Hardwood Floor Sealer

Well, we’re finally finished refinishing the office floor.
Pretty amazing considering how loopy we both were by the time we got around to it sealing it.

Here’s a clip of me (in full-on loopy mode) attempting to explain our process…

(Click HERE to view on YouTube)

After I stumbled through the making of that video, we did a bunch of this…

…with the tack cloth….stuff.

Then I did a bunch of this…

…with the Varathane “no odor, satin, fastest drying, water-based, all that good stuff” floor finish people have recommended.
I snapped this shot after I got done applying coat number two…

I did four coats total, and I’d love to show ya a photo of the scrumpdillyicious, completely finished new floor, but the room is now filled with everything that was previously packed into what will become our kids room!

The Kids Room - Flooring
Edge Sander

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  1. says

    I am7 so sorry to hear this news from Ethiopia. We had something similar happen a few years ago- we did all of our paperwork to adopt from Guatemala but we were in the middle of a huge house remodel and decided to wait for a few months. But then things went downhill and adoptions slowed down a ton and then eventually closed.

    We ended up adopting domestically.

    I knew our daughter was out there and I just had to find her- she just wasn’t in the place that I expected.

    Good luck- my thoughts are with you

  2. says

    I adopted from China in 2004 & have the most wonderful little girl!! It just breaks my heart to hear this news, WE are praying and the petition has been signed (& shared on facebook & twitter).
    I know God hears our cry’s for these children!!

  3. melissa adkins says

    I first found your blog by looking for mantle ideas, I loved your fireplace. It inspired me.
    I noticed you and your husband are working on adoption.
    I just want to encourage you, My husband and I adopted from China in 07.
    God put adoption on my heart before I was married.
    I can’t express enough how His hand was in it all.
    I know one day soon I will get on your blog and see the cutest room EVER!! and you sitting there in a cozy chair holding your your sweet child. God has a wonderful plan and you get to be a part of it. What an honor. I am not sad for you but very excited about your journey. Our family blog is adkinsadventure.blogspot.com Its encouraging to see what God has done for another knowing He will do it for you.

  4. says

    Hi Layla, Just checking in to see if there was an update on your blog about your future babies. Our Ruby is from Hannahs Hope. Good letter from agci on Friday about MoWa! Hoping big for you! I know the waiting to wait is super exhausting!

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