Happiness, check!

The weather is so perfect here in Alabama around this time of year. Some days, we don’t even run the air conditioner- we simply pull up all the windows and let the breeze dance it’s way through the house. I love open windows. Smelling fresh cut grass, and hearing the sound of the church bells ringing just beyond the trees out back…pure heaven.

My foot seems to be healing fine today too. It’s definitely still sore, but the nail didn’t go in as deep as I previously reported and it wasn’t rusty, so I don’t think I need to go get a tetanus shot. I’m monitoring it very closely though, and the second I feel even a little bit funny, I promise to go get it checked out.

For those who have asked about Fleamarket the kitty, well, he now calls the cottage next door home. Jessica’s boyfriend has miraculously decided that he does like cats after all, so he is warm and safe inside the Half Note now. I was very sad to see him go, but I am happy that he’s not living outside anymore.
Especially since I almost stepped on a gigantic raccoon the last time I went outside to feed him.
It was the strangest sensation.
Almost like my brain refused to believe that I was standing right next to, and over top of, a wild animal.
The raccoon must have been going through the same thing I was because it looked up at me with the same, “whoa! what the?” type expression I surely had on my face. After the initial shock went away, and we were both no longer paralyzed in fear, it scurried down the stairs and I quickly pushed the door back open and stepped inside the house. When he got to the bottom of the steps and noticed that I had stepped back into the house, he just stared at me through the glass panes on the upper half of the door. I knew exactly what he was thinking, “I really want to eat that kitty food, maybe if I wait a minute she’ll go away”. After a few seconds of debating, and an intense staring contest with me, (who was now beating on the door with my fist and yelling “get out of here! go! go!”) he (thankfully) chose to bound back into the woods from which he came.
From that night on I sat with Fleamarket everytime he ate, and brought his bowl inside everytime he was finished eating.
Now I know who has been ripping apart our garbage bags!

It’s also really good to have Kevin home. We had a great belly laugh today thinking about a belly laugh we had a few months ago. :-)

Happiness, check!


Tetanus Shot, Check.
Ga Ga for Galvanized

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