Hermitage Drive – Living Room and Art Studio

The disc I was pulling these old pictures from seems to be damaged, so I sifted through about eighty other discs and FINALLY found some more photos to show.

Here are some more photos of the Living Room, right before we moved out.
Please excuse the “tray-table-console” behind the sofa. We used them everyday, but I should have put them away before I shot this picture!!! :)

And without further adieu, this is the ONLY photo of my Studio I had on the disc I found, sorry!

The right side of the room had huge windows all the way across and up to the ceiling. I made the “buffet-style table that you see in the photo by cutting a small wood dining table in half and mounting both pieces side by side to the wall. I attached the striped skirt to the table front using velcro. All the furniture, lighting and accessories are from IKEA.

Tomorrows tour= the Kitchen!

Living Room Corner
Hermitage Drive - Entry and Living Room

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