Hermitage Drive – Entry and Living Room

I decided to faux finish the brick wall in the Entry to match the exterior of the house. I used a specially formulated brick-colored paint that had sand mixed in it. I also painted the grout the same color as the grout on the exterior of the house…can you say time consuming? Here’s a photo of when I was working on it:

This is the wall opposite the brick wall in the Entry:

Just past the brick wall in the Entry, if you took a right, you were in the Living Room. The 24 foot span of floor-to-ceiling glass windows (that faced South, I might add) is really what sold us on the house. It was always SO bright. Perfect for an artist and musician that wanted to arise and be inspired every day. :-)
This is what it looked like right after we moved in:

The span of windows looked out onto a huge courtyard. It was so beautiful and private.

The ceilings throughout the entire house were cedar, and it smelled INCREDIBLE. We’ll never forget that smell.

We ripped the carpet out and repainted shortly after we moved in:

Check out the original floor tiles:

Apparently there used to be some sort of pod-shaped fireplace that hung down from the ceiling here:

Pictures of Kevin and Jason installing the new flooring:

The room behind the double doors in this photo led to my Studio. I’ll feature that tomorrow! I loved how the wall that separated the two rooms didn’t go all the way up to the ceiling. The previous owner said there was no wall there at all when they moved in, but they needed the room as another bedroom, so they put up the wall.

This is one Phase the Living Room went through. Keep in mind, this was almost six years ago, and we were broke newlyweds that had to work with what we had. :-)

Then, one day, I had a “bright idea” and decided to repaint and add some trimwork to the “sofa alcove”:

It always bothered me that the two sconces in this area were not centered, so I removed them and covered the holes with mirrors. Then I put two “touch lights” on the little shelf I built, and ran the cords down each corner of the alcove.

Eventually I bought a new couch for $300, new curtains from IKEA, and found a carpet remnant at GCO. I had them bind the edges for me to create a custom-sized area rug:

THEN, I repainted the WHOLE room a light beige color, switched out the rug for an IKEA rug, and bought some more furniture:

I also painted the wall in the Entry way a sage green color:

And that’s it for this area! If you’re curious about my studio space, check back tomorrow. :-)


Hermitage Drive - Living Room and Art Studio
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