Guest Post by Kim from Dear Daisy Cottage

Hey there! As Kevin and I continue to construct and consult the day away today, we thought it would be fun to invite one of our favorite bloggers to write a guest post for us.
So today’s special guest is Kim, from Dear Daisy Cottage.
Kim owns a sunny little cottage in Florida, and has decorated it with the most delightful finds and furniture.

Dear Daisy Cottage is one of the first blogs I ever had the pleasure of stumbling across. It’s such a fun place to visit! Kim’s down-to-earth, fun-loving personality shines through with every post and the photos of her home will make your heart skip 2 beats. It’s breathtaking!
I disagree with Disney….I think Kim’s house is the happiest place on earth!
Kim is such a huge source of inspiration for me, in so many ways.

So without further ado….heeeeeeeeeeeere’s Kim!


Don’t Hold Back

Hi Everyone!

My name is Kim and I write the blog Dear Daisy Cottage and I am SO excited and honored to be a guest blogger here on The Lettered Cottage! I absolutely adore our Layla and I am a huge fan of hers. It is truly amazing AND so inspiring, isn’t it, everything that she and Kevin have achieved for their home with their combined talents and creative vision? And let’s not forget perseverance! Layla and Kevin have embraced their home 100% by defining their personal style and by staying true to their spirit – such a wonderful accomplishment and such an inspiration to us all.

So when Layla sweetly asked if I would like to be a guest blogger, I happily said yes and then of course I began to ponder about what to share. Should I bake something and share the recipe? Should I share about a thrifting find? Our decorating styles and cottages are a little bit different, as you will see, and I admit I worried that I would disappoint you with all of my color and knick-knacks! And that is when I remembered my own advice that I often give when asked about how to go about decorating a home …

Don’t hold back.

So with that mindset, I am sharing a few photos of our living room that has been decorated with thrift store and yard sale finds and with lots and lots of love.

Now of course this look isn’t for everyone and it is probably one of those situations where you either hate it or love it. I mean I even use fake flowers!


And yes I do love it — as far from perfect that it is – because it is ME. I didn’t hold back when decorating Daisy Cottage. I decided to embrace our home with my whole heart and decorate it with little things and the colors that make me happy. Thankfully my family loves it too and of course I couldn’t have had this dream-come-true home without MY Kevin and all of his support.

So thank you very much for taking a peek into our cottage and for letting me share a little of it with you. And like Layla and Kevin have so brilliantly exemplified – I hope that you, too, don’t hold back when decorating your home AND your life.

Be true to you.

Fill your home with every thing and every color that you love and try not to worry about all of the rules. If you decorate this way, your home will be positively beautiful. How could it not be? After all, it would be a reflection of you.




Thank you Kim! Your post was so sweet (you made us blush!) and we appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and beautiful photos with us over here at TLC!

Kevin and Layla

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