"Half Note Cottage"


After giving it some thought, Jessica and Eric have affectionately named their sweet little home the “Half Note Cottage”. Let me explain. To say that Jessica and Eric are “music lovers” would be a major understatement. Music is the very central essence of them. It is their experience, their thoughts, their refuge. They believe that “music is love, in search of a word.” (Lanier) So of course the cottage had to have a musical name, and because of its teeny-tiny size, “Half Note” seemed like such a perfect fit. :-)

As I mentioned the other day, Jessica had “Living Room” on her “To Paint” list this week.
So this morning, I took a stroll over there to see how it was coming along.
Inside the front door, a smooth, new, creamy color welcomed me inside…

What was once painted a cool, green, faux finish…

…is now a warm, fresh shade of cream…

Who knew “Antique White” could actually make a room smile! :-)

Next week, she’ll tackle the Kitchen. I think this happy new wall color will really coordinate well with the existing linoleum flooring in there. Jessica and Eric are renting the cottage, so the linoleum flooring has to stay, but it is a pretty pattern, so that’s okay. (I’ll post a close up photo of it next week)


PS…Thank you to Jessica and Eric’s Landlady for discounting the rent in exchange for paint and supplies! :-)

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