Guest Room Bedding

I got my pillow!
It came in the mail yesterday, and I couldn’t get to the mailbox fast enough.
I swear, I RAN across the front yard. :-)
Here’s what the Guest Room Bedding is looking like today.

I think I may put two big Euro Pillows behind the Standard ones. Just to make it super luxurious for when my Momma comes to visit. :-)
Matter of fact, I’m going to go look on Ebay right now!

Reading Room - Sneak Peek
China Hutch Re-do

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  1. Susie Harris says

    Your room looks so inviting.I love your cottage look. I think a guest would feel right at home in this space… I know I would! Susie h~

  2. Magpie Interior Design says

    Wow! Love it!

    And I TOTALLY know what u mean about running to get the mail when u are expecting a package! LOL.

    Great job… AGAIN!


  3. Kim says

    What a beautiful guest room! My friend Vikki (aka My Beautiful Mess) said I should check out your blog. I am glad I did. I have enjoyed reading your older posts. I’ll be back. Oh…love your new pillow!

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