Happy July 16th!

Well, it’s already Thursday again, and I’m so excited to blog about what’s transpired around these parts this past week!

Kevin’s out shooting some custom-ordered photography for a client of ours right now, so I don’t have access to the disc which contains all the photos we’ve taken of the headboard bench- or the newly-finished beadboard panelling. But when he gets back, I’ll be sure to post them here, for all to see.

The bench is divine!
He really outdid himself this time.
It all started this past Sunday, with a simple, extremely rough sketch I scribbled on the back of an old envelope I found in one of the kitchen drawers.

First, I drew a rectangular-shaped box, which I explained to him could be made from some old 2×4’s we had out back. Then while I drew, I described how the box could be clad in pieces of leftover beadboard panelling. Finally, some leftover trim would be the just the thing to cover up any imperfections. We always have lots of those- thank goodness for trim and caulk. :-)

While I made my way to Market in Atlanta on Monday morning, he got to work on the wooden box I had enthusiastically rambled on about the night before.
Sweet thing even videotaped a tutorial! I could hardly believe it when I came home and found the camera sitting atop its tripod, aiming directly at the almost-finished bench he’d slaved over all day long.

Kevin made taco salad for us Tuesday night, it was delicious as always. Within minutes of finishing mine, I plopped down on the floor in the Kitchen, and began to paint. The unfinished wood box had been begging me to paint it the entire day, and I just couldn’t take it anymore.

After a coat of polyurethane on Wednesday, the bench really came to life. When we finally slid the new furniture into place, Kevin and I leaned against the kitchen counter, on the opposite wall, and admired our handy work.
It always amazes me what we can pull off if we just put our heads together, and let our dreams take the reigns.

Headboard Bench
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