• Happy Memorial Day 2009!

    I recently mentioned that I’ve started collecting little glass bottles and vases.

    It all started with this little guy my Mom bought for me at a flea market in Milton, Florida for about a dollar…

    Then I received these two in the mail from my friends, Megan & Lori, at White Flower Farmhouse, along with a little lavender-filled pouch…

    And the other day, they sent me this amazing glass perfume bottle. (They are the sweetest things!) They thought I just had to have it because it’s got my last name on it… :-)

    With all these sparkly little containers around, I started to really feel the need to decorate with them. Lucky for me, my friend Sarah brought over a mixed bouquet of flowers yesterday! And while it was beautiful all blended together- I thought they’d look even sweeter if I separated them by color.

    This one didn’t quite fill up the bottom of the vase like I wanted it to, so I just wrapped some of the extra greenery that came with the bouquet around the inside of the vase…

    I put the yellow bunch in a tiny vintage wine glass I bought at a flea market about a year ago…

    …I’ll take flowers over wine any day! :-)

    And the green bunch, which is my favorite, looks so happy in the “Shippam’s” jar Megan and Lori sent me…

    I put the petite, pink roses inside a stemless champagne glass…

    “God writes the gospel not in the Bible alone, but also on trees, and in the flowers, and clouds and stars”

    - Martin Luther

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