Half Bath Redo

Now that the sunroom is at a good stopping point (for the time being), we’ve decided to move on to a itty-bitty space that sits right next to it: our half bath.

As you can see in the first floor layout above, it’s the only bathroom on the main floor of our (1728 sq. ft., 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath) house, and since it’s the one that gets “visited” the most, we’d like to make it an extra special little space. #SmallSpacesAreMyFavorite!

Here’s what the room looks like right now…

…and here’s an inspiration board I put together that shows what we’ve got in mind:

(1- Daydream Wallpaper, 2- Sky Chief Barn Light, 3- Dresser (ours), 4- Wainscoting Photo, 5- Hex Tile)

We’re excited to start pulling the whole thing together (on a budget!), and we look forward to sharing each step of our “renoventure” here on our blog!

PS- Speaking of small spaces: the folks at Bedrooms & Baths magazine featured our old reading room in this month’s issue!

I stopped by the old house (to picked up some mail) yesterday and it was so neat to see that the new owner is having just as much fun with the house as we did!

Spoon Art and a Love Story Sliver
Adoption Home Study #3

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  1. Julie B.[Holland] says

    Happy Valentines Day , Miss Layla and Mr Kev , hoping all your “sweet” dreams come true!

  2. Makenna says

    Oh my good gravy! I am head over heels for that beeeuuuuutiful wallpaper! Must find somewhere to use it immediately!

  3. ashlee c says

    hi layla,

    your bathroom plans look beautiful! i’m a huge fan of anything bird printed. and anything green!

    can i ask a question? how much do you spend on decor per month, would you say? i’m asking because i, too, have a relatively new house and i’m at a total loss as to how much is a reasonable amount to spend. right now my house is a giant empty space, a clean slate. you should see it! it’s truly hilarious. you’d never know anyone lives here. i can’t wait to get the ball rolling but i’m intimidated by so many things! mostly where to start!

    • Layla says

      Hey Ashlee!

      I’m not sure I could ever put a number on how much I spend on decor per month. It totally varies from month-to-month. Sometimes nothing, sometimes something! It all depends what’s going on, and if we can afford to do anything. :-)

  4. says

    Love your blog! I need to create my own inspiration boards for our house. I can’t wait to see the finished project.

  5. says

    i absolutely love what you guys are doing in there…that board is amazing. love the wall paper and the light fixture….
    can’t wait to see what you do with an old dresser in there.

  6. Cathy says

    I love the Hex tile…I have always loved that look but am afraid of grout cleanup :/ Any tricks?

  7. Traci Fuqua says

    Layla, I loooove the wallpaper! Well I love it all, but the wallpaper caught my eye! My husband and I are re-doing our office and we were looking for something whimsical for the ceiling – you know to help us want to go into the office :) !! May I ask where you got the wallpaper? Thanks for your wonderful ideas and your help!