• Guest Bedroom Update – January 2009

    You may remember my Guest Bedroom as of last month.
    Well, since then, there’s been a little switcheroo.

    Let me explain.

    Kevin’s Mom and Dad, a sweet Southern couple, have been married over 40 years:

    They have slept on the same FULL-SIZE bed for the ENTIRE forty years.

    Kevin and Layla have been married five years, and have a QUEEN-SIZE bed in their Guest Bedroom, that rarely gets slept on.

    You see where this is going yet? :-)

    Long story, short- this is what my Guest Bedroom looks like right now:

    The size of this bed is much more appropriate to the room, than the Queen bed was.

    I have plans to completely modify the look of this bed. Especially the headboard:

    I’ve got an inexpensive, simple idea that is going to bring this bed into the current century. :-)

    The footboard is great the way it is…

    …just needs some paint.

    I love having the bed in it’s new position. It really shows off the wood wall Kevin and I worked so hard on exposing:

    Since shooting this photo, I have moved the oar. It now hangs above the two windows, behind the new headboard.

    I got a vintage rubber stamp holder on Ebay a while back, and can’t decide if I’m going to use it in this room, or my Office. Right now, it’s holding a photo of me and my Dad back in 1979…

    …sweet photo…but would you let your 5-year old swim in water that color? <:-O
    Ha ha!


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