Halloweenie Roast 2009 photos

Happy Halloween!

We hope you and yours are having a terrific holiday weekend!
Did you dress up this year?
If you did, and you’d like to share your pics, email us at [email protected] We’d love to see your costumes!

We haven’t dressed up in a few years, but we had so much fun putting our outfits together this year. Here we are in our pirate get-ups:

I think we snarled “Argh!” and “Ahoy, Matey!” a million times throughout the night. (Aw, heck, I’ll be honest- we’ve been snarling ever since we bought the things!)
You’ll notice I wasn’t quite sure what to do with my hand in the photos. Meanwhile, Kevin had a cool, skull-covered dagger to add to his whole pirate persona. I knew I should have bought that hook to wear over my hand!

I ended up spending more time taking photos at the party than I did shooting video. It was just too hard to play hostess, take pictures and make our guests uncomfortable by shoving a video camera in their face- so I opted to just play hostess and take pictures. 😉

Here are the creative (and kooky) costumes our guests showed up in…

First up, Shannon and Travis. Shannon had on the cutest little Minnie Mouse costume and her boyfriend (whom we had never met before this night) was dressed up as Michael Phelps. Boy did our jaws drop when he came strolling in!

I don’t know who is more brave, Travis for dressing up as Michael Phelps or Shannon for going out in public with him! :-)

My “Lettered Cottage Home” partner, Sarah, dressed up as Progressive Insurance spokesperson “Flo”…

Her resemblance to the popular Progressive personality was incredible!

And this is Sarah’s husband, Jason.

Jason and Kevin are bandmates. (He plays drums) His Sham-Wow! dude costume had us intentionally spilling things all night. :-)

This is our old boss Josh and his wife, Aubrie:

Josh used to play bass in Kevin and Jason’s band, but now he co-owns one of the most popular photography studios in the state. (You can check out his work at New South Art and Kim Box Photography) He was nervous about sporting the super-small girls gym shorts his wife thought were a necessary part of his costume, but once he got a load of Travis’ Speed-o, his worried mind was quickly put at ease. :-)

Josh and his wife, Aubrie, welcomed their first baby into the world this past July. His name is Ever, and his snuggly little shark suit provided the inspiration for their swimmer-themed costumes…

I love the tiny triangular teeth that frame his adorable face. :-)

Unfortunately for us, Ever didn’t come to the party- but I bet his Grammie and Great Grammie had a ball babysitting him!

Next up is Kevin’s friend, Jason Rash, who dressed up as a wounded hospital patient.

He used to work as a real estate agent (he represented us at the closing on this house), but now he works full-time as a personal trainer. The back side of his costume had everyone in stitches. (no pun intended)

Jason’s wife, Brooke, showed up right as the party was winding down. She had another party to go to before she could make it to ours. We were so glad she came by, even if it was a little later.

Here are our friends Nick, Shannon and their little boy Dominic.

Their awesome Amish-themed costumes worked so well with Nick’s newly-grown beard. :-)
And little Dominick was an absolute delight.

He has such a sunny little personality!
(Maybe we should get a Dominic too?) 😉

And last but not least, our neighbors Jessica and Eric from the Half Note Cottage on the left side of our house, and Josette and Peter, who live in the Tudor-style home on the right side of our house, finally got to meet each other.

Jessica and Eric came straight from work, so they didn’t have costumes on, but Peter came as an old, beach-combing man- complete with a metal detector and a trucker cap covered in bird droppings. Josette was decked out as a gypsy, and really got into the part by acting like she was going to go through everyones purses when they came in the house. It was hilarious!

And there ya have it!
Now we’d like your help choosing the winning costume(s). The poll is located in the left sidebar of our blog, just below the Sponsor section.
The winners(s) of the contest will receive a $25 gift card to Cracker Barrel.
Voting will start today and end next Saturday, November 7th.

Thanks for helping us decide, and don’t eat too much candy!

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