• Guest Bathroom Reno – Day 25

    Yesterday morning we woke up bright and early, jumped in our car, and headed north on I-85 towards Atlanta. It’s exactly three hours from our front door to Ikea’s front door, and we enjoy making a couple of trips there each year for various things we want/need for our house. This time, however, we actually went to shop for a client- but that didn’t stop us from taking advantage of our time there to look for a couple of things for our guest bathroom. :-)
    We had an absolute ball strolling around the giant store. It’s such an inspiring place!

    Here is some footage Kevin put together to document our trip and to show the low-dough/high-impact items we brought home to use in our guest bathroom…

    So…it doesn’t look like we’ll be finished with the bathroom by the 30th, but we’re excited about the new additions and look forward to finishing sometime in December.
    What’s one more month, right? :-)

    Happy Thanksgiving y’all!



    “It’s not just like going into a store with aisles of just bowls and flowers and stuff”

    - Kevin, on why he prefers shopping at Ikea over most other home stores

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