• Holiday Home Linky Party & our Christmas Mantel


    And welcome to the Holiday Home Linky Party!

    Today’s party is all about merry mantels- because if you’ve been reading our blog for more than a couple months, you know how much I love a good mantel makeover!

    Kev and I started dreaming up ideas for our Winter mantel, back in August- but we didn’t actually finish it until this morning. (Whew! Just in the nick of time!) Here are some photos we took of it today…

    We’re totally lovin’ the way it all turned out, but I’m not gonna lie, that DIY Pottery Barn Eagan mirror project we built was a bit of a beast! But I’ve always wanted that thing, and we saved about $600 by building our own version of it.

    There were, however, several steps involved in its creation. And although we planned to photograph each and every one of them so that we could do a step-by-step tutorial here on our blog, we were in such a hurry to finish it, we ended up abandoning our camera after step #4 so that we could just hurry up and git r’ dun. That being said, we will definitely be vlogging about how we made it sometime this (or next) week. It’ll be waaaaay easier for me to explain it all on video! It really wasn’t hard, there were just a lot of steps.

    The stockings came from White Flower Farmhouse. (One of my favorite shops on the web!) I embellished them with some evergreen sprigs, some doiles I got on Etsy and a wooden letter “A” I got at Michaels a while back. (Secret: Two of our favorite boy and girl names begin with the letter “A”…hee hee!)

    The little, red, metal bucket ($5.95) came from Tobacco Barn in Asheville, North Carolina. The seagrass pot ($4.99) came from Ikea sometime earlier this year. The pleated, white trim across the  top edge of the mantel, the tiny trees, and two red hydrangeas (which I split up into four) came from Hobby Lobby (Trees- $2.50/each, Hydrangea stems $3/each). The faux snow, pinecones, white pitchers, rope-wrapped candles, all came from mantels-past.

    Down in the firebox, we used a basket we got from the gals at Whiteflower Farmhouse a while back- and a suitcase we picked up at Seaside Sisters on Tybee Island. The “present” on top is actually one of my Ikea baskets wrapped in some brown Kraft paper and a piece of red and white striped ribbon I had. I topped it with a faux poinsettia and some pinecones I had in my Christmas decor stash.

    The house feels so cozy with it decorated this way!  Especially at night, when the recessed light above makes all the glittery ornaments sparkle…

    (By the way, we hung the ones from the ceiling with white, flat-headed thumb tacks and 8 lb. fishing line.)

    I almost hate to have to take it all down after Christmas! But you know me, once Spring rolls around, I’ll more than likely be in the mood to mix it up again.

    But enough about our mantel…it’s your turn now!

    I think you probably already know the drill, but just in case, here’s how it works:

    1.Scroll down til you see the “add your link” button. Click that, and create a descriptive name for your link. This will make it easier for folks to browse through them.

    2.Make sure to link to your specific holiday mantel post, not the main page of your blog.


    And I created a fun, little badge especially for the party, so feel free to post the code in the box below at the bottom of your mantel post on your blog if you’d like…

    The Lettered Cottage

    <div align="center"><a href="http://theletteredcottage.net/holiday-home-linky-party-our-christmas-mantel" title="The Lettered Cottage"><img src="http://i268.photobucket.com/albums/jj29/LaylaPalmer/Blog/Holiday_Home_Button_Layla.jpg" alt="The Lettered Cottage" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

    Thanks in advance for linkin’ up and hope to see you at Rhoda’s vignette linky party this Thursday, Kate’s craft linky party next Tuesday, and Sarah’s tree linky party next Thursday!



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