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I’m still reeling from our serendipitous trip to the 2008 Green Home on Friday. I almost feels like a dream. (Mom- did I really get to see it in person?)

It’s currently up for sale, and the asking price is $589,000.

My obsession with this house runs deep. I’ve had this photo set as my desktop photo on my monitor for quite some time now…

And I have a recurring dream about this antique piece of furniture designer Linda Woodrum used…

The antique brass picture lamp on the middle of the tabletop is amazing. And check out the galvanized wire baskets in the lower right. (Those came from Scott’s Antique Market in Atlanta, I believe) The combination of galvanized metal and milky-white china stops me in my tracks every time!

I was able to take a picture through the glass on the front door, and what used to look like this:

Now looks like this:

The windows on the back side of the house were heavily tinted, so I wasn’t able to snap any photos of the Kitchen, Living Room or Dining Room (boo). I was really hoping to see this stuff…

…but the house has been re-staged and put up for sale, so none of the things I was excited to see were there. I heard through the grapevine that the woman who won the house last year wasn’t able to keep the house because of the high property taxes she also “won”. So sad. :-(

There is a big body of water behind the house:

We spotted an alligator out in the middle of it:

Do you see him out there? If not, here’s a closer look! Scary!

Here’s a photo of my Mom in the backyard:

I’ll never forget our quick visit to the Green Home…

It was such a magical moment in time for me!

Savannah, Georgia - Spring 2009
2008 Green Home Video Tour

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