Guest Bathroom Reno – Day 53

After a much needed day of sitting on his booty in front of a computer screen editing yesterday’s video, Kevin is back at it in the bathroom again today.

Earlier this week, he cut a hole in the farm table for the pipes to come up through…

Then I realized that in order for the back of the sink to look right, he’d need to build some sort of little ledge across the back of the table.

I hate springing things like this on him, but thankfully he took the news pretty well. :-) So after a couple of “you can do it”s and a nice, hearty pat of confidence on the back, I sent him on his way to pick up some extra boards from the home improvement store.

He came back home with three pre-primed 1×4 MDF boards, and got right to work building the ledge.

First, he adhered a 1×4 to the front of the 1×3 he had previously used at the base of the tile wall. (He had to hide this 1×4 there so that the top of the ledge would have something to rest against nearest the tile.)
Then, he secured the front of the ledge into place using more Liquid Nails. Hopefully this photo will show what I’m trying to explain…

Last, he used more Liquid Nails to adhere the top board into place…

Today, he’s caulking everything, adding more trim to the basketcases and will hopefully have time to paint everything Alabaster.

So for now, the sink is just temporarily sitting there, looking pretty.
The hopeless (design) romantic in me adores its resemblance to the old-fashioned wash basin stands…

Hooking it all up, on the other hand, will probably not be quite so delightful.
Merry Christmas Eve eve everyone!


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Guest Bathroom Reno - Day 52

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  1. Cara says

    Layla, I just recently found you and I love your style. It’s awesome! I am currently starting to plan our master bath remodel and would love to know where you got that sink. It would be perfect for the vanity I’m planning on building.

  2. Shelly says

    Love that sink, too!! Do tell!! Doing a budget friendly master bath Reno now that we realizes we have water leaking behind some tile…unexpected design opportunity!