HGTV’d Premiere

24 hours ’til the premiere of HGTV’d!

 Here’s a couple more sneak peek and behind-the-scenes videos…


Will you be watching tomorrow night?

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  1. kelly says

    oh yes! we just bought a new house and i need all the ideas i can get. i will be scouring your blog also!!!

  2. says

    Awww….crapola…..doesn’t look like it’s on HGTV Canada. I’m not surprised though as the Cdn versions of those kind of channels are always lacking and always way behind. What are the chances that you willl show more video clips or even the whole episode?!!! heee!

  3. Alison says

    Typical that we don’t get that show in the UK…well maybe in a couple of years!! I would have loved to have seen it! :)

  4. Margot says

    I love David, but I have to say I did not like anything at all about the room on last night’s show. I almost always like his design work, but I completely did not understand what that room was all about. :-(

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