• Headboard Bench Tutorial

    Hey gang- Kevin here!

    I’ve had a few requests to post a headboard bench tutorial, so here goes! (Please keep in mind- I am not a professional carpenter by any means, and I was completely winging it on this one as usual!)

    I started out by plugging in this guy…

    We call him “Jaws”. :-)

    I gathered up a bunch of wood and pieces of beadboard paneling we had laying around from past projects- as well as a tape measure, a pen, some wood screws, an electric drill/screwdriver and a square. (which is actually shaped like a triangle- go figure)

    I chopped up some 4×4’s to act as the legs, and some 2×4’s to connect the dots…

    (You can click on any of the photos in this post to enlarge them for a closer look)

    I attached a piece of plywood to the top…

    Then I tipped the whole thing on it’s back and attached beadboard paneling to the front and sides…

    To finish off the edges, I attached some decorative wood trim across the top edges and a 1×4 board around the bottom…

    I used L-shaped moulding to cover the seams on the corners, and I used a thin piece of wood to cover the seam, in the middle, on the front side…

    The last step was to attach the headboard to my newly constructed base by using long wood screws.

    Once I was finished putting it all together, Layla painted it and distressed the edges…

    It only took us two days to complete this project- that’s my kind of time frame!

    I naturally gravitate to this spot now whenever I put on my shoes before leaving the house.
    It’s also become a popular spot for my…..hmmmm….let’s see…..uh…..culinary-challenged wife to sit and watch me cook. :-)
    I love seeing her sitting there- knowing that I (somehow) created this neat little seat for her so she could sit and talk to me (a mile a minute) about all the other things we could build together.
    Hey, she might not know how to cook, but she sure has a way with junk!

    Hope you have a great week and that this tutorial is helpful!


    P.S. ┬áHere’s a video I shot while making this guy!

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