Half Bath Update – Paint and Paper

Our half bathroom redo is almost complete, but I’m not gonna lie- last week was tough in there. Blood, sweat and tears? Check. Check. Double check. Who knew the littlest room in the place would whoop my booty so bad?


That said, everything’s coming together slowly but surely, and I’m head-over-heels for the wallpaper– but I will never, I repeat, never try to hang the stuff again. I will always, I repeat, always call my new, professional wallpaper-hanging friend, Pam.


She can hang it without wrecking it, injuring her ankle, or crying.

Me? Notsomuch.

Here’s hoping the vanity & toilet installation step goes a lot smoother than wallpaper one did! #ToBeContinued


Wall paint color- Wedgewood Gray (Benjamin Moore)
Ceiling paint color- Simply White (Benjamin Moore)
Wallpaper- “Daydream” (Hygge & West)
Wood Panelling- EverTrue Pine Wainscot (Lowes)
Hex Tile- SomerTile White Porcelain Mosaic Tile (Overstock.com)

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  1. megan riley says

    can you share a few more wallpaper websites that sell paper that’s fun and whimsical like yours?

    • Layla says

      It did sort of look like one, didn’t it? :-) I’m hoping someone can actually use it as a sink though. 😀

  2. rachael says

    Looks really nice! I’m in love with that wallpaper but I would have no clue what I’m doing!
    PS. Your posts NEVER show up in my google reader. Any reason why?

    • Layla says

      Yeah- our Feedburner is broken. :-) Hopefully we’ll figure out how to use something else soon! 😀

      • says

        Layla I had a similar problem with my feed not showing up on Google Reader or bloglovin. I use blogger but yours might be similar: double check your settings – other – site feed – post feed redirect URL, I had incorrectly entered the URL coding (about 6 months ago) and it caused problems only recently. I know you’re way more tech savvy than me but thought I’d add my 2 cents. Good luck.

  3. Mary K says

    I just love this bathroom. You are inspiring me to work on mine! I especially love the vanity, wainscoting, and wallpaper. I too have not been getting your feed through reader, but so glad I saw this post!

  4. Hallie says

    Hi Layla and Kevin,

    I have a question regarding the wallpaper. I just had to return a couple of rolls because of a few issues including raised lines going across the roll every two feet or so. That was the main thing, but my wallpaper installer called a couple of other things to my attention.

    Hygge & West claim the wallpaper is coated (and it probably is) but the coating isn’t what my wallpaper hanger is used to, For one thing, he lightly scratched it with his fingernail and made a visible scratch mark in the wallpaper, which he claimed wasn’t the norm.

    Also, there were shiny spots all along the roll, similar to what you might leave behind if you touched it with oily hands. I’m not saying that’s what the shiny marks were, but just sort of describing them.

    Would you please comment here or to my email whether that sounds similar to the rolls you got? I know that you are busy, but I sure could use an opinion from someone else who’s seen and handled the wallpaper in person.

    Thank you in advance!
    Hallie Vredenburgh.

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