• Half Bath Update – Paint and Paper

    Our half bathroom redo is almost complete, but I’m not gonna lie- last week was tough in there. Blood, sweat and tears? Check.¬†Check. Double check. Who knew the littlest room in the place would whoop my booty so bad?


    That said, everything’s coming together slowly but surely, and I’m head-over-heels for the wallpaper- but I will never, I repeat, never try to hang the stuff again. I will always, I repeat, always call my new, professional wallpaper-hanging friend, Pam.


    She can hang it without wrecking it, injuring her ankle, or crying.

    Me? Notsomuch.

    Here’s hoping the vanity & toilet installation step goes a lot smoother than wallpaper one did! #ToBeContinued


    Wall paint color- Wedgewood Gray (Benjamin Moore)
    Ceiling paint color- Simply White (Benjamin Moore)
    Wallpaper- “Daydream” (Hygge & West)
    Wood Panelling- EverTrue Pine Wainscot (Lowes)
    Hex Tile- SomerTile White Porcelain Mosaic Tile (Overstock.com)

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