometimes gets worn more than one day in a row…you made me feel like a better person as my own just got worn for three days while I hand painted a 6×8 rug!
    Kimberly (Serendipty-kfj blog)
    p.s. I’m showing your post to my son who felt compelled to comment on my wardrobe on day 3! ;)

    • Layla says

      YES! It’s always a pain in the booty to move everything out, but MAN does it make painting easier!

  28. Rhonda I says

    Wow, you got down to business! Well, I am loving the color you picked, and I am so excited to see where this room goes. Thank you for yet another wonderful journey. :)

  29. claire says

    ooo love the red doors!! – what have u got the sample paint pots sitting on? i love the colours and the texture! – Oh and how the heck can u look that good in p.j’s!!!!

  30. Desiree says

    You should put this post on your “Our House” tab for this room. I LOVE that feature on your site, the house layout with related posts. So clever and easy to see.

  31. Kim in MD says

    Aren’t you just the little energizer bunny when Kevin is away! :-)
    When my husband is out of town I usually catch up on chick flicks! I love that wall color, Layla. That room is gorgeous, and I can’t wait to see what else you do!

  32. says

    Layla, I’ve loved that Sarah Richardson image with the red doors for so long! I remember watching the episode that featured them and thinking, “I need those in my house!” Can’t wait to see what you guys do with the space … I love that you work on it while Kevin’s away, to surprise him! :)

  33. says

    I absolutely adore your ability to create such lovely rooms out of ” almost nothing!” A question~ The room above would not work for a flat ceiling would it?
    Also what are your plans for the side wall? It looks like there are some gaps in the wood? No sure~ just looks that way.
    I am real excited to see what you have planned after the closets!
    You are a blessing~

  34. says

    I absolutely love that paint color! So soothing and such a great background, neutral color. Love! I need to find a spot for that somewhere in my home!

  35. says

    I believe the photo that you don’t have the source for (the photo after Sarah Richardson’s farm house entry photo) is from the HGTV Dream Home – this year or the year before. I know I’ve seen it before…

    • Layla says

      Yep! That’s it, Diane! If you click on the word “source” it’ll take you to the blog post I borrowed that photo from! ;-)

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