• Hobby Farm

    Once upon a time, a curious couple named Kansel and Letel decided to take a little drive and see about a hobby farm they saw advertised for sale…

    They passed many a horse-dotted pasture along the way…

    …and tucked just fifteen minutes away from the interstate, they came upon the lovely little house they had read about…

    To the right of the spot they parked their car, they found a small arbor covered in muscadine vine…

    And as they made their way around the back of the house, they discovered the driveway they came in on conveniently wrapped itself all the way around and shot straight back up to the main road…

    They also found four old outbuildings speckled across the backyard. Visions of a radiant-meets-rustic guest house and a coop full of pretty chickens began dancing in Letel’s happy head.

    But after discovering the big cinderblock building to the left was positively swarming with hundreds of carpenter bees…

    …they scurried up to the front of the house, and made it inside the porch without incident. Kansel entered through the porch door on the left side of the house…

    …and Letel entered through the porch door on the right side of the house…

    Inside, they found a beautiful blank canvas…

    And outside of it, they found a one heckuva peaceful view…

    Moving through the window-filled front door, they stepped straight into a small-yet-tall foyer…

    Like moths to a flame, they moved forward into the hallway, and looking back at the foyer, they discovered a wall full of built-in cabinets…

    On the front left corner of the house, they found hardwood floors, covered in a large carpet remnant, and an original fireplace, covered in a thin layer of white paint…

    On the front right corner of the house, they found more hardwood flooring, another original fireplace (not shown), and another 15-pane french door, complete with original glass doorknob…

    Attached to that room, and located in the midde of the house, they found more hardwood flooring, another fireplace (that someone had obviously attempted to “modernize”), and more high ceilings…12-footers, Kansel guessed.

    Through the hallway, and in the middle of the left side of the house, they found another room with hardwood floors and a fireplace. This room, however, had been outfitted with a drop-ceiling at some point…

    Connected to that room, and located in the back left corner of the house, they found more hardwood flooring, another drop ceiling, and some wild wall paneling…

    Through door #1 in that room, they found a large, semi-updated bathroom. Through door #2, they found a long enclosed porch, which stretched all the way to the other side of the house…

    Directly in front of the back porch, they found the kitchen…

    White-painted metal cabinets lined both sides of the room, and an enormous tiled-topped island floated in the center. It was apparent that this room had also seen some “modernizing” over the years, but I’m pretty sure Kansel and Letel had the same feeling about what could be done to that sheetrock, if one was equipped with safety gear and a sledgehammer.

    The ad that initially lured them to the place read…

    But in the end, the feel of it was definitely what captivated them the most…

    Moral of the story: Go out and stare at something pretty this weekend. Because sometimes, going out, is really going in.

    Note: There was a real estate agent present during our visit, and although we loved the place, we’re stayin’ put at TLC!

    …for now.


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