Half Note Cottage – Kitchen

The Kitchen at the Half Note Cottage next door has come a long way. And the best part, it only took a little bit of dough….and not the kind you cook with! (insert cheesy drum beat and cymbal crash you hear after any bad joke here)

What used to be dark and heavy looking…

Is now light and airy…

So instead of being greeted by this view when you enter the front door…

You’re now welcomed inside by this one…

As I mentioned in my last post, I donated my white table and chairs to the Half Note Kitchen because I got a new (well, actually it’s really old) set at a flea market a couple weeks ago. It looks so happy in its new home, don’t ya think?

I also mentioned that she painted the old ironing board closet with chalkboard paint in a previous post. Look how cute it turned out!

Jessica and Eric didn’t previously own any dishes, but after a productive trip to TJ Maxx, they now have a mixture of navy and french blue plates, bowls and mugs. Each one was only $1.49-$1.99.

My friend, Sarah, makes the wonderful wine glasses in the photos…

She will be opening her Etsy shop very soon…

…and she is one creative girl, so I’m sure there will be lots of other goodies to fall in love with there too!

Y’all come back soon now, ya hear?

White Flower Farmhouse
Half Note Cottage - Sneak Peek

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  1. Kim Herman says

    I love the paint color! I would love to find out the name of it.