Hallway Door Makeover (Part 2)

Well, it wasn’t the color most folks voted for

Paint Poll

…but Kevin and I decided on Dutch Tile Blue for our new/old hallway door:

Dutch Tile Blue Paint | Old Door Makeover | The Lettered Cottage

It didn’t lean as purple as Mount Saint Anne did, and it had a little more gray in it than Colorado Gray did, and we’re loving the dusty robin’s egg *pop* that’s now at the top of our steps!

Not to mention, my Mom’s side of the family is Dutch- and you know how us sentimental girls are when it comes to our paint color names. ;-)

Hallway Makeover | Dutch Tile Blue Door | Gray Owl Walls | The Lettered Cottage

Slowly but surely this space is coming together. Makes me want to paper the walls in the hallway (on the other side of that door) with something fun and unexpected, too! Maybe something nature-inspired…like the paper in the half bath downstairs?


Did I ever tell you that those barn swallows remind me of my bird-watchin’ mama, too? Yep. They do. XO :-)

Instagram Pic_Lettered_Cottage

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  1. says

    Gorgeous. I want to paint everything white and pastel right now. I needed you to help with my paint color choices on Instagram! Love the blue.

  2. says

    Oh my gosh, I love this SO MUCH!! I’ve been dragging my husband around, showing him old doors I see potential for, but he has a hard time visualizing the finished product. I can’t wait to show him this! I think he’ll understand where I’m headed now. :) Layla, thanks for always being that pop of inspiration and cheerfulness for me. Your blog and projects are actually stress-relievers for me. They inspire a lot of creativity in me that has languished for awhile. Thanks, bunches!

  3. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says

    Layla and Kev!!!!
    I love the door!!!! LOVE IT!!!! What a total transformation…….happiness at the top of the stairs. Hey, that could be a cute sign!
    Everytime I see the half bath downstrs, I wanna come and use the restroom at your house. I love everything about that room too.
    Wildly talented you two kids are!!!!!
    Of course I love the swallows………..aren’t they related to crows????? LOL

  4. Jen says

    The color choice for the door… BE-U-tiful!! I love it!! I agree with the comment from Julie. I love your blog and tell everyone I know about it. If you want inspiration, Layla and Kevin are the ones to get you started!

  5. Laurie says

    The Dutch Tile blue is gorgeous!! …then again, I am partial to blue! You remind me what a huge difference that the little touches can make… from paint choices to the slats on your bannister… your hallway is so pretty!

  6. Cindy says

    Layla and Kevin: I can always count on you two to give me the little push I need to “think outside the box”. In our upstairs hal is the linen closet and I have been wanting to do something different to it for years. Thank you for the nudge! I love the way your door is turning out (although I am not surprised…everything you do always looks great!). Cindy

  7. miranda v. says

    Papering….ever thought of using a bunch of old maps? There is another blog I follow and she did that in a hallway…looks amazing!
    Love the way its looking right now!

  8. says

    That looks amazing!!!!! I gotta say I am very jealous of your talent for finding amazing old doors! I have been on the hunt for some for my home and keep hitting dead ends… either can’t find any or the ones I find are crazy expensive :(

    • Layla says

      Thank you, Kelly! But I have to give all the door-finding credit to Lucy. SHE is the one who has found us most of our old doors and I am so grateful for her friendship…and great eye! :-D

  9. says

    Too funny! It was a difficult choice, but I voted for the Dutch Tile Blue, because my husband and I both come from Dutch families. Glad to know someone else thinks the way I do when picking paint colors. ;) The door turned out so lovely!

  10. Rachel says

    Ditto Jordan – the whole thing looks great, but do you mind sharing where you got that mirror? Thanks! And congrats on the lovely home!

  11. Susan B says

    Yessss! Dutch Tile Blue is the color I voted for! It looks gorgeous!…However, any of the colors would have looked great, I just kept leaning towards the Dutch.

  12. says

    So pretty!

    Both my side of the family and my husband’s are of Dutch ancestry. Our last name means “yellow hat” and there is a restaurant on a dike called “In the Yellow Hat.” We even visited the little village where his great great grandfather immigrated from. Anyway- I get it! I have yellow clogs on my mantle next to tulips right now! :)

  13. Deborah Wilkins says


    I voted for the Dutch Tile Blue as I just painted my guest bathroom that color. However, it looks much lighter on your door than it does in my bathroom. Is the image deceiving?


  14. Barbara A says

    Love it! By the way, your site is popping up super fast now. Really a big improvement over before. Just thought I’d let you know! PS, I’m holding my breath on your adoption. Can’t wait to hear it’s gone through at last! Fingers crossed.

  15. Ange K. says

    Won’t be long and those walls and spindles will have dirty little fingerprints all over them! :-)

  16. Kim says

    Love!! Maybe I missed this but what type of paint did you use-semi gloss or satin or??? I’ve got a bathroom door I’d love to paint and this color is amazing!

  17. Sarah Lahrman says

    WOW! The before and after pics are incredible!! I LOVE the transformation and how light and airy your stairway looks. And the door, well it turned out just magical! You two have THE BEST ideas and thank you for opening your “door” to us!! :)

  18. Mary D says

    So curious, quite a while back we helped picked the bedroom color “Blue Hubbard” for the “old” house to coordinate with the bedding……will the new bedroom be painted the same?? You and Kev are such bright lights of inspiration – thank you!

    • Layla says

      Hmmmm…I haven’t really thought about what color we’ll paint our master bedroom, Mary. I’m sure we’ll end up trying out a new color this time around though! :-D

  19. Lisa W. says

    Ohhhhhhhhh I love LOVE this color. It looks SO good!! As always you are the best!!!! On tha wall, I can totally see someone painting something, like nature, a tree, maybee your dog and Kit Kat in the picture. How cool would that be!!??!!

    I actually had someone paint a tree, some birds and such in our daughters room, she is studing to be a vet, and I will never paint those walls as long as I’m in that home. Everytime I walk in that room it makes me happy happy happy!!!

  20. says

    Everything you and Kevin do and touch, I LOVE! After 7 1/2 years of following your blog I still pray you will come to New Fairfield, Ct. and work your magic one day. (Of course for your vision and style and talent, but mostly because of you. ) Love…Love the door and the color is perfect! hugs, geri.

  21. Ronnda says

    This is the color I have in my master bedroom and master bath. I love it so much! Such a happy color! Your door is very cute, too. :O)

  22. Talitha says

    Was hoping you’d go for that one! Speaking of sentiment; the only reason was because I’m Dutch :-).

  23. says

    PERFECT….I would have picked that color as well out of the choices you provided. So beautiful! Love it! You got style and vision…that is for sure. LoVEY your blog!

  24. says

    Hey Layla! Would you mind sharing the cost for putting the glass in? Also you mentioned the door not exactly being the right size, so I was wondering what you did to make it fit. We’re wanting this type of door treatment for our laundry/pantry room door.

    On another note, my 6 year old daughter and I were watching your Part 1 of Sweet P’s room makeover and stair well painting on the Design Network yesterday. In the After reveal shot she said, “Ohh! It looks like Heaven!”. I thought I’d share that sweet remark :) Blessings to your growing family! <3

    • Layla says

      Hi Susana!
      The glass was about $60, I think. ? And the door was actually the exact right size, so there wasn’t any trimming necessary- yay! :-D
      WHAT A FUN comment from your daughter!!! Smiling from ear to ear over here! XO

  25. Gina says

    Bought a house less than 9 months ago and am trying to make it our own, our other house was soooo different but cheerful :) The door color helped me think beyond red or navy, with so many trees around our house the pale blue would be so bright and airy, thanks!

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