Herb Crate Giveaway


We’ve got a fun giveaway courtesy of our friend, Betsy, today!

As you can see from the photos above, Betsy carries all kinds of farmhouse fabulous-ness in her Farmhouse Wares shop. She also carries the wooden herb crates we’ve got hanging on the wall in our kitchen…

…and this weekend, she’s giving away a set of four of them to one lucky Lettered Cottage reader!

If you’d like to enter for a chance to win, just leave one comment on this post between now and Sunday morning (April 15th, 2012) at 9am (Central Time), and we’ll randomly select and announce the winner on Monday! Good luck and have a great weekend!

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    • Annie Wheeler says

      I love this site. It has such a stylish yet earthy vibe! :) I hope I win!!

  1. Em says

    Those are amazing! I have a growing collection of old boxes; they’re just so beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Karen J says

    I have been eyeing these for some time. So glad you are having this give away. Love your blog.

  3. Kira says

    I have adored those crates ever since I first saw them in your kitchen and would LOVE a set of my own! :)

  4. Lisa Browning says

    I love these crates and could see them hanging in my “country” kitchen! I love checking your blog everyday-you’ve got great ideas and a fun sense of humor!! Have a great day!

  5. Cathy R says

    Oh Yay! Those are so me. Heading over to check out the site. Thanks for the chance.

  6. Rosalie says

    Oh, I love those crates!! That’s one of my favorite elements of your kitchen!! Thanks for giving us a chance to win them!

  7. says

    I LOVE those crates, I’ve been admiring them for a while now and they would look fantastic in my newly updated dining room. I also love your blog ♥

  8. Kathleen says

    I love these…and my birthday is Monday so it would be a wonderful birthday present! ;)

  9. Paulina J! says

    I have been OBSESSED with these since I first saw them on your blog. I have them pinned and was hoping to finally get them this year for our new house. Would love to win!!!

  10. Wendy says

    How fabulous! I’ve loved the crates since I first saw them in your beautiful kitchen. :)

  11. says

    I would love to win these beautiful crates. I have the perfect spot for them. I’ve been admiring them since the day you featured them. Thanks for offering the giveaway, Layla! Have a great weekend.

  12. Melanie says

    Oh how I love everything on her website!! I would ADORE the chance to win these!!

  13. Lorrie says

    OMG…I have been wanting these crates ever since I first saw them in your kitchen!! Crossing my fingers for a win :)

  14. Penny says

    Those would be perfect in my townhouse-wanna-be-a-farmhouse! Thanks for the opportunity!

  15. Jennifer Bowie says

    LOVE the look of these crates. There are so many things you could do with them.

  16. Sara C says

    Love these herb crates! They would be perfect for our breezeway we are redoing in sort of a gardening prep room.., LOVE THESE! : o) Fingers crossed and thanks for the giveaway.

  17. Jodi M says

    I have wanted these forever!!! Even tried to get my hubby to build some(didn’t go well) ;)

  18. Nicki says

    I have loves these for so long! I would love to win them. Thanks for the giveaway.

  19. says

    Ever since I saw those crates in your kitchen many moon again when I first came across your blog, I’ve imagined them in my house. They BELONG here! Hope I win!

  20. Denise Cosgrove says

    How adorable those rustic crates are! The perfect little finishing touch for any kitchen…Can’t wait to check her site out!

  21. Angela Stewart says

    Those are so sweet and are definitely my style. I would love to win these for my home!

  22. says

    Those are absolutely awesome! Such neat stuff and I love your kitchen. I spend about 7 hours in mine every night! Great giveaway.

  23. says

    I have looked into buying these also since seeing them on your blog. It’s hard to pull the trigger though. It would be fun to win them, since I have the perfect place to hang them! Cheers.

  24. Hilary says

    {{{{{ jumping up and down…waving my arms}}}}} Ooooooo pick me, pick, pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. mands says

    oh these crates are soooooo cool!
    farmhouse wares has so much drool worthy stuff! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  26. Christa says

    Love those herb crates – can picture them on the wall of my newly painted kitchen! :-)

  27. Becky Heihn says

    How adorable are those herb crates! I would love a set and have the perfect spot for them :)

  28. Jenn C says

    Oh my. I’ve adored these crates in your kitchen the first time I started following your blog. Love them!!

  29. Zohee says

    these herb crates are not only beautiful to look at but they could be really functional for my everyday kitchen use. I hope I win these. Love your facebook page!

  30. Deborah Brewster says

    love these boxes – they would look so good and be wonderful for organizing all the estra stuff at the Lake House we are remodeling on a budget – lots of paint and good “finds” like these boxes

  31. Christie Antons says

    I love these,we live in an old schoolhouse in NC,that we are remodeling-They would look wonderful in our kitchen-I am to the point in my life,that I have to absolutely love something before I will allow it to take up space in our home….I love these:)

  32. Donna Young says

    Getting ready to do some painting and updating in my late ’60’s kitchen. These would look really nice in there! I have admired them in your kitchen and wondered where you got them. Now I know!

  33. Denise says

    Wow – what a great give away! Would look great in my kitchen, or on my porch by the garden, etc. etc. Thanks!!

  34. mary fanara coleman says

    Those are the cutest…..thanks for putting them in your giveaway. Going to check out the shop next.

  35. says

    I love these crates. I have been coveting them from your early pics of the kitchen for so dang long! Thanks for the chance to win them!

  36. Lorrie says

    I know exactly where I’d put them. I noticed those before and wondered where they came from.

  37. Christie says

    I adore these herb crates. I would love to add them to my kitchen. Fingers crossed! ;-)

  38. Leeanne Joyce says

    these are really great! I’m redecorating the kitchen and these would make a great focal point!

  39. Val Adam says

    Good grief, I’ll leave a comment for the chance to win an herb crate! Never mind the fact that this is my absolute favortest blog!
    (ScrapHappyOne from Twitter)

  40. Nichole says

    I love Farmhouse Wares! I just received the ‘garden’ metal sign and it’s hanging over my door that leads out to the…you guessed it, garden!

  41. Cori says

    I love the herb boxes!! I think that they would look great in my kitchen or even maybe our main bath. Awesome giveaway!

  42. Patricia says

    My friend just started a community garden in Simi Valley Calif.!……I would love to give her this for the grand opening!!!

    Thank you

  43. Jessica says

    I’ve had that picture of your kitchen bookmarked for a while now. LOVE the crates!

  44. Samantha Frank says

    I would love to win those – it would be awesome to actually grow the right herbs in each!

  45. Kelly Ed says

    What a terrific website. I love those crates! Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  46. Karen Toigo says

    Tomorrow(14th) is my Birthday-what a cool surprise it would be to win those amazing crates for my kitchen! Fingers crossed!!

  47. Kate says

    I’ve admired those crates for some time now. I would love to have them on a wall in my kitchen as well that is screaming for decor! :)

  48. Sheila says

    These are absolutely adorable. They would look great in the cozy cottage my honey & I are building for the day both of our daughters are off to college. Love your blog :)

  49. TracieOB says

    oooh~! thank you for this great giveaway. Have been eyeing those crates for awhile. ;)

  50. Laurie Jarrett says

    I have been wanting to order these and the cafe clock for my kitchen. Love this store!

  51. Sharla Kennedy says

    Yay! These are FABULOUS and I have always LOVED them in your Kitchen! Thanks for the opportunity to win a set!!! Love you guys and EVERYTHING you do!!


  52. Lucy says

    I’m pretty sure I’ve never wanted to win a giveaway more than I’ve wanted to win this one. I LOVE those planter boxes and have been pining after them for a very long time!

  53. Elizabeth P says

    These crates have been on my list for quite awhile now – so excited about this giveaway!

  54. Jennifer says

    I have loved these since I first saw them hanging in your kitchen! Thanks, Layla :)

  55. Cheryl Thornton says

    very cool crates…just found your site and I’m really enjoying it…I’ve been a home decor diva for years…just never had the courage to put it out there…congrats on presenting this great blog!

  56. Daisy says

    I love Betsy’s Farmhouse wares, especially the buckets and crates! Thanks for giving us all a chance to win the crates!

  57. Nichole says

    Love these! I have been looking for just the right herb pots to put in our kitchen and these would be just perfect!

  58. Diane P. says

    I’ve always loved them when I see the picture. I have the perfect spot for them. So wish me luck!

  59. Angela Foster says

    I love those crates. I love that they have meaning. Im going through a hard time in my marriage right now and those crates have the words of encouragement that we need! Love them and love your blog!!

  60. says

    Those are so cute! I am working on my kitchen. Okay, writing down ideas to trans form my boring kitchen to something nice without spending a ton of money.

  61. Jennifer Clarke says

    I just found your blog a few days ago and LOVE IT! And I lu-huh-huuv those boxes!!! I don’t think the first poster ever wins… but I’ll still try!!!!

  62. Shanna says

    I love making dumb “thyme” jokes with my kids: I’m out of thyme, too much thyme on my hands, there’s plenty of thyme, I don’t have any free thyme. tee hee

  63. says

    I’ve loved these crates since I saw them in your kitchen. Now, even if I don’t win them, I know where to find them!

    Happy weekend…..

  64. Kellie R says

    Wow! I have been wanting to purchase these for our home. I have just the spot for them! Thanks for the chance to win these lovely crates!

  65. kimberly derusha says

    I adore anything from Farmhouse Wares. They gave me the inspiration to decorate the barn I live in…Farmhouse style!! Love those crates!!!

  66. says

    I looked at buying these crates just the other day because I saw them in your beautiful kitchen! I love everything about your house and wish that I could only have you come over for even just an hour to give me design advice for my new home. I would love to have these crates in my kitchen! I have the perfect place for them.

  67. Becki Foster says

    I love these herb crates! I have a space similar to yours next to a free-standing cupboard in my kitchen and think these would finish off that blank wall! Thanks for the chance to win!

  68. Sandy says

    I have admired those…they are so neat!! Would love to have some of them for myself!

  69. Jenny says

    I’ve been talking about growing herbs in my kitchen but my tricky kitty gets up on the counter. This would b a great solution!

  70. [email protected] says

    The crates are wonderful!

  71. holly says

    I LOVE farmhouse wares – and I LOVE the herb crates. There is something about having fresh herbs in your kitchen that makes me happy. Great giveaway!

  72. Kathy PH in LH says

    I’ve admired these in your kitchen pics for some time now … would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have some of my own!!

  73. Kristin Drumheller says

    LOVE these crates! Also, you have got to post a pic of that chalkboard wall partially shown in this pic of your kitchen (beautiful by the way!) please!

  74. Sharon Abel says

    I just signed up for The Lettered Cottage yesterday and immediately fell in love with those herb crates ! Amazing in your kitchen !

  75. Pat Finnestad says

    OHHHH! These BELONG in my Minnesota kitchen! Thanks for facilitating and your wonderful blog. I always feel like I am reading about my daughter and her family when you two post. Have a fun day!

  76. Mia B says

    oooh, cute! (hope this isn’t a duplicate, it said my request timed out when I clicked to post comment!)

  77. Teri Lancaster says

    I love the herb boxes:) I just found your sight through the pioneer woman site. I love your style….very unique and exactly the feel I try to go for…. Thanks for putting it out there to inspire others and again I love, love , love the herb boxes :)

  78. Lynn Case says

    Ever since you posted your kitchen redo pictures, I have been in love with the herb crates and even have them “pinned” on Pinterest. I think they are adorable and would be perfect in my little old cottage home. :-) Thanks so much!!

  79. Jennifer C says

    What a great website… added to my bookmarks!

    Those crates would look awesome in MY farmhouse!

  80. Lissa says

    I have been admiring these…would love to hang them in our newly remodeled kitchen!!

  81. Jennifer C says

    What an awesome website…. added to my bookmarks!

    Those crates would look great in MY farmhouse!

  82. Laura says

    I love these crates! I checked out the website and love all of her products.
    Happy Friday!

  83. cheryl b says

    What a cute idea! I have, what some would consider farm junk, all over my house. It is an inexpensive way to decorate for us. I am not as inspirational as I once was though, but this gets the ideas flowing.

  84. KD says

    I would absolutely LOVE those crates. I’ve been a long time reader and always admired those on your wall. As an added bonus, I have never been able to keep any plants alive other than herbs. So fitting.

    Love your style and your blog!!!

  85. ANNIES says

    These would look so cute on my back covered porch, the herb garden is just around the corner. Hope I win.

  86. says

    WoW! I have wanted these for almost as long as I can count — What a seriously great giveaway! Thanks Layla & Kevin — such a fan!!

  87. Stefanie says

    Those are so neat. Perfect addition to any kitchen – would love to see them in mine!

  88. says

    What fun crates! Thanks for the chance to win. Betsy has a great shop and I bookmarked it for future shopping. :-)

  89. Angela York says

    Cute, classic, simple. Inspiration for the bashful decorator inside me. The winner of the give away will be a lucky gal, whoever she is :0)

  90. says

    Thanks as always for your generosity! Would love to win.
    Yours was the first ever design blog I stumbled on {talk about hitting the jackpot the first time out}. You are an inspiration and a wonderful couple. Happy weekend!

  91. Tiffany says

    I absolutely adore these! So much better than a big hunkin’ planter in the window sill! I would LOVE to win them! Pick me! :)

  92. Gena in Texas says

    After seeing these crates in many of the homes of my favorite bloggers, I have wanted some for a long time. Thanks for the chance!

  93. Mallory says

    I love the look of those crates and am definitely in need of some design help with our new house!

  94. says

    I’m loving this blog! I just started following you last week when I read a post a friend had posted on Facebook. I love the style ideas and pictures. Would love to have these crates to add to my home!

  95. Sharon says

    I am looking at the very wall in my own kitchen where the boxes will hang! I love them and the Farmhouse Wares site! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your inspiring ideas and shared ideeas!

  96. Dawn says

    I have always admired those crates! I have the perfect spot for them in our home! What a great giveaway!

  97. Dineen says

    I love those crates! A picture of them in your kitchen is what originally led me to your blog.

  98. Shannon says

    They are so adorable. Would fit our home perfectly.. I just picked up some herbs while visiting Nashville… Thank you for the opportunity.

  99. Ginger Alice says

    I love all things “Kitcheny” (pertaining to things used in a kitchen!). These herb crates are so cute! (As is your dinner bell!) Thanks for the giveaway!

  100. says

    Layla, these boxes are great! Thanks for offering the giveaway.

    I have a question for you: what paint would you recommend when refurbishing furniture? I have a desk and a sewing table which don’t match anything, and I have thought about painting them black, white, or black and white! I don’t want to use the wrong kind of paint, though.

  101. Melanie Castleberry says

    PICK ME!!!!!!! I’ve had those herb crates on my wish list ever since I’ve been following your wonderful blog!! :D

  102. Peggyann says

    What a great additional or focal point these would make. Very attractive in their design,

  103. Gina Smith says

    Love them and know that they would look awesome in my kitchen. Thank you and have a great week-end

  104. Jackie says

    I love these crates and they’d be such a fun addition to a small wall in my kitchen that I have (had) no clue what to do with!

  105. Jan Canales says

    Love these!! I just planted mny first herbs in a tipsy pot tower and am praying they grow! The crates are precious on your wall.

  106. says

    Love these! Selfishly hoping I win ;)

  107. Katie says

    I just LOVE these containers. I would love the plant my herbs in them :)
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  108. Jacqueline says

    I have always admired these crates in your kitchen! I am in the process of remodeling mine and these would look amazing! :)

  109. Amy says

    Oh my goodness! I keep going to her website and looking at these, would love to have them in my house! they are great!

  110. Britni says

    Awww! I would love these!! (And everytime I see your kitchen, I just feel like coming in and making homemade cookies and fresh-squeezed lemonade!) Every time I see my own, I just see a project that needs done that has nothing to do with food. :)

  111. says

    I’ve always admired those in any kitchen picture you’ve shared! What a great giveaway and now I’m headed there to check out her shop! Thanks!

  112. Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Flea Market Makeovers says

    I have always loved those in your home. Please enter me in your giveaway….

    Also wanted to say I am really enjoying my 101 class in photography. Had to take a break because we moved but look forward to getting back into it.

  113. Annie F. says

    Hi Layla! Love the herb boxes… maybe I could actually grow some herbs in them! Hope I win!

  114. becky up a hill says

    Thanks Layla, for this chance to win. Also thanks for not sending us on the bloggie bunny trail of ‘liking this, that and another thang’…lol…I never can follow all those directions!

  115. Danielle Rivenbark says

    I have been loving those since the day I first saw them… and I have the perfect spot for them too!

  116. Tiny Homestead says

    Those crates are so darling and I’ve always liked them in your kitchen. Maybe my name will be picked!

  117. Patty Foltz says

    Lucky Lettered Cottage reader here!!!
    Love all your great ideas and would love the herb crates.

  118. says

    Oh, I just LOVE those crates! And they’d look PERFECT hanging on the wall in my kitchen :0! I’d love to be entered in the awesome giveaway! Thanks, and have a BLESSED DAY!

  119. says

    Over the last couple years I have repeatedly gone to the Farmhouse Wares website to drool over these crates! But alas, with baby #4 on the way, a mom has to choose between what she wants and what she needs. I would be thrilled to win them! Rebecca

  120. Lisa says

    Although my kitchen has more of a Tuscan feel, I can easily incorporate many of these products into it. I love the hanging herb boxes!!!

  121. says

    These are awesome and would look really cute in our kitchen! Thanks for the chance to win.

    bamagv at aol dot com

  122. Jenna says

    I have been wanting a set of these crates for quite some time now. I would LOVE to win these!

  123. Chris says

    These are so fabulous. I can think of so many ways I could use them in various rooms in my house. Great idea and a great give-away.

  124. Erin says

    My husband may say I have too many crates and boxes but I disagree! I love visiting your blog and getting see the projects you post about. Thank you for the chance to win these fabulous crates!

  125. GinaE says

    I have wanted this set of crates for soooooo long! Many thanks for the chance to win!!!!!!!!!

  126. Lisa H. says

    Love the farmhouse wares website…have already bought some things from them, and I am always drooling over those crates!! Thanks for the chance, and LOVE!!!! your blog. :)

  127. agilebc says

    Love those baskets!!! My house needs all the help it can get as far as decorating goes :-)

  128. Annick says

    These would look perfect in my kitchen and have the perfect spot for them, keeping my fingers crossed!!!

  129. says

    I want!!! Those would look so great in the kitchen of our new house and I so want to grow fresh herbs (because it is yummy for me and my wallet!)

    If I am not the lucky winner I think these will be added to my wish list of things for my new kitchen!

  130. Denise Hurley says

    Yours were the very first blog that i ever subscribed to, I love it.
    Thank you for inspiring.

  131. Michelle Pokorny says

    These crates have been on my wish list since I saw them in your kitchen.

  132. kathy says

    I love to just look at all of your ideas, I also love that you are not afraid to post your mishaps!!!

  133. Robin Lancaster says

    Love the herb crates! They’d look great with my Yee Haw Letterpress Farmer’s Market posters in my kitchen!

  134. Lauren H says

    I would love to win the herb crates! I have always admired them in the pics of your kitchen!!

  135. mary e brown says

    I love old wood boxes, my favorite is a velveeta cheese box , i found “junking” they are great for just about any thing!

  136. Marti Wolfer says

    I love these crates, perfect for summerizing my porch. They would look great with live herbs in them

  137. Midj says

    I would absolutely love those crates. Making over my kitchen/family rooms into a semblance of beach cottage and those would look amazing down one wall!

  138. Maria says

    I have LOVED these form the first time I spotted them on your site. They would like AWESOME in my kitchen/dining area. OOOOHHH I hope I win…. I hope I win…. :)

    Thank you soooo much for the opportunity!!! Woo Hoo :)

  139. Staci Goldfarb says

    I love these little crates they are adorable. Love getting your emails each day and the sites it leads me to!

  140. Elsabeth Maka says

    Would love to win these as they are super beautifully primitive and functional at the same time. LOVE FUNCTIONALITY AND BEAUTY :)

  141. Cathy Johnston says

    The fact that you gave me the link to that site will just about make up for not winning (if I don’t)!

  142. Keslie says

    I’ve been lusting after these crates since I discovered TLC!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed…

  143. Jenni says

    I have been admiring those for quite some time now! I would be TOTALLY STOKED if you picked me. I’d would do a major HAPPY DANCE!!! :-) Please, please pick me….pretty please, with sugar on top!!!

  144. BAE says

    I’d love to win these!

    I always find so much inspiration on your site and you make everything seem so easy to accomplish. I don’t have an iPhone with the nifty notebook app; they don’t make one with enough memory for all the stuff I’d have to put on it!!!

  145. Janis Covington Stufflebean says

    Love the herb crates..would love to win!! Always thought they were perfect on your kitchen wall.

  146. Dawn Aragon says

    I love your blog and your wonderful spirit! Thank you for the opportunity to win a set of these beautiful crates.


  147. Tiff says

    Such a generous giveaway. I always admire these when I see a picture of your kitchen :)

  148. Jackie Barnum says

    I have always loved your crates and wondered where they came from. I would be over the moon to have them, I have the perfect spot to hang them in my kitchen. =)

  149. Heather M says

    love, love, LOVE them…they would look fabulous in our new house we just moved into!

  150. says

    The crates are great! Frankly I think your entire kitchen is fabulous! Inspired by you, I painted a chalkboard wall in my kitchen. Love it! Thanks for the chance to win!

  151. michelle says

    I have loved those crated ever since I noticed them on your wall! Thanks for the opportunity.

  152. Fay Coleman says

    I love these crates & have the perfect spot for them. Keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks for the chance to win them. Love the Lettered Cottage!

  153. Maureen says

    I would LOVE to win these, they are exactly my style and I need something for herbs! Thanks for the chance to win them! Have a great weekend.

  154. Lex T. says

    The timing on this couldn’t be better. I was JUST in my kitchen looking at that blank wall again and thinking how much I wanted those herb crate from Layla’s kitchen! No kidding.

    Thanks for the giveaway, how fun!

  155. April was in CT now CA says

    Oh my goodness!!! I’ve wanted a set of these ever since you first posted about them in your house!!! Every once in a while I’ll look at them, debate ordering them then talk myself out of it. I’ve got my fingers, eyes and toes crossed!!!!

  156. Jennifer says

    A friend of mine has these and I was just coveting them. :) I would be thrilled to win them!!

  157. Patty says

    Love those crates! Thanks for this great giveaway…..hope I win! Happy Spring Palmers!

  158. KFowler says

    Oh my goodness! I have loved these crates since I first saw them on your blog and would LOVE to win a set of my own! Thank you so much for this giveaway….I hope I win! :)

  159. Melinda says

    I love farmhouse wares! I have ordered before but would love a chance to actually WIN those cute crates. : )

  160. Christine Gwillim says

    I would just LOVE to have these!! You guys rock btw :) I am always so inspired and look forward to every post!

  161. Jennifer Booth says

    I have been coveting those herb crates and looking for something similiar locally! I really really hope that I win!! I would be so excited!!!

  162. Danielle B. says

    We’re in escrow on a beach cottage and it has a little farmhouse kitchen. I’ve been coveting these herb boxes!

  163. Tina S says

    Farmhouse Wares stocks excellent products. I could spend a small fortune on their goods. Here’s hoping I win!

  164. Erica Miracle says

    I have been stalking those wood crates FOREVER! I NEED them in my house! Thanks for the giveaway! :L-O-V-E your blog :-)

  165. Lisa says

    just like everyone else (and their mothers!) I’d LOVE these. totally fell in love with them when you featured them … didn’t you have another giveaway with them? Obviously, I didn’t win that one either.

    Here’s to another great TLC giveaway!! Thanks!

  166. Jackie M. says

    I would love those for my kitchen or dining room! Thanks so much for the chance to win!!

  167. KimB. says

    I’ve been crazy about these crates ever since I first
    saw them in your kitchen! BTW love the chalkboard wall!

  168. Shannon says

    I actually have these sitting in my shopping cart at her site! We’re in the middle of a kitchen remodel and I’m waiting until everything is finished to put all of the pretty things in place. I would LOVE to win these!

  169. says

    Besty has great taste! I love the merch at her shop, ww.farmhousewares.com. The crates look fabulous on your wall and I think they’ll look great on my wall at my coffee shop, too! :)

  170. Marisa Weisinger says

    Just LOVE those crates. We are gardening now. In fact we grow our own basil, rosemary, etc. and just last nite my husband canned some beautiful beets.
    Truly enjoy your blog! Keep it up!

  171. Laura says

    I just think these are darling! Would be a great addition to my herb garden. Thank you for being so very inspiring! :)

  172. Linda says

    I loved those in your kitchen. In fact I love everything you design. My fantasy is to buy a Gulf coast beach house and have you do the interior! But for now I would settle for the cute crates.

  173. says

    These herb crates would look awesome out on my back patio! I am slowly redecorating it with burlap, new seat cushions, and a wine bottle chandelier. Adding those to the mix would really “set the mood”.

  174. Amy says

    I love, love , LOVE your kitchen. It is my inspiration for painting my natural wood cabinets this year. I also love those herb crates and hope I get picked!

    Any advice for painting wood cabinets?

  175. Melinda Jordan says

    I love your blog….I read it for inspiration all the time. You have a beautiful home.

  176. Zhaleh says

    Love these! I didn’t win the last giveaway you had for them so I just may have to buy them if I don’t win again…or get crafty.

  177. Casey Furlong says

    I have loved, loved, loved these from the first time I saw them in your kitchen. I also love the way you have used/displayed them. My kitchen is a cross between cottage and farmhouse AND I happen to collect those boxes which I use to store such items as candles, small utensils for cocktail parties, and my daughter’s barrettes and hair ties. I would be so happy to win those and would just copy your use of them (you know what they say about Imitation–it’s the purest form of compliment!)

  178. Sarah says

    I love how the crates have the meaning of the herb on them. So simple and perfect. Love them!

  179. Kim Griffin says

    I’ve always loved these – and they really are a steal at the price Farmhouse wares offers them for! Still, I’m a sucker for a giveaway so here’s hoping :)

  180. Kelly Miller says

    Love love the lettered cottage and farmhousewares ! I get many ideas and inspiration from both ! Thank you!

  181. Janalee Van Sistine says

    Oh, what a lovely give away. Those boxes caught my eye the first time I visited their website.

  182. laurie f says

    You can’t win if you don’t enter right?

    Maybe this will be my first blog giveaway win!

    …and if I don’t win guess what I am asking for for my birthday!

  183. Carrie F says

    I would love to have those crates to keep live herbs in my kitchen where my kitty can’t reach. He ate an entire basil plant last year.

  184. says

    I absolutely love your blog and decorating style! I have been looking for wooden boxes like these for years! ha! Whenever I see them in a store display I always offer to buy them but have not been successful yet! Hopefully I will finally win! Thanks so much!

  185. Yvette Scott says

    I’ve wanted a set of these since the very first time I ever saw them on your site (which I love by the way). I’m keeping my fingers extra crossed!

  186. Judy says

    I have loved these ever since seeing them for the first time posted here on The Lettered Cottage! Thanks for the opportunity!

  187. Patty says

    I enjoy your blog so much and I love how you write. You are personable, creative and funny too!
    Thank you for a chance to win!

  188. Brianne says

    So cute! I already have parsley and sage growing and they would look great in those crates!

  189. Sabrina says

    Thanks so much for th enhance to win! I have loved those crates since I first saw them hanging on your wall.

  190. Deanna Hazley says

    Love those crates !!!
    I live in Canada, Hope I still have a chance to win. :)

  191. Carol Anne Vanway says

    So, cute….you and Kevin have become my new best friends I love all of your decorating ideas and I’m learning so much @ shootflyshoot :)

  192. Robin R says

    Friday 13th April

    Sure seems like FATE
    Having a ‘giveaway’ on this DATE
    Of four awesome CRATES
    Come on, pick me, MATE!

    Please lol… x

  193. dana guidish says

    I pinned these crates after your kitchen post . . . would LOVE to win them!

  194. Kristen says

    LOVE those crates! I just checked out the site & saw a few other must haves!! Thanks for the giveaway.

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    I’ve always admired your herb crates and was thrilled when I saw this giveaway!!! Thanks for hosting such a fabulous giveaway!!!

  196. sue murdock says

    I would love an opportunity to win the crates. Thank you! Love your blog and sense of style!

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    I would LOVE to win these herb crates! I have admired them on your wall since I first saw them,and your kitchen! Crossing my fingers! ;-)

  198. Jennifer Fischer says

    I’ve been in love with these for a long time. Would be great to call a set “mine!”

  199. Joanne says

    I have loved these herb crates since you first showed them to us. Thanks for the chance to win!

  200. Kate says

    PERFECT!! These would look great in my new kitchen! Y’all have a good weekend!

  201. Janene says

    Love getting your emails! Love the crates! Would be perfect for the cabin we’re building!

  202. Ashley Rash says

    I tried to buy these when I redid my kitchen and they were sold out! Would love a set now.

  203. Marta says

    I have always admired these crates since discovering your blog, would love to hang them in my kitchen, all the way in Spain !!!

  204. says

    I love these herb crates and have just begun my own herb garden at home! I would love to have these to hang in our kitchen!

  205. Andrea S. says

    Would love to own these! I already have a perfect spot picked out for them in my dining room.

  206. Zan says

    Love! Love! Love! They would add a lot of style to my kitchen. I do love herbs and cooking with them these would add inspiration for sure.

  207. Johanna says

    I have been coveting these crates for some time! Thank you for the giveaway!

  208. Kay B says

    I have the perfect place to display these lovely crates. Thanks for the giveaway.

  209. jessica lewis says

    I have always LOVED those crates in your kitcken and would be thrilled to win a set of my own. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!!


  210. Kelly says

    Oh my! Eye candy! Those fabulous herb crates are the first thing my eyes land on when I see photos of your kitchen. I would LOVE to own a set!

  211. Michelle W. says

    Love you guys and this blog! These crates are beautiful and would look so cool in our kitchen :)!

  212. Joan Fowler says

    Oh I just love these containers and have the perfect spot for them. Please pick me.

  213. says

    I love your chalkboard wall, I am a renter, so I am doing a little something else to fake it :) Love your blog and your style, and I LOVE those crates!! :)

  214. Michelle says

    I have really liked these since I first saw them in your kitchen! My fingers are crossed…thanks for the chance!

  215. Josey says

    We’re in the middle of renovations and redecorating and these would be great!

  216. Melissa says

    How fun! Thanks for the great giveaway. I hope you have a fantabulous weekend!

  217. Meredith R. says

    What adorable little crates! I just love the feel and style of your cute kitchen. :)

  218. Miranda V. says

    We are going to be remodeling our kitchen soon and these would look great with our style! Thanks for the chance!

  219. Anna says

    Thanks for the opportunity to win – love them! Hadn’t realized the writing on them before :)

  220. Geri says

    Have loved these since I first saw them in your kitchen many moons ago….would love to win and be able to put them on the kitchen walls in my ole’ crooked farmhouse…think they would be perfect! You two are the best!! Thanks for another chance to win them!!

  221. Stephanie says

    I love them! They look awesome in your kitchen. Maybe I’ll get lucky & me some too. ;)

  222. Cindy Jones says

    i have loved these crates since i first saw them in my country living magazine and then in your home too. i have a perfect spot for them.

  223. Jane H says

    Love the crates – I have always wondered where you got them – I would love to have them hanging on my wall!

  224. Brandi Pittman says

    I have loved those for quite a while and have come so close to purchasing them several times! Would love a set now!

  225. Linda Weisz says

    What a great giveaway!!! I have noticed those crates on the wall in your kitchen and have always liked them. Your kitchen looks great; I’m thinking of painting my lower cabinets gray. Right now they are all white. Thanks for your great blog.

  226. Kate says

    I LOVE those crates, but then, I love everything about your kitchen! Thanks for a chance to win a fun giveaway!

  227. Mickie Byers says

    I have never heard of that website. Can’t wait to spend some time looking! Great giveaway!

  228. Rose Campbell says

    These would be PURRFECT for an afternoon of planting goodies with my son!

  229. RoseAnn says

    These would look great in our beachy redo dining room hanging on our rusty rebar with our plants.

  230. Amy Tucker says

    Oh my goodness – I would love to win these! We’re moving this summer and these would go perfectly in my new kitchen! :)

  231. cindy richter says

    Those caught my eye the very first time I ever saw a pic of your kitchen and I’ve been drooling ever since! Please pick me, pick me, pick me! I’m drowning in my own pool of drool! Eww…that’s gross.

  232. vic kent marshall says

    oh dear. those are so sweet. beginning in May we are traveling the western U.S. in our historic restored 1968 Newell motorcoach for an entire year and these herb boxes would house some beautiful fresh herbs we could sit outside when we’re parked. Oh, how groovy we’d feel to have them and share herbs with others. Hub was a baker and I was a chef for Andie MacDowell when we met and married at 50 years old!
    This is the last year of my life, apparently.
    we’ll live it to the fullest with traveling fresh herbs!
    Thank you for the chance!

    victoria and gigi

  233. Karen C says

    These crates have filled my heart with longing for quite some time. :) Thanks for all the beauty you bring to our lives!

  234. Theresa Witcher says

    I love them!! I’m in the middle of re-decorating and I know of the perfect spot!

  235. says

    I would love to win these! I’ve long admired them in your kitchen. Thanks for offering this giveaway.

    Have a great weekend!

  236. Jackie says

    Love!!! Absolutely in love with these (:
    Even though I absolutely adore these, If I did win, they would go to my mom<3 she's at a point where she is discovering herself and has realized she has "gathered" furniture and household stuff that isn't "her" and looking to find stuff for her home that makes her feel comfortable. She has a green thumb, so I think this would fit her natural, comfortable, country look that she feels at home with (:

  237. Sara says

    Oooh, I’ve been wanting to make something like this! Of course, if I won I could continue my study in the art of procrastination :)

  238. Cathie W says

    Hi Layla,
    I’ve been lusting for these crates for a very long time! Sure would be fun to win them!
    Love your blog and your many adventures. Keep up the good work!



    I love these, I am feeling lucky!! I enjoy your great site and app
    laud your efforts!! best regards,
    Sossin in Canada

  240. GAIL says

    I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these! I’ve wanted them since first discovering your blog and seeing them in your kitchen. Thanks for a chance to win some.

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    I would love those crates… and I have just the wall for them! thanks for the inspiration and for the giveaway!

  242. says

    Um, since I am renovating my kitchen with your kitchen in mind, of course I am going to cross my fingers AND toes that today is my good day! ;)

  243. Tara Monastero says

    I don’t think there is anything in your kitchen that I don’t love. LOL! It is absolutely fantastic!

  244. Kendra says

    I have painted my kitchen a color called Antiquarian Gray and I have long dreamed of having these crates in the Kitchen somewhere. Thanks for the chance to win these !!!

  245. Jen Borden says

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  246. Donna Bettencourt says

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    Oh, I’ve been adoring these ever since I found your blog! Hope to see these in my near future for sure! Love anything farmhouse-ish!

  248. Anna says

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  249. D. Jones says

    Love, Love, Love…….I can see them in my kitchen! Looks FANTASTIC!!!


  250. says

    I have to admit, I am entering this for my mom. She just re-did her kitchen and I could TOTALLY see those on the wall in there! Thanks for sharing!

  251. Angel Anderson says

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  253. Angel Anderson says

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  254. Courtney says

    I love those herb crates. How fun! This would be a great treat for making it through another one of my husband’s busy, BUSY tax seasons. ; )

  255. Sharai says

    Oh wow!!! I love love love those herb baskets so much! Thank you for telling us about this site, if I don’t win I may just have to go buy them myself :)

  256. Sue says

    Love the way you have them in your kitchen…would love to do the same. It would be extra special as I could you the “Sage” one to hold my daughters things as that is her name…SAGE!! She loves it because we find unusual items with her name on them…not your typical items like pencils :) Hope we are chosen…have a great weekend…

  257. Paula Dobbs says

    Just found your site by reccomendation of my beautician. Would love to win!!!

  258. Annette Taylor says

    Of course I would love to win!! Those crates have been on my “to buy” list for a long while now!! Love her shop!!

  259. Jessica Merrifield says

    I love you site/style! And those crates! i could def find those a loving home! Jessica

  260. jessica Thain says

    every time I look at your kitche photos I drool over these lil cuties !!!! I would LOVE them !

  261. Suzy B says

    Love fresh herbs…just bought a little cart for outside those would fit in nicely!

  262. JulieD says

    These crates are the cutest things, I love them so much! I would LOVE these in my home. What a nifty idea! ^_^

  263. Patty says

    I found your site months ago from a google of ‘painted white kitchen’ and those crates have always stuck out to me in a good way! Even if I don’t win, thanks for all of the inspiration you provide with your site! My kitchen redo is well underway! =D

  264. Kim says

    These would look great in my house! Plus I love to grow herbs, so they are a good fit. Have a super weekend!

  265. Amber says

    LOVE these boxes! And wouldn’t mind having them in my kitchen too…they would fit perfectly. Thanks for the chance, and happy Friday :)

  266. Jess says

    A picture of these herb crates is what originally what brought me to your blog, which I have been following for a few months now. Thanks for the opportunity to win them.

  267. Vonda L. says

    I have loved those crates since I first started following your blog. Yay!!!!!
    P.S. Love your blog too!

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  269. Tara says

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  270. susan Googins says

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  271. says

    I would love to win these! I’ve been trying to figure out how to make my own but winning would be SO much better!

  272. Carrie McChesney says

    Love these herb crates…and looking to revamp my dining room/kitchen. Fingers crossed….

  273. Melinda says

    Those look so good on your wall and I have just the perfect place for a set on mine!

  274. says

    Ooh! I love these. A friend found some similar ones at Marshall’s but I’ve been dying to have these for a year or two! They are so charming : )

  275. Tracy Hall says

    I have been envying your herb crates for a few years now, I would love to win a set!

  276. Michelle Wright says

    I had admired these in your photo’s everytime I see them. Would love to win a set.

  277. Mariefi OMalley says

    Hi Layla & Kevin! We r headed to FL now; road trip w kiddos and we r approaching Savannah! Waiving to ya from I-95!:) love these herb crates to keep the 4kiddos and hubs organized!:) xoxo thx, M

  278. Kati says

    I would love a set of these to go in my house!!! They look so great in your kitchen! I have looked everywhere for them!

  279. Angie says

    Those would look great in newly updated kitchen. I have the perfect place for them, I hope I win!

  280. Erika says

    I almost bought these the last time I looked at them in your kitchen. I’d love to WIN them! :)

  281. London DeWeese says

    I have always LoVeD those boxes and wondered where you got them! Now I know! Super cute!!!

  282. says

    Love everything you have on your blog. I would love to have these beautiful planters! They are fabulous!

  283. Jenny says

    Ohhhhhh!!! I really need a set of these for my paper plates, I mean country china :o) Love your blog. I wake up to it every morning with a cup of coffee. So inspirational towards life and design!!!

  284. says

    thanks for sharing farmhouse wares. i had fun browsing her inventory. would love to win the herb crates….or the enamle “soap” dish or the vintage clock scale!!! hey, can’t blame a girl for trying :)

  285. Laura N says

    Love these! They would be perfect for organizing the clutter that piles up on the kitchen counter!

  286. Christi says

    For all the time I’ve been admiring the crates, I don’t think I realized there was text on them. So charming! Thanks for the chance to win a set.

  287. Melissa says

    Hello Layla,

    The herb crates are divine! I checked out the website – they sell gorgeous things, but don’t ship internationally (I’m from Tasmania).

    Love your blog too – you’re a cute and clever couple.


  288. says

    Oh goodness. I have loved those crates since I first saw them on your blog…probably over two years ago now. I would love a set! :)

  289. Reagan says

    I’ve always loved them, and I’ve checked out Farmhouse’s website before. However, I have never put the two together!

  290. kathy h says

    I have adored those crates on your wall forever! Keeping my fingers crossed that I win.

  291. Stefanie says

    I love, love, love these herb crates!! I have been eyeing these for months now and was going to try and make them on my own, but I’d much rather have the real thing!! :)

  292. Abby says

    These pretty crates might be just the kick-in-the-pants I need to finally plant that herb garden I’ve been dreaming about for years! So cute. :)

  293. Lindsey says

    I’ve loved these since I first saw them, and now I have a kitchen to put them in. I even have my seeds started. Lovely Giveaway.

  294. kate says

    Love your blog! Love your house! Love those adorable crates! Maybe my green thumb would emerge with those cute crates!

  295. Camille Dickson says

    Love the crates. Pretty sure I also need the dog biscuit canister with the Boston Terrier (looks like my Rufus) on the front. So much cute stuff!

  296. Shannon Callahan says

    These would be perfect in my house! I love the style! Hopefully today is my lucky day!

  297. wendy thiessen says

    my daughter has coveted these herb crates since the first time she saw them on your blog. she also happens to be the “sliding barn door” girl. i would love to be able to gift them to her

  298. Rochelle says

    Those crates would be a lovely addition to my new “old farmhouse”. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  299. Maryanne says

    Love these boxes! They are just the right amount of “old”! Would love to see them in my kitchen.

  300. says

    Oh be still my heart! You have no idea how badly I’ve “coveted” those herb crates of yours, lol! If I win perhaps I can talk hubby into a kitchen makeover to go with the crates!!!!! Or at least painting the cabinets and ripping down the wallpaper border. After all, I’d have to make the crates look good, right? Right?

  301. Susan says

    I have admired these herb boxes for months
    and would love to own a set.
    Happy Weekend!

  302. Heidi says

    Thanks so much for the giveaway. Those crates are great!! They would be a great addition to any kitchen.

  303. Mary Nell says

    See, I’m growing all of those herbs in my garden so I must have the boxes!!

  304. Diane says

    Love the crates – they look great in your kitchen!!! Would love to win them!

  305. Kristen says

    Oh, what gorgeous crates.

    Thanks for a chance.

    Have a wonderful weekend, too.

  306. Brenda says

    I have always loved the boxes in your kitchen. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  307. Kimberly says

    I just ‘discovered’ your blog and that was the first shop I checked out because of those herb crates.

  308. Brenda Milner says

    Oh how I’d love to win these. They are so awesome, I would want to keep them for myself, but I’d also love to share with my sister who would be in love with them. I’ll definitely have to go to this site, so many wonderful items, such great gifts!
    Thanks for sharing a great item once again.

  309. Christa L says

    I’ve been drooling over these for awhile and just never ordered them! I’d love to have these in my kitchen.

  310. Sherry@Ties2ThePast says

    What a great give-a-way!!
    Thanks for the chance!

  311. Debbie says

    I stumbled upon your site and spent hours here. I love your style! I would to win the crates–so cute!

  312. Heather says

    I have liked those since I first saw the picture of them in your kitchen! It would be so fun to win them :) Thanks!

  313. Amy Nevins says

    I love these herb crates!! I have the perfect place for them in my house. :)

  314. carol says

    What a sweet way to display herbs and spices!! They would be perfect in my kitchen. LOVE them!!!!!