Guest Bathroom Reno – Day 9

Here’s how the room looked twelve days ago…

In case you’re just tuning in, as you can see, our guest bathroom was previously painted neon lavender. Then last month, the day before our Halloweenie Roast, Kevin slapped on a coat of Sherwin Williams’ “Rice Grain”. We didn’t want to confuse our guests and make them think they had accidentally entered the haunted house down the street. 😉 We’ll probably repaint the room before it’s all over. Just not sure what color yet.

Here is a photo of how the vanity area looks today…

We removed all the cabinetry, to create space for a farmhouse table we’re going to use as a vanity. On each side of where the farmhouse table will sit, Kevin’s constructing built-in shelving units that will hold towels, baskets and other bathroom-related accessories.

Neither of us are professional carpenters, so this reno has been a little intimidating. It’s definitely a learning process. Today’s lesson taught us that we don’t like the look of 24″ deep built-ins.
So tomorrow Kevin will take those babies back outside and cut them down to a more shallow depth. We’re thinking more like 12″ deep.
Wonder what tomorrow’s lesson will teach us?
As long as it doesn’t involve figuring out that 12″ is too shallow, we’ll be okay.


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