Hallway Update

The floor in our hallway has gone through a variety of “looks” over the past few years. Here’s a photo of one of the grodiest…

We’ve been tiptoeing across that sucker for the past year, because when you’re renovating on a shoestring budget, sometimes you gotta go with the grody for a while.

And speaking of grody…I’ll never forget these funky phases our floor went through either…

There was the stretched out/dog peed-on carpet phase back in ’07, and the beat up, 70’s style linoleum (we found under the carpet) phase back in 2010. Can I get a yuck, yuck?

Fortunately, a friend of ours helped install 93 square feet of unfinished red oak flooring in there last week though (I stained and sealed it just like I did in the kitchen), so all we have left to do is install shoe molding around the edges and it’ll finally be done- yahoo!

Next up, I’m going to re-paint the guest bathroom door (note: don’t use Polycrylic on top of Sherwin William’s “Mourning Dove” (8085) paint- it will turn yellow in a few years.), and then I can finally start setting up my office…

Everything is just kind of thrown in there right now, but I’d eventually like to put together a 9’x9′ area rug out of Flor carpet tiles, get some curtains, switch out some of the picture frames on the wall for a bulletin board, a calendar, etc., build a base for my desk (so I can hide all my cords), and get some doors for my Billy bookcases (so I can hide all my stuff!).

Oh, and I might have to get one of those window ledge thing-a-ma-bobs for Mr. Kit-Cat. He seems to like lounging there while I work, and I gotta say, I really like having him there, too.


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  1. bridget says

    Thank you so much for showing your “before” yucky floor pictures. Our floors are not at all happy making and sometimes I feel like we are the only people who have to wait while saving for something better. I love your home, your style and appreciate your realness!!

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