Have you heard about HGTV’s new series HGTV’d?  We are super excited to start watching it! We don’t have a “Monday night show” right now, and with Idol and The Office coming to an end soon, we were starting to wonder what we’d do from 8-10pm during the week! LOL! (Kidding…..sort of.)

The premiere episode airs on Monday, June 6th at 8pm (Central), and in a nutshell, the show will involve lots of those big red HGTV’d trucks, and surprising folks with home makeovers by their favorite HGTV designers. Fun stuff! Here’s a special sneak peek at just a few of the familiar faces that’ll be revamping rooms throughout the first season…

Wanna be on the show? Click HERE to upload your own photos & videos for a chance to receive a mega home makeover by your favorite HGTV designer! (This video submission cracked us up!)

We’ve got some neat things lined up with some of the folks working with the show…

…and we look forward to sharing some fun HGTV’d interviews, videos and photos here on our blog over the coming months!

In the meantime, we’ve got some Summer mantel pic snappin’ to do. Hope to see ya at our mantel party on Thursday!

Ideas For Summer
Key Lime Cake

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    I love this!

    But that video? So adorable. I feel so sorry for them.

    I hope they’re first on the list.

    I love David. Like, looooove.

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    Layla, this sounds like a fun series! I thought about you guys when I was in Savannah this weekend. We ate at The Breakfast Club on Tybee and it was such a fun experience, plus the food was killer. I bet you tried it when you were there…if not, ya gotta eat there on your next trip back. I love sitting at the counter in the midst of all the action. Fun!

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    Oh, forgot to say…the house you said may have belonged to your friend…it’s now my desktop background. :) Love that house!

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    HGTV is my Oprah of home designing and gardening. I’ve been an avid viewer of the station since early 2000s. It’s one of my favorite cable channels – and I watch TV a lot. I’ll keep a watchful eye on HGTV’d. I hope it will be on par with the station’s other programs. I’m a big fan of Gardening by the Yard, Holmes on Homes, Design on a Dime, and Designed to Sell.

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