• Guest Bathroom Update

    Once upon a time there was a guest bathroom. Half of it was finished…

    …and half of it WASN’T finished…

    One day, waaaay before it’s owners had saved up enough money to re-do it, SOMEONE got ants in her pants and attacked the wall above the tub with a hammer while SOMEONE ELSE was at the home improvement store…

    Oopsie daisy.

    I was originally thinking we could put some (partially frosted/salvaged) windows in that wall so the bathroom would get a little more natural light and still have privacy…

    Well, for multiple reasons that plan has been scratched, and a hole has been patched, *ahem*, and that side of the room is finally getting a facelift week…

    We’re super pumped to blog all about how everything turned out when we’re done with the project next week, but in the meantime, I can’t help but wonder…will I ever learn to hold my hole-makin’ horses?


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