Hallway Door Makeover

“All you need to paint is a few tools,
a little instruction,
and a vision in your mind.”
-Bob Ross


I’ve got the tools, and the vision in my mind, so today, I thought it would be fun to ask for a little instruction! 😀

Remember that inspiration photo I put together in Photoshop a few weeks ago?

Stairwell Idea 8

Well, my friend Lucy texted me this picture while she and Garlan were digging through stacks of old doors at Southern Accents recently…

Old Door

It was exactly the right size for the doorway opening in our hallway, but it didn’t have any glass in it so I texted her back and asked if they could fill the opening with some of that “glass with the wire inside of it“. I wasn’t really even sure if you could get it anymore, so I was super pumped when Lucy wrote back and said, “Yes!“. 😀

A few weeks later, Kevin picked up the door, and here’s a photo of how it looked the day he brought it home:

Salvaged Old Door | Wire In Glass

Old Office Door | Wire In Glass

My friend, Leen the Graphics Queen, is making us some vinyl wording to use in the center of the window, and we also added a mail slot (from Etsy) to personalize it a little more, too:

Mail Slot | Old Door

It was originally bright brass, but I wanted it to match the doorknob, so I sprayed it with some (Rust-o-leum) oil-rubbed bronze spray paint. I inherited my Mom’s “card & note-leaving gene”, and I am reeeeeeally looking forward to surprising Kevin and Sweet P with lots of love letters through that slot in the years to come. :-)

As for the rest of the door, I’m painting it this week, and we’ve got three sample colors to choose from: Mount Saint Anne (BM), Dutch Tile Blue (SW), and Colorado Gray (BM):

Mount Saint Anne | Colorado Gray | Dutch Tile Blue

Colorado Gray | Dutch Tile Blue | Mount Saint Anne | Blue Gray Paint Colors

So what do you think? Mount Saint Anne, Dutch Tile Blue, or Colorado Gray? Click the dot that corresponds to your choice and I’ll fire up my paintbrush with the winner tomorrow! 😀

[poll id=”3″]

PS- Since this is a hallway door, we only close it at night. After it’s all painted, we’re going to mount a couple of tension rods on back side of it so we can put some curtains up to create a little extra privacy. I thought about just frosting the back side of the glass, but Kevin’s a curtain man, and I do think it’ll be nice to have a layer of softness back there, too. :-)

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  1. Rhonda says

    Seeing this from a while back inspired me for doors in our home. Currently we are working on the door from our kitchen to the basement, which is where we have another family/music room. It has my husbands guitars, drum set keyboards etc. so we designed a logo, with a cherub angel and musical notes that says “SFB MUSIC STUDIO”. (Initials of my husband and our boys) Just sent the artwork to the glass shop yesterday. I’d love to share when finished!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

    • Layla says

      Oh! The poll closed this morning, Susan! 😀 I’m actually painting the door today and I’ll post some new pics tomorrow! XO

    • Layla says

      Hi, Abby! I’m looking forward to blogging about that next week, but if you’d like to pics between posts- I like to share those on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! 😀

  2. says

    Love the door! I think the Mt. Sainte-Anne looks like your inspiration pix. I love all your ideas. You two are so talented! Praying for your hearts desires, thanks for being such a blessing!

  3. Deborah Wilkins says

    I just painted my guest bathroom Dutch Tile Blue and it is exquisite! So rich and fresh! Love, love, love the color.

  4. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says

    I picture Sweet P having a little mini post office in his room. What fun he would have with envelopes, stamps, stickers and such.

    The entire idea of the door is simply precious. Layla, you are so lucky to have the time to make Sweet P’s life so memorable. Bless his heart…..I cannot wait to give that child a big cyber hug!!!!! You make me smile everytime you do something special for him.

  5. Mary says

    Hi Layla:
    I love the door, too and especially the color. I noticed your stair spindles went from oak to bright white. I love it. I have the wood look and was wondering what color paint you used for the white stair?
    Keep Inspiring!


  6. Caitlin E. says

    Odd – It’s my understanding that those wires in the glass are so that if the glass is intentionally broken, there is still a barrier against entry (for burglars or prison inmates). I would wonder where the door came from!

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