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  • Hardwood Floor Sealer

    Well, we’re finally finished refinishing the office floor.
    Pretty amazing considering how loopy we both were by the time we got around to it sealing it.

    Here’s a clip of me (in full-on loopy mode) attempting to explain our process…

    (Click HERE to view on YouTube)

    After I stumbled through the making of that video, we did a bunch of this…

    …with the tack cloth….stuff.

    Then I did a bunch of this…

    …with the Varathane “no odor, satin, fastest drying, water-based, all that good stuff” floor finish people have recommended.
    I snapped this shot after I got done applying coat number two…

    I did four coats total, and I’d love to show ya a photo of the scrumpdillyicious, completely finished new floor, but the room is now filled with everything that was previously packed into what will become our kids room!

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