Halloween Inspiration

I found these pics at one of my FAVORITE blogs: urbanfarmhouse.blogspot.com

I can tell you right now that sometime within the next month, I will be purchasing a mini-chalkboard, a silver scoop and a bunch of pumpkin/cinnamon/apple/spice/insert any other “Fall-themed Scent” here, potpourri- to throw together in a big, old doughbowl.

Which of these ideas appeal the most to YOU!


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Martha Stewart and Conan O'Brien
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  1. maitlandmommy says

    ooooooooh be still my heart. I love your inspiration pics – just yummy. I wish this dam* house would sell so i could pull out the halloween decor and go crazy. IS IT BAD TO TASTEFULLY DECORATE WHEN YOUR HOUSE IS LISTED? ;-(

  2. "Magnolia" says

    “Demons are a Ghoul’s Best Friend.” TOO CUTE!

    Those pictures are fabulous. Ah, the possibilities!

  3. Inspired Kara says

    My heart lept over here when I saw the painted white dresser with all the girly white and black haloween decor. Whoa. Urban Farm House…. welcome home to Kara’s favorite blog list.

    I’m having so much fun reading everyone’s entry’s to your giveaway by the way :) They are lik taking a mini vacation. Last night on House Hunters international there was a couple purchasing an itallian farm house, and all I could think about were all our blog friends who had the same dream!

  4. Chris says

    I literally want every single thing in every. single. picture. Great finds! Now I’m off to visit that blog now!

  5. Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden says

    Hmm, never thought to use my antique boots and shoes as Halloween props.. or any of my vintage clothes for that matter, weird huh!
    I want to make some pumpkin corn bread, sounds yummo!
    I like that rope looking web.
    I also thought Demons are a Ghoul’s Best Friend was cute!

  6. Jersey Girl in DC says

    I love all things sparkley, so I adore the black glittery haunted house!

  7. Stacey @ The Blessed Nest says

    Fantastic pics! I love the black & white with pops of orange that's being shown this year–just my style!

  8. Aunt Mimi's Creations! says

    I love the potpourri. Hummm…I think I may have that very scoop.
    Come check out my autumn banner giveaway!

  9. Susie Harris says

    I need a store just so I can decorate….It’s like a sweet dream of mine. Nope… not about the money at all. I just wanna play! You know you can only go so far with your own house. I pray my cable doesnt go out cause if it does and he has to come inside he may just think Im crazy. I always use that ole back up trick… dont mind all the early decorations… Im getting ready for a party. You think anyone would buy it? I do want to have a pokeno party just so I can have a good reason to add more stuff….. It’s fun to be a girl!

  10. Darlene - Our Creative Life says

    Great inspiration pics Layla! I have a question on my blog about cottages that you probably can answer!

  11. Kelly~Rose Vine Cottage Two says

    I love it all! But I always love the old cupboards, the all black and white was neat to. Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. Heather Weisse Walsh says

    I’m definitely a fan of the chalkboard/doughbowl/fall potpourri scent! How cute – – and simple. LOVE it! And UrbanFarmhouse is such a great site!!

  13. julie says

    I love them all! I am not big on the scary, gross of halloween however I LOVE the cute,vintage halloween decor! Do you have any halloween decor in your house? Julie

  14. Nancy Hood says

    Have you been in Carol Brooks downtown?! She has numerous dough bowls on the floor under a table near the front door! I love to look at them each time I visit her! love the pics, loved our visit more!!

  15. Suzy says

    I find the second pic nice, the cupboard is lovely, but I like the big fall wreath amazing.

    Enjoy your day. Suzy

  16. My Beautiful Mess! says

    I love it all!! The boo tree in silver is a great twist and it just so happens I have one from last years after Christmas sale. Boo Yah (tee hee).