• Hallway Door Makeover (Part 2)

    Well, it wasn’t the color most folks voted for

    Paint Poll

    …but Kevin and I decided on Dutch Tile Blue for our new/old hallway door:

    Dutch Tile Blue Paint | Old Door Makeover | The Lettered Cottage

    It didn’t lean as purple as Mount Saint Anne did, and it had a little more gray in it than Colorado Gray did, and we’re loving the dusty robin’s egg *pop* that’s now at the top of our steps!

    Not to mention, my Mom’s side of the family is Dutch- and you know how us sentimental girls are when it comes to our paint color names. ;-)

    Hallway Makeover | Dutch Tile Blue Door | Gray Owl Walls | The Lettered Cottage

    Slowly but surely this space is coming together. Makes me want to paper the walls in the hallway (on the other side of that door) with something fun and unexpected, too! Maybe something nature-inspired…like the paper in the half bath downstairs?


    Did I ever tell you that those barn swallows remind me of my bird-watchin’ mama, too? Yep. They do. XO :-)

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