Half Note Cottage: Super-sized Silverware

I’m happy to announce that Jessica is feeling like herself once again, and has completed painting the hallway, bathroom and Master Bedroom!

I picked up this oversized, wooden fork at a flea market last month for her to use on the wall in the Kitchen:

It was only $2.95! It was previously a lot lighter, so I lightly sanded it and rubbed on some stain to darken it a bit.

You can imagine how happy I was about my flea market find when I saw this “fork art” online for $175.20…

I always loved the way the giant silverware looked in Craig and Theresa Smith’s shabby chic Kitchen…

On second thought, I’ve always loved Craig and Theresa Smith’s Kitchen period!!!

Here’s an oversized fork and spoon set, listed on Ebay. The winning bidder paid $167.50!

My friend Chris recently blogged about this subject as well after she scored these babies for just $3.98!

Rumor has it, sometimes her husband actually gets sucked into home accessory-inspired trances in which he visualizes exactly where Chris needs to hang things around their home. Amazingly, Chris actually captured this rare and exciting event with her digital camera this particular time:

You can read more about Chris (and her helpful hubby) here! :-)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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