Guest Bathroom Reno – Day 51

“Hey babe?” (Layla)

Yes….” (Kevin)

“Now that we have little square tiles all over the wall, I’m worried that the room is gonna look a little “square-crazy” with the checkerboard pattern on the floor.” (Layla)

“So you don’t want to paint the floor anymore?” (Kevin)

“I don’t think we should.” (Layla)

“Well what are we gonna do with it?” (Kevin)

“Funny you should ask. I was just doing some research about an inexpensive, peel-and-stick, vinyl plank called Novalis that I think might match the top of our farmhouse table perfectly. It’s supposed to be really easy to install, and because it’s vinyl, it’ll be super durable and waterproof. It’s textured like real wood, which is cool, and it should only cost about $50 to do the whole room.” (Layla)

“sigh……okay, if you think it’ll look good, and that we can swing it. ” (Kevin)

“Yay! Do you want to go get it now?” (Layla)

“I guess, but I’m gonna let you break it to our readers that we’re not painting the checkerboard pattern anymore.” (Kevin)


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