Guest Bathroom Reno – Day 5

Thankfully, it was fairly easy for Kevin to sand all the sticky off the plywood floor in the bathroom the other night…

He went through quite a few pieces of sandpaper…

…but he was striking poses on our smooth, clean floor in no time…


The next morning, Kevin took a trip to True Value in Montgomery to pick up some of the stuff we’d need to finish the floor.

He came home with two gallons of paint, some green painters tape and a chalk line.

I chose “Sea Salt” and “Alabaster” as the main colors in this room. They’re Sherwin Williams colors, but the folks at True Value were happy to color match them for us.

Kev went ahead and primed the floor…

…but then we decided he should probably get crackin’ on the built-in’s first, before we paint the checkerboard pattern on the floor. We’re going to use a few coats of non-yellowing poly on top of our checkers to protect it from wear-and-tear and from any water that may hit it, but it makes more sense to do the bulk of the work first because of the amount of drying time each coat of paint and poly will require.

We want to clad the entire ceiling of the room in beadboard panelling. We’ll paint it with semi-gloss paint so that it can handle the moisture factor this room may experience if anyone ever actually bathes in here. It’s been two years and it’s only been used a few times so far, but if we decide to sell the house at some point, we want to make sure it’s good to go for the people who may want to use it more than we do.
So last night, we attached the first piece of panelling to the ceiling above the vanity area…

But because we always forget to hook it up to the charger, our battery-powered screwdriver died within minutes of driving in the fourth screw.
We let it charge overnight last night, so today we’ll attach the other piece of panelling and Kevin will start building the shelves that will flank the farmhouse table that our sink is going to go in.

Here’s a short video we filmed to document the first step of what is sure to be a lengthy process.
(I’ll apologize in advance for the spooky lighting. We had to use a lamp because we had to shut the power off in this room so that we could take down the light fixture where we attached the panelling.)

Someday, when we’re old and gray, I’m sure we’ll look back at this virtual journal of ours and say, “what were we thinking“?!
But like they say, “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the number of moments that take our breath away.”
And since moving into this place, we’ve certainly had enough “moments” (a.k.a WORK) to consistently leave us out of breath!
And like Kevin says, “hanging panelling on the ceiling, ain’t no joke”! <:-P Happy Weekend! Layla

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